Friday, December 29, 2006

[hold on kay]

You're not alone
we stand
I'll be by your side
you know
I'll take your hand
when It gets cold
and it feels like the end
there's no place to go
you know I won't give in
No, I won't give in
Keep Holding On
'cause you know
I make it through
We'll make it through
Just stay strong
'cause you know I'm here for you
I'm here for you
there's nothing you can say
nothing you can do
there's no other way
when it comes to the truth
So, Keep Holding On
Cause you know I make it through
We'll make it through
So far away
I wish you were here
before It's too late
this could all disapear
before the doors close
and It comes to an end
with you by my sideI will fight and defend
I'll fight and defend

thx.for just being there.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

[walking away]

i seriously dunt noe when is this emotional-rollercoaster phase is going to fade.

sometimes we look for happiness in all the wrong places.

and sometimes, to be perfect (which we can never be), we forget all the humanities values.
to appreciate, to thank and even to love. this nearly-end of the year time gave me the opportunity to think alot. coz seriously, i so cant remember what my 2006 aims are. so teruk kan?

well this coming tahun melawat malaysia year, i will make some aims, and i really do hope i can fulfill them. i dunt wanna lose another year just like that. and this 2007 is really important to me as i really had grown up inside,which so many people failed to see. i do hope i can start to make an impact to the world, as an adult.

what i really think is that, people(including me) often forget that we are all different. we cant really expect other people to understand us (yet i do) or even we cant expect people to act the way we think they should. aite? i do hope i can remember these throughout the year. haha.

i'm gonna walk away from my badhabits, and also walk away from negative stuff. no drugs k babe? haha. totally joking. and i'm walking away from the cheesy guy.

i really miss my fwens. seriously. and i miss someone. hope everything's fine.

Monday, December 25, 2006


for some months before this, i'm having this emotional-spiritual-self conflict. it's just because i have no way to channel
my frustrations all. i know,i know, y i dont amek wudhu' and read the al-Quran. sometimes kite ni just huuh..xtahu laa nak
kate ape kan..

anyway what all this gotta do with my trip to kuantan?

i dont know why, but my spirits are totally lift up upon seeing my friends. and i was jealous (in a good way) of their studying environment.
it's just so....BEST aaaah! anyway my trip there somehow membuatkan dis person found what she lost 2 months ago.


i dont know either my friends knew it or not, but they indirectly gave me self-confidence, yeah they do.
i dont get these kind of friends anywhere in the world. i dont want to trade anything for them. they are totally awesome!

details : because of some assumption-mistake (pika,its my fault really,not yours) shera wasn't aware we are coming. and she went
back. so spactees are down to 6, as abboy cudn't make it (she went to perlis with her family). and too bad wani had an exam coming up
so she cant really be bugged. haha.. there's so many updates in the spactees!! gossips!! owhkay, next topic!
gosh i really miss them all!!!
i cant believe i'm near to crying ( i'm still able to hold back my cry-baby tears ) when dinie hugged me once. waaaaah.
seeing them all just make me feel like a patient seeing a good doctor, i felt like half of my problems are solved.
friends.........i love you guys very much!

anyway i would like to take the opportunity(chewah!) to thank this particular friend, someone who was there hearing my tantrums, coincidencely.
thanks for your advices..and i think i'm gonna change my mind. i'm gonna do like what you've told the other day.
thinking back, it's true what you said. the other day i was answering to your analogy-question rather in 'degil'-state.
rebellious state. life's full of test and it has a way turning the bad,sticky situation into one whole good things. it's up to you
to see the positive side of each incidence. ryte? thanxx so much 4 d advices and enjoy studying!!!!

credits : khairul izwan hashim for driving us safely there and back! thanx a lot. macho aa keQ! Lupe aa nk kate aritu..but thanks..loads!!!

"Everyone hears what you say. Friends listen to what you say. Best friends listen to what you don't say."

Friday, December 22, 2006

[ho ho ho]

uhh..i'm not celebrating christmas. but teruknye jennyto nie..die ade fav. christmas song..from the movie 'love actually',which originally mariah carey is the one who sang/sung/sing (grammar hancur) it.

but i'm not writing about that song today. right now here in Malaysia, the state of johor kene banjir teruk. until electric sume cut off coz more than 300 pencawang rosak. families are being transferred to safe places (which means no comfy2 things). and the sukarelawan all work up to help those affected.
mende2 camnie bwat kite fikir siape diri kita kan. asek2 self-absorbed dgn problem sendiri yang tak seberapa, yang nak hangin kat orang tak tentu pasal. padahal orang lain ade masalah yang lebih besar, dan memerlukan pertolongan kite.
sanggup ke berkorban untuk orang lain? masalah kan? kalo anda seorang yang sangat mementingkan diri sendiri. tapi untuk yang tersayang, no hal je kan?
kenapa kita tak menyayangi je semua makhluk Allah di bumi ini?

hurm...this is deep. not the usually jennyto stuff. tapi tulaa diri ini kadang2 perlu diperingatkan. as humans, insan, we are bound to forget the important stuff.
self-absorbed in the world around you. too-wrapped up.

belum kire aftermath of the flood incident. how many losses (life and properties) will be there? all in all, kita kena ingat, setiap yang berlaku ade hikmahnye.

emm..neway i will be going to kuantan besok,insyaAllah. hope to see those i missed badly. seriously i miss you guys like crazy.

and i cant believe i'm saying this, but i cant wait to see CDB 2moro..haha..ingat aku da muak tgk ko..rindu jugak aku kt ko..

to kak anje(if you ever get to read this) selamat bercuti di cherating atau pantai satu lagi tu (tak ingt pe name die).
to spactees n fwens @ iium qtan : boom baby!! heh.

till then. merry christmas..all i want for christmas is you...and you..and you. haha.

Thursday, December 21, 2006


okay yesterday i told myself;
"you better cheer urself up,or not u r going to drive urself (and other ppl around u) mad"

so i tried to be thankful.


there are so many things that i need to be thankful for.
so lets not sulk away with ur problems that no one wants to hear.

i'm thankful that i am here in malaysia.
the lesser-polluted airs.
thankful that when i woke up in the morning, i have a three-stripes toothpaste that has multi function purpose other than cleansing ur teeth.
thankful that i got to eat daging kicap berempah for lunch.
thankful that i got to eat fish and chip for dinner.
thankful that my picture (1st ever attempt) got publish in a kewl site.
sile klik here to view.
anyway thankful achik dpt pegi kuantan.
eventho i x confem yet.


bwat pe emo2..haha.

but i still x ske org menyebok pasal aku. please.
(uish kasar lak rasenye)

neway pray hard..i so wanna go meet the spactees.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

[enuff is enuff]

the best thing about being a woman is that you can blame it all on pms.

which i'm gona do. if i want to cover all this up.


i'm not going to do that. instead i know this is the time of the life that i felt deep deep down inside of me, that i have to admit, i have no real friends.

sheesh. maybe i'm choosy. way way choosy. till now no one can actually spend time to hear my probs.

and i cant be this way. coz it affects my behavior and makin teruk. i became a stranger to myself. why had i successfully supress all my sadness before but now they all come out as a big blur? why i cant be the person that i am before, nonchalant,taking it easy and happy? why?

Have I changed?

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

[3rd day of hols]

more thinking.

more puzzling.

peeps,i'm so not having pms.


dis weekend my fwens are planning to go to qtan. to visit : friends. mood are somewhat better than yesterday, but i still owe many people apologies..

sorry all those people yang sy kerek to. sorry sesgt..

Monday, December 18, 2006

[i soo have to be punished]

abboy dearie.

i'm totally sorry i forgot ur birthday.

teruknye kan jenn nie.

here's what i'm doing ryt now.

writing an entry for u.

just for u.

while listening to blink 182 songs.

terharu tak?

terharu laa....

hee..abboy d cuteness of u and ur personality.

i love u to the max dottie!

i so have to be killed as of forgetting to wish you last nite.

padahal tido kul 3.
or kul 2.
ah whatevs.

nnti laa..ill try to kikis my ayah to belanje u makan.
or not. tunggu 5 years bile i da jd doc n i will treat u.


u remember? the 1st time we met?
the english class. haha everything start at that class.
amer faridz( d class rep! ) izzudin ( putih melepuk2 ) half of spact8 ( love u guys )
n d other person as well. (u noe what it means dont anybody else think laen cz its not wut u think). u n mardhiah are crazy bout comix. achik and her cartoons. me just plain elegance. haha. so not true.

neway abboy i love u so much (i so dont sound like a les dont i ) and hoped to c u soon. yes. i hope i will. keQ is planning and i will gave anything to go. cept i dont have anything. heh.
but anyway youngest spactee...
HAPPY 20th BIRTHDAY!!! we all are no longer teenagers. so please act maturely according to ur age.
*giggles* which i noe some of us so cannot do!!

[yet i'm depressed]

you know.

this morning i just arrived @ malaysia. so relieved to leave the o.c.

anyway.i felt so down now.




oh gravity why cant we seem to pull it together?

to mr. sum1 that i usually turn to whenever i lost hope. no wonder u gave all the excuses.

yet i still think of you. i should have let things they were. a history.

the dark side of me. i usually don't show it to people. even many people tot i'm this happy-happy-no worries kinda person.

but there's always you. you who always been there. as a close friend. someone that i had a huge crush on. crush its not the way to describe it. i love being with you. but i kinda lose my hope eventually on you. ntahla. sometimes i do think you are the one. tp i dont know la.

whatever you are feeling right now. i know u will be suprised by this entry.

well just forget whatever.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

[going back home]

Exam’s finished.
Sem 1 finished.
I’ve survived.
I so can’t wait to get my feet back on Malaysia’s soil. (neh direct trans ke jenn oi)
On Monday I went to Sun Plaza and played ice-skating for the last time there (yes they are closing on the 15th of Dec).
It was NOT satisfying. The shuz are no longer maintained. The ice berbatu-batu. And the crowd was, urm, jelek. Heh.But then they all want to eat @ Papa Ron’s. Got my alfredo. Aaaah. Satisfying.

Recently my sinus sgt teruk. It began to give me headache now and then. It starts to block my respiratory tract, which made me have to use the carbon dioxide way out as two-way-function. Geddit? Well I got a headache while I’m skating yesterday. So bertambah jelek aa the situation.

On Tuesday we went to PAJUS (pajak USU) and buy some stuff there. BRACELETS! Not all are nice, u got to really carik. Buy some sim cards. (Really, it’s cheaper to buy another sim card than top up). Then one thing happened. I saw him! Better said, he tegur us (me n achik) well not tegur..kinda memeranjatkan kitorang. I never tot of seeing him ‘gain.. It’s refreshing to see him before heading back to Malaysia(where I am totally free from a guy who’s been asking round for my phone no in Msia). Heh. Ops. Totally kantoi. Hope he’s not reading this.

Okay dins(update la babe), I know u will probably went like “hello jenn, u forget to mention who’s he” heh. Nanti I’ll tell u lah. But ditekankan disini he’s nothing to me, not my crush ke ape. Just sumone yg suke mengacau and I feel senang wif. A friend.

On Wednesday we all went to Pajak Ikan where we bought all kinds of ikan.
Heh. No la.
Believe it or not Pajak Ikan sells shirts,clothes that stuffz.
We went there with an aunty whom the Indian girls knew,so that they can bargain la.
I just bought what maksu pesan to me. Seiously susah gile carik untuk orang. But hopefully my maksu will like what I bought for her. Nothing interesting happened this day.Yeah right.
How about when your beca got arrested by police because he illegally pass thru a route that beca are not allowed at all. You see, here in Medan they got ‘kawasan tertib lalu lintas’. Out of that kawasan you can be, untertib. Ish. Xpaham betul. Anyway,the gurls all get they passport today except for Achik and Shamalee. For me, dah dapat lamer dah since I bravely bwat sendiri. Alhamdulillah beres a week ago.

Today pegi tgk result. The final part. Alhamdulillah. I passed every part.

till then

cant wait to be back.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

[happening life?]

I’ve just finished a 4-hour straight class. Huh. Neway.
I’m totally at that time of my life where I am very lazy.
well it's been a while since last time i really take my time to write an entry due to connectivity problems and battery runs low etc.
but anyway i will try my best to, urm, blog.

So what’s happening to my happening life?
It becomes dull. That’s what happening with it.
The happening life slowly fades away. It isn’t happening as UIA punye happening.
Not even matrix UIA happening. I guess that’s what happened if you became a medic student in Medan.
( budget happening plak seblum ni jenn oi )

You get stressed here n there. And not because of study problems. But surrounding problems. Kalo orang Indonesia bilang ; masalah lingkungan. Why? No water for days. No electricity twice a day. You cannot iron your clothes. (horror) You cannot charge your laptop, mp3(thx along) , hp, camera..ugh! you cannot eat toasted bread. You cannot use the printer. You have to siap in the dark. You get to mandi under candle-light. Have candle-light breakfast. You cannot buat ‘maggi’. You cannot masak. You have to bear the mosquitoes and the heat.

No pleasure at all. Huh. But thankfully there are those sent by The Almighty to be there for us. Those that we called friends. Over the weeks I made few friends and last Saturday I sacrificed my money (sob sob there goes my RM15) to have a lil bit of fun (after dieting like what the whole week) . My way. Ice skating with a whole load of friends. Actually x sangka they all will be there. Coincidence. But you know me if I’m playing alone pun da ckp happy. It’s like the feeling when Lucas Scott playing basketball. Hee poyo laa plak. My friends…I love them! Bwat skating rink tu lebih meriah. But bad news to all they all kate the skating rink is closing due to high maintenance. Waa!!! My source of happiness and happening life in Medan!!

Spactess. I mish you guys a whole load bucketfull. Huhu whatever that means. Dinie saya sgt rindu kamu,klcc,shuz and wayang. Cant have all that here. No no.
Shera mummy your advices and bisingness I miss a lot and how I geram if you said sumting that is logically right and I don’t want to accept it. Hehe.. Degilkan.
Pika the loveliest sister ever. You my friend true blue friend of everyone. You just can make a bad day..turns out..not to be such a bad day after all.
Abboy. Dottie. I know ure studying hard ryt now. N I shud do the same lah. Mari kite kejar impian kita dottie. I mish u loads lame sgt x jumpe.
Su. Sweet and nice. I’m so glad to know you. You are by far, the greatest listener ever. Independent and hail from kelantan (that's important! Ahaxs)
Wani. Genius. Matured-thinking. The wise one. I sooooo miss ur wisdom. Haha.
And ur chumilness bile ckp ‘achik bengong’. Heee.

Well achik is here with me. Sometimes she’s okay. But lately not so. Moody times.
Huh. That’s her. Love her. But I don’t know why I’m so sensitive these days. Well, I am one sensitive person ryt. So wtv.

Anyway enuff wif me missing people. Oh yeah. My dull life. Not so happening life.
Even nk indulge on eating stuff pun payah here. Not because xde. But expensive.
I really miss Malaysia. Nak tunggu en.asyraf bungkuskan chipsmore anta sini xyah laa ek? Mahal bayar post die dari chipsmore. Ahaxs.

I salute (spring lagik!) the seniors yang dah tahan here for 3-5 years. I’m gona do the same! Be a survivor!! Seniors are nice once you get to know them. Haha. But I just cant understand those that scrutinize us 1st years like crazy. Not to say anything, but hello we are people as well. Enuff said. Senyum laa sket. Nie expect kite nak senyum kat muke diorang yang jauh lagi masam dari cuka tu. But as I said earlier, most of them are nice and helpful. I love them all!

Well back to my dull life. Not so happening life.

Hey, looking back…I don’t think I should consider my life as a dull sad one. I am blessed with all these friendships that needs to be cherished and filled with joyous moments or even bad ones…

It’s true lah kan. Sometimes we don’t notice that we had so many things in this life. I don’t want to be the one who notice it only when it’s gone. Well they say you never miss the water till it’s gone. In my case. My house xdak water. So boleh kire I know already the situation la..hehee…

Friends. Past and present. Thanks for being there for me now and then. Wow. I really love you guys.

Along I luv u oso big sista!!!! Bile nk kawen?!! Haha.

Oh ya. Kapan ku akan pulang? 17hb dec. Yeay!
Things to do balik karang :
Bace pasal kewargenegaraan Malaysia. (We are learning theirs right now, and I felt I know very little of my own country,so I better tau laa..)
Bace more pasal recent news yang happened while I’m here (not so recent laa..but since kat sini I knew nothing, so I have to update my 411)
Layan movies puas2.
Pergi Kuantan.

The devil wears baju kurung. Ahaxs.

Nk jerit.”.keQ!!” heh. Saje. My blog. Skati laa nk jerit2..hehe.

Friday, November 24, 2006

[more about november]

i'm terribly annoyed.wif this one person yg i da lame gile sabar.
seems like die x reti2 bahase.
not that i hate die.
but i just x ske the way die approach me.
just like that.
ingat jenn ni sape.

die lansung x knal sape jenn sbenarnye.
n x pasal2 nk judge me this n that.
nk jeles la.
nk kate jenn sombong la.

jenn tekankan kat sini.
i dont hate die.
i am just annoyed.
neway die gave such nice cards.
but annoying words.

i'm not special or all that.
die shud cari org lain.
i got org lain.

haha. i wish.
cheesy guy.
remember him?
more like chipsmore guy.
chipsmore cheesy.haha.

eyh. rindu nk mkn butter crunch chipsmore.
sum1 tlg mknkan 4 me.n masak lemak cili api too.

gosh. patience jennito.december is around d corner.i'll be home soon.
and spactees will berpusat @ qtan.sad. sad. mish them like crazy.
the delicious toppings of my life.

my phone da many things to pay ryt now.
aduhai..nk makan pun pk 2-3 kali.
eish. apsal sini xde butter crunch chipsmore haa??!!

neway my baby blaze dah kuar.any USU students nak beli contact me aa..

Tuesday, November 21, 2006


1st time neh on9 kat kelas..haha..

ade klas ptg 4 d 1st time in history...


arini turns out okay....

later tulis agi yea...

nk jerit heppy buffday to PIKA!!!

muax sista! luv u!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

[things to do]

while in pharmacology class
  • dont be l8
  • dont feel sleepy
  • dont fell asleep
  • dont drink
  • dont eat
  • dont look stupid
  • dont look dumb

while in physics lab

  • dont be late
  • dont 'lengah-lengah'
  • kemas
  • fast
  • copy

while in community class

  • dont sit infront
  • dont tunduk2

haha. a guide to FK USU.

chow peeps. my BLAZE is so dah dekat dateline.

neway. i still x dpt kek. wut a buffday.

Monday, November 13, 2006

[yeay me]

happy birthday to me.
happy birthday to me.
happy birthday to jenn.
happy birthday to me.

duh. i'm cash-less ryt now. boo-hoo.
and phone-less as well.
and A-less too.
boyfriend-less also.

what a birthday.

siap electric-less time my buffday.


Sunday, October 29, 2006

[pouring it all]

it's been 6 daes since i came back to malaysia.

look. i've come back to release all my tension that have build up back in the o.c (other country). it's just that..i've probably expect too much. no. i've always been the person who have all this plan going on my head..and then when some of the plans doesn't turn as what i've expected, i will get depressed. well, that was a long time ago. over the years, i've been able to accept that not all our plans will be carried out. sumenye terletak pada Allah SWT. kan.

but today i cant help it. seriously i cant help but feeling down. nie bukan PMS ke ape. but i felt that i've been keeping it to myself too long.

teringat what my beloved write at her blog, "you will always be true to your blog" yeah right. not all beloved. not all. i've been story-telling my readers of my situation. not my feelings. coz if i would do that, it would became a very emo-rollercoaster-ride-blog. (no offence to mE)

it's not that i dont get what i want. but i've reached a point that i cant wait for that someone any longer. i want confirmation and such. but it's like a very hopeless thing to do. coz i know that he doesnt feel the same way i feel about him. so what do i feel about him?

tak payah citela. bukan nak kate ape. sia-sia je pun.see? how bad i am on expressing my feelings? useless.

2moro i will stat my journey back to the o.c, meet CDB and on monday,back to seeing the tak-paham-bahase guy in class. damn.

my BLAZe!!! is sooo on the way. my baby. duh.

for the hols and raya...tenkiu everyone yg da memeriahkan idup ku!
especially keQ-tenkiu sgalenye!
diel-dapat gak kite beraya bersame!
kande-sayang kamu!
liza-maintain ah.
syieda-slamat bergelar cikgu.
g-mir -eh a join hospital nnti eks!
aina-kamu cun ah
azie-saya confius sket ngan kamu
bah-kamu bwat lawak x bajet
pali-tenkiu layan adek ku
shera-sedih x dpt jumpe kamu
dnie-ngapain las minit kua
pika-sebbaek dpt ketemu kamu.

las but not least umie ayah along angah aki aliya. thanxxxxxx!!!!!!!!

selamat ari raya. maaf zahir batin. back to work.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

[pagi raya] i am.
in Malaysia,in my bedroom, YMig wif keQ (after sms-ing like crazy), and having the luxury of stable internet connection and very fine keyboard of my 1.9kg thingy.

in the wee hours of the morning,the 1 syawal morning.

coz on the 22nd is the explorace of my raya journey.

here's the thing.

after waking up on the 22nd october morning,i siap2 washed my clothes and stuff and go to Zulaikha to buy kek lapis (my umie pesan) then abg amri called say i need to be in front of FKUSU at 1.30pm. haha.

all went well. and we r off to the airport. thanxs to abg amri who seriously manage all the documents. thanxs a lot. kamu mmg kewl. and yes,saya dapat bayangkan escalator tu. (",)

landed on ipoh. rase cam nk cium tanah malaysia. damn fresh. haha. at least kurang parasit.
neway. sampai malaysia,the imgrsn lad let us pass thru 1st. aah. thank u. after the horrible and scary ordeal (exxaggerate) in the other country.

PIKA!!!!!! (abg amri:bleh tak knal membe sendiri?) i was so blur dat i didnt noticed pika was outside the arrival hall. pika had to call me. exchange news. (briefly!) and then had to go. this abg amri had another bro. picking us up. bye pika!! huu..thx 4 coming!
mysterious guy. he knows all yg berlaku di medan and boley tipu lagi kitorg die x penah pegi indon. (do we look dat stoopid?)
rupenye he's an ex unimed student. and i,recognized his name dalam minit mesyuarat yg lepas. bother. macam la aku xde keje laen selain bace mende tu. actually ktorg ingt salah taip ke ape. da cite laen.back to the original story.

so the so-called-driver drove speed gle(exxaggerate lagi) ke KL. (we break our fast @ tapah) coz abg amri and d fellow fwens naek bus respectively. I am d only 1 naek komuter. haha. so d 'abg' had to hantar me lah. thank you,abg ambri. good luck wif ur new job!

in the commuter. some sengal boys are there. kinda pathetic dressing up like so-macho. (hello,sunglasses @ nyte??) BUT..rupenye they are nice lads.
thank u!! tolong bwkn my luggage up and down the stairs....dats very kind of them. sorry 4 d bad things i tot about u guys b4. haha.

jumpe umie ayah!! syahdu. tapi penat. and need to go to loo. haha (thn since medan) =P

dats it. hee.....


keQ..mari kite gado lagi. ahaxs. aku yang ayu. ade yg aku tertido pagi raye nie.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

[coming home now]

haha...saje je nak jerit...

"I'm ComiNg hoMe nOw!!!!" (ala2 lagu boyzone la pulak)

byk gile events 4 d past few x sempat aa nk cite sume...

so tunggu je la nex entry dari MALAYSIA..insyaAllah~

ngee..hepi nyer...
(exam ade lagi sok ni.ahaxs)

p/s~nana kat ipoh? haha..maaf lupe...

Monday, October 09, 2006

[a new day, a new ambition]

guys, sowie 4 d last entry dat i posted. mood swing trux tul..

neway yesterday, sunday was by far,most eventful day ever.

i wake up 2 sahur (instant mie laksa daging) and then wash my clothes, performing solah..and went jogging! u know how i love to jog, 'cept dat i havent enuf time to do it.luckily the 'cik dah berpunye' nak ikut...
we jog as far till setia budi! actually we dont know the route is leading ther, we are just following the SMA student's route. then balik...we take our bath and went to PM USU's AGM.

jeng! jeng! jeng! guess what!! 'cik dah berpunye ' jadi wakil stambuk(batch) 06! hehee..
seriously CDB mmg patut dapat the post, relating to those wonderful jobs at academic bureau back in MCIIUM.

and last2 tu, a sister approach me and saying dat she heard dat i can do magz stuff..and ta daaa! suddenly i'm incharge of a magazine. whoa! (keQ,kamu punye badi lah ni) hopefully cuti ni,i can come up wif some creative stuff 4 d 1st edition...keQ, bantu?!

and bro a.m showed us the list of mentor-mentee..FINALISED version.
i got this one guy, named bro N. CDB told me he's d same age as us. owh. seriously i dont know how to talk to my own mentor. becoz he was like this lepak-kinda guy. furthermore, since ospek, he duk2 calling my name cuz (yeah i already knew dis) my name is simple..i think. so seriously bro N, i hope u can really help me wif my struggling notes. please!! (showing my white shiny teeth)..bro N,hopefully i can talk to u normally after dis..i always shy2 sheep at 1st(dats y i only came to u after u jerit"zainab sini kau!" (be4 dat he called me 3 times alredi =p) ) and automatically become a klutz. but actually kan,i'm very kewl person.. (dah stat dah perasan neh-CDB)
my partner mentee is siti,whom i just met just comment. nice gurl i hope.x cakap ngan die lagi..just exchanging hyes.

balik tu, we had to do our lab report...and buka puasa? papa ron's piza @ sun plaza.6 slices weii! me=piza? can be friends lah now!!! we ate with 2 of our seniors, sis rus and sis nabeelah. very cute lah they both. then we go buy our sahur stuff..and went back feeling...very...very...very...tired...zzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzz.

tapi x buleh tido plak!!!! kne mandi dulu...solat pun belum lagi...heyy..ape laaa...

okay..we all actually baru finish the final microb 2m0r0 we all have to submit ALL the lab reports..(stay up lagik la nampaknye)..just now the topic is jamur kontaminan. i hope it doent contaminate us. hu.

wish us luck 4 the coming exam (on the 19 and 20)...on all d stuff we just learn..hopefully melekat laa...and i will balik raya!!! my flight tuka alredi. to ipoh. pika, u heard dat? IPOH. hee...

till then,dis sunday got the PKPMI-CM meeting plak. oh how i love society-related-works! (dont worry, studies always come first!)

cheesy guy?! all hopes are lost. dunt ask me more. but close fwens..i will update wen i balik msia!! (or i jut sms u guys pasneh)

so ceria already, cuz i love being busy. =)

Saturday, October 07, 2006


finally!!!! terbukak pun page blogger nie...aduhaii..dahla dtg cc nk lpaskan up je , tension...

tau tak i tunggu 4 how long? 26minutes!!!!!!!!!!!

and dis is actually spossed to be an entry dedicated to my much-loved along burthday today.
dats y i am here,in dis hot cc (yeah i'm sweating now). cant upload d pic of along dat i've editted since cc lg satu tu lagi la slow,da sepuluh minit ape2 pun x bukak.

dah aa hari ni bad day giler. i cant tahan d parasit lab coz it took 3 hrs after 3hrs of lect class.

omg..i'm so in a bad mood ryt now. seriously. damn.
sweating like hell. tired. and x puas hati wif everything. damn.

along sowie. i'll make it up to u by sumthing i've sent by post.
keyboard worst than ever. i'm seriously losing my patient now.

thankfully muiz cheered me up dis morning. thenk u~ kangen juge pada kamu...

and to top all that, cheesy guy was not sighted. for one whole week.

dah a. malas sgt. keQ! blaja sungguh2. jgn dpt bug aku yg tgh marah ni.

along....Happy Burthday!!!!!!! (sowie 4 d much-hatred entry)

Monday, October 02, 2006

[ramadhan and kewlness]

dis is my 1st entry since stat puase here in indonesia.

since dis is d month of ramadhan..i better mind my language..and oso be patient with the situation here. ngeh2...

so 1st of all..what a nice day today..haha..suddenly i had to go a 3 hour parasitology lab. ugh. cancel trus ingt nk introduce achik to ice-skating. but dunno yet. tgk a camne..

for the ramadhan ordeal..we had cooked lotsa things with only a rice cooker. kewl.
spaghetti bolo, nasi gorng cili api (acik complained the bawang is too much) and even simple things like scramble egg. imagine, with only a rice cooker. haha. 2dae we are thinking 2 hav a break n makan at papa ron's piza. (yeah i ate piza now) but tgk lah camne...

2ndly, dis 2nd part of basic cell biology block, we learn sooooooo many things about bacteria,virus, parasit..makes me wana be somewhat like MOnk. can a? hehe..up sket my personal hygiene..lagi2 here on indonesia..banyak gile disease!!!!!

my news of coming back to msia will be this : im coming back on d 22/10. 7.45am flight to penang. from penang, ther will be MY bus,waiting for me and send me to Terminal 1.
on d 29/10, my flight will depart 2.15 pm from PENANG. how am i gona be ther in penang, i dunt know. =( . but i still glad i will be home 4 raya!!(eventho 4 a short time)

next is a cheesy guy dat makes my day very cheesy. gosh. i had a cheesy day, with a cheesy fwen(dats acik of coz!), and went to a cheesy place(rahsie neh) and suddenly got a cheesy hye from a cheezy guy. then i had a cheezy microb lab, and make a cheezy mistake coz thinking too much of the cheezy encounter. haha. there. kewl. cheesy. (tgh sengih gile neh)
(xde autoclave guy cam dins pun xpe aa..cheesy enuff 4 me)

adding ppl dat i say i'm gona do : haha..not yet. malas ah....

to mE : dhaus is my fwen. cute or what . duh. i'm cuter. haha. every1 say i got this babyface look. ahaxs. =p.

till then. rayer. haha.

Friday, September 22, 2006

[the end and the starting]

1st of all, i wana apologize 4 any typo error dat i gona make 2dae. d keyboard is totally erased out. another crap thingy.

news. news.
here i am. walaupun leceh gak nk update skang but here i am.
cz teringt piqot kate : "kalau tak kat sini mane lagi nk cr akak.."

anyway, smalam was d final exam 4 d 1st block. hell weh d exam.
dah la ktorg dgn ospek yg never ends. (which ended already).
there's so many terms dat we are not familiar in exam. cool weh. only here got that kind of terms. haha. and i will do better in d nex one. i promise.

d ospek. y la we all dont skip. rugi a lot a if u skip. so we all dtg je la.
d last ospek was d kewlest one la. seriously time tu a dpt knal byk seniors n batch sendiri. (yg dtg je a). tp pas tu, flat gile. me n acik slept d whole day. just to recover.
d seniors kewl a after da abes dat thingy. i'm gona add some seniors yg da bg their fs email.
gilek a. something i rarely do. adding ppl. but hey seniors kewl giler a.
they help u n dat kinda thing a.
so if they find their way here thru fs link, welcome~

anyway.ramadhan coming. suddenly d guys x jadi nk jadikan we all cooking slave diorg, which leads to kitorg x dpt nk jadikan diorg our lab rat. haha.

but me n achik still gone buy few stuff 4 us to cook litely. especially 4 mac n cheese!!

dis morning, i wake up at 3.30 n clean up my room. major cleaning. haha. my room was in ultimate mess after a whole month of ospek n exam. y in d morning??
coz today da stat a new block n we are already busy as a bee. and we are learning parasitology,microbiology this block. kewl stuff!! tp nk kne cr buku a...

my pen drive corrupted already. damn. even phone pun. sbb jatuh gare2 sms dlm class. heh. 4give me. sape suruh d class 2 b damn bored man? ingt we all phm indon language ke...
heh. but i got to learn a..seriously.

diela, mish u much!!! berjinak2 ngan fs..ahaxs. mati a ko pas ni. hehe.

but most of all i miss masuk mE punye blog. xtau nape cannot get thru. asek error je.

dah ckp banyak..time 4 shout outs..hehe...

2 along..mish u n ur baby blog bangett!!
2 nana..dear, take care...saket jumpe doc..(i'm x qualified yet.) kangen sama kamu..
2 kay eye..congrats!!! cucms studnt now! remember d dream eh.
2 spactees..saye mkn 3 slice piza!!! record 4 me. yeay! i mish kenny. n klcc's alfredo.
2 pudin..kamu lagi sengal!!! dowh..xde cr lg hormat nk buzz aku?
2 keQ..haha conpius tak?
2 diela..mengong2 di hari raya yokk!!
2 acik..wei opposite pc pun nk buzz (kanak2 hepi main ym)
2 *a***..aku menantimu..hehe (acik, tgk , gedik ko da sampai kt aku!)
2 fwens..saye nk balik msia!!!nk sms pun mahal (gare2 malas nk tuka simcad yg less xpensive)
2 everyone else...tenkiu dropping by d blog. haha.(mcm ade)

haha. done. puas ati.

selamat menyambut ramadhan!!!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

[short n simple]

i'm busy.


exam coming up.






i want an autoclave guy jugak dins. heh.

i mish u n u n u. n somebody name keQ. wei..cpat2...mane nye...hehee.

tp spact8, flashing news "achik is now a PINKY girl.!!!!" hahaha. me on the other hand. da normal. ahaxs.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006


aaah~its been so long since i've update dis thingy.

i mish n sayang evry1 yg penuhkan my shout out box..mekasih...

but keep wondering..bile a dis one budak nak sebuk lagi kat situ..pqot, saye windu kamu!

i've just finished d biochem lab just now doing enzyme-thingy. i have donated my saliva for a lot of lab experiments dat i dont think i'm gona talk much right now(not!)
for chem, i've donated 10ml..
for biochem just now, i tot i wana buli hafizan to donate adek2ku ini mmg la..las2 i haf to donate it. LAAAAAGI. x kesah a. and fadhil dok2 "ewe"..eish dak nie.. d boys mmg lawak2 bodo nye type. really fun to hang wif them as rase sume cam adek2ku yang sgt nakal.

last 2 days my mum called me..aah so missing my family. she said my zulfa is missing me a lot,and is trying hard to learn to read so that she can read my letter dat i posted. uhh..terharu nye.

for more OSPEK news, i went to the 1st third of the malaysian OSPEK. its kinda okay,compared to d USU one. of course, Malaysian are more civilised right. hee... and uhh..sowie my new fwens, but i do look a bit sombong at 1st. they tot i am one of d ACMS student, which d seniors attack gile2 cz diorg very la berkelompok and dont mix wif others.not their fault i think, cz diorg da ramai. dis sunday, still got d 2nd part of d ospek thingy.dah la exam coming up....buku xde....aduhai...

home news, pandi (do u remember, d nice guy) dok gile2 nye buat lawak wif me. bengong tul. achik n swarna tukang gelak. huu...kalo nampak me je, he goes like "jEEEnabb..." aduhai. bengong.

wif achik,everything is bengong. haha. even swarna got the bengong bug. sumitha lagi aa..hehee..dats how we make life more interesting. ahaxs.

drinks.yogurt sini mahal gile. cz they hav to import from france. wah. damn. x minum ygurt drink a for brape months ni. chocolates. cadbury n toblerone stil got here. but atas sket dr harge biase kite. i dunt care. i need to trigger my happy hormone.

~nak tulis pepanjang ni,cz i dunt noe when i can update lagik.

my cdt flow like water sorry if i didnt reply ur mssgs, specially fizul. (kamu udeh dtg ke blog gue). aritu ada band punye romantic rhapsody tour, i went to...USU. haha. xde mase la long.murah ke aape.

~aargh malas a plak nk type lagik,keyboard crap. n furthermore nk maghrib da. buhbye...

Sunday, August 27, 2006



right now,i'm officially hating smokers. not that i dont before.
dulu im okay wif smokers. seriously, i even fall into the puppy love kinda thing wif one guy who smokes a lot. tp waktu tu len aa..tgh kepale sempit.

but not anymore, evenmore hating those med students yg smoke like crazy. puff in, puff out. are you CRAZY??? dahla u're studying to be a doc, so u shud knoe. what is d use of ur knowledges??

hurm i'm so sad when i know dat one of my classie smoke. aduhai. trus ilang respek n stuf. hurm. hope u gone change someday.

so guys out there, please dont smoke. please. dont cover ur asses by chewing gums n pretending ure not smoking in front of us. coz me n other girls are not stupid. what is d use of smoking? kalo tensi,cubelaa bace al-Quran ke ape...


d labs in USU are okay. actually i'm worried bout it. but okayla..not so bad. d chem labs n biochem owait laa..even the lecturers are fine. hee.. lab partners pun okay. ngeh2. chem wif achik, biochem wif hafizan, suprise! adek kepade haziratul arifah, my fwen time tuisyen dulu. aduhai. rase tua laa...

have to be quick. dah nk maghrib. kul 6:30 sini da maghrib..owaits..guess dats it la.

oweh! lupe, shewa, i managed to do the stuff aritu!! haha say congrattulations to me!!! yeeha..

bookstores here = aduhai. all in indon. sophie kinsella ke ape ke..huuu.. nak MPH!!! hee..

take care all. i may be late in updating stuff after classes will make me bz. n i love being bz. yeay!

Thursday, August 24, 2006

[settling down]

uish. dis cc is playing A1 song. "caught in the middle". dedicate!! for dins.

anyway, ive had my 2nd class today. thankfully all my classes are wif d bengong2 mengedik2 achik. hehee.
i had to learn organic chem once more,but this time in indon, as the lecturer is so degil to speak in english, cz we are spossedly to learn in english. but really, no wonder this country is not advanced, coz they refuse to take changes. i mean, we shouldnt take all changes that come, but we should consider the pros n cons right.

ugh.crap keyboard. anyway.i still cant upload pics. coz they are so lame. i mean their cc la. their musix band are not. haha.

tomorrow i will be having my 1st praktikum. kimia. so i'll be staying back. this evening, achik will be going to aikido. i think i may join her as the societies here are not much. (gosh i miss presss very much)

owh. sorry. my blog has been self-centerd lately. i just realised that i missed so many birthdays...
i'm dead sorry. so fellas and ladies..who birthdays slipped past by me without me noticing it...
HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY..especially august babies. sowie....

owh yeah. Ada band is doing their romantic rhapsody tour,n coming to Medan soon, tix is just RM20. kah2.
interested?? sile aa datang MEDAN!! hehe...

i dunt know why, but i still cant access along's blog from any cc. hurm. ntahle.

okayla.keQ n spactees~saye rindu kamu banget skali.

~semua yang telah berakhir......

Sunday, August 20, 2006

[so many things]


suddenly i forget what i wana write..there's so many things i wana write but...LUPE plak..
hurm let's start wif the orientation...



i got to kiss a frog.(but it doesnt change into a prince sadly) i have to catch it (when seniors throw it at u)
and pass it around...aargh. slimy!!! u have to repeat that with a worm.. haha. fun kan??

everyday punye ritual, lie down,face down to earth...hands at the back. but smalam was extra lame...n i even dozed off, whch is actually dangerous, as i might pass out under the hot sun..

n last nyte ade persembahan nyte yg ktorg dpt prac only 10mins b4, we malay msians performed dikir barat which no one understand..haha

kne rag dgn indon seniors truk sgt2...luckily ade malaysians seniors yg help kitorg..bwat2 mcm rag ktorg..but actually saving us...thanx seniors...



okaylaa...everyone mcm da okay....but ade gak yg diam2 lagi ngan ktorg girls...

nisha ade kt sebelah ni...hehee..temaning me to the cc.

my junior aritu,pojie okayla..yesterday i walked back from USU wif him n talked about many stuff a..including roti gardenia..heheee...

abu musa, the ever helpful elder brother..saket2 kaki pun he helped us amekkan dinner...such a sweetie..haha not like fafa, yg suruh kitorg throw away his trash. ahaxs, just kidding..fafa is also nice..he actually a SDARian..

achik as usual la my spactee fwen yg mengong2 mengedik2..haha.



asek saket perut je!!!!!!

yg okay stakat nie, Mie ayam Tabet ngan Nasi goreng kt Cahaya baru. (but expensive a both of em)

got no roti gardenia if u want em. x bulleh harap lansung.
even the instant mee are not as gud as mamee!! hehee. along..kirim kan buleh?? ahaxs.



sun plaza!!!!! = suria klcc/one utama!!

heh a place 4 dins. and me kalo ade duit n energy.
just now went there..stuff are murah!!! handphones, skechers...


actually still x recover lagi so cant write much...till then yaa...

muax2!! from me!!!!

ps..xbuleh balik raye (dgr khabar)..mish my home..mish my family!!!!!!
AAARGHH geramnye x leh nk upload gamba...ive editted it nicely tau~~

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

[desperate times call for desperate measures]

stuuuuupid la dis cc.

dis is not the usual cc dat i went.

dis is d expensive stupid one.(i just realise d stupid part).

d usual cc "putuss mbak". what went putus oso i dont noe.

today start the uncivilised orientation.

"mampos aku" (u shud say to the stupid dewa dewi)
then they'll went like "(shouting) ya..MAMPOS NGKO!!!"


kiss ur ibu pertiwi ass la.
(we got to kiss the earth.)
(no smooching allowed.kah2)

haha.mcm bengang je jenn arini.
nolah. saje je..kasi fiery sket in drama no life right?

i actually dont mind the orientation, passing thru all d stupidity stuff..
coz its part n parcel of the registration. but hell lah the crappy2 tunduk2 stuff.

today,all thx to the orientation crap n the saving part by aunty shelvi. (that explains why im in cc ryt now n not in the thingy)..i get to noe d boys in d same agent la.

thers jie,or fauzi..suprisingly..he's my JUNIOR kat mrsm mzms. (aiyaa!)
thers fafa,or fadhil or is it fadhli..fafa me n achik gave d name laa. heh.
thers hafizan, who lives in ampangan. yeah..AMPANGAN la. can go back together.
thers imran, quiet-kinda boy.
daljit,birthday boy.
aiya...cant remember la..namer much for not having STM. (short term memory)

uhh..along..y cant i access ur blog aa??thxx 4 d pix.(dat i cant download yet)

to sum1 out ther..i miss u damn much..if u are here wif me,mesti syok giler.
gud lack 4 d interview thingy..

to spactees dat i looove so much....achik is doing fine. tp die suddenly got the abboy-blur bug.
me on the other hand, x elok2 lagi dr batuk2 n saket kerongkong. dusty gile enviroment.
i feel busuk 5 mins after mandi tau. ugh.

to peeps yg anta mssg and testi at friendster..i'm yet to reply. thx so much. i miss evry bits of u guys n malaysia..."nanti2 aja guwe reply nya eh.."

dari seberang..(like crap) wif love.

Monday, August 14, 2006

[10 mins more]

i have 10 mins more in this hot cc.

so lets see what can i write. td da tulis email to my parents..n da cek dis n dat...

news flash to dins! thers dis one shopping complex called SUN PLAZA as big and as kewl as midvalley. hehe. but nothing beats shopping wif u guys.

dats wat makes shopping in malaysia is so much fun. coz wif u guys.

to azkeey. im sory the guys didnt tell u they were sending me off. nnti we'll c each otha during raya kay.

cowok yg bisa mencairkan iman? no,aman. xde aaa. still setia. ahaxs. but im searching. 4 dins. kah2.

so sad dat my adek2 mish me rupenye. x sangke garang2 me pun they still mish me.. ahh

havent registered at the fakultas yet. will do it dis afternoon. ugh. sweating.

just had my 1st nasi putih wif lauk here. weird spicy lagi. hope my stomach will be immune to it one day.

mish macaroni n cheese so much. really.

got 5 mins more. guess dats it. daa...

love from me. across d strait of malacca...

Saturday, August 12, 2006

[oh indonesia]

dis is my 1st post since im in Indonesia.

but before telling all about my experience here..i wana thank all d people who came to send achik and me off at llct early in the morning. dah la dey all ade quiz and class...appreciate it a lot dearies...not to forget the presents.

2ndly nk shout out to along, yg just OFFICIALLY graduated from KUKTEM as the first batch there. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!

gosh..i am sweating ryt, d shops dont have fans..what more of air cond. huhu..i have to bathe like 3 times a dat to keep myself clean..coz allergy reaction naek like what jek...

apart from my sore throat, everything is okay.

just went to the apotek (pharmacy) nearby to buy ubat utk saket kerongkong. heh.

ive tried a mie (mee) aceh,which is like mee hailam but spicy. gosh, everything here is spicy. not like malaysian-spicy, but weird-spicy. no wonder zehan asked me to bring belacan. haha.

i got to share a really BIG room wif achik..hehe good news for us!!!! our new friends said "macam honeymoon suite"..ahaxs.

d 1st day here, went to carrefour to get stuffs. okay laa...nothing interesting..

but we've nticed that one house can have like 5-6 cars...because..they dont have road tax!!!!
and no wonder,their road really need upgrading..the cars/beca keep honning each other, kinda like signal kind of thing, HON here HON there..HON everywhere.

for the mobile phones, the sim cards are called simPATI. whaddeheck?? 20 mssg locally. (GRATIS_FREE)

anyway the taxi here have 2 kinds, 1 is like our taxi..but using toyota VIOS!!! 2nd is the beca..kewl la..heh.

they have no bus as thier roads are they have this van..called 'angkut'..scary!

i miss the glorious food in Malaysia..
the cleanliness and teratur-ness of Malaysian shops.
the kipas in shops..
the spactees and keqz and the fwens in Malaysia....

anyway yesterday we have to buy some more stuff as our room br je settle semalam...then Mrs Shelvi pun anta this guy call Pandi to guide us. he was oh-so nice!!!! ABADI!!!
but im not trusting anyone yet la.

anyway about the friends i met here..okay la..only me n achik r the malay girls taking medic. one in dentistry(nisha), d other one is in SMR?(nurul) i dunt noe..huh..indian fwens are quite many..swarna,shalini,hanna...and one chinese girl named amber. they r all okay..

wahh this is kinda long...

anyway to kwn2 yg bg testimonial/mssg @ fs nnti when i had time i reply okay...

love u guys lots... till then...

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

[special edition]

:: 8 hours more ::

"but i doubt it"

those were my words in previous entry. but here i am.12am. blogging.

my mood has went up and down today.

from plain boring in the morning.
to anxious to angry.
to happy.
and a lil sad in the afternoon.
dissapointed at dinner. (shucks for dominos and the lack of spaghetti).

i saw an accident. and a dead motorist with his no-longer-shaped-like-a-motor motorcycle. ugh. covered with newspaper. bloody sight.

road kills.

safety first everone. dont speed. will you? be 'skema' on the road.

then with my umie still on her 'kerja luar' at johor bahru, and ayah still at work, i have to settle everything on my own. sedih gak..

but then tadi gi shopping ngan zaki. huhu. i went to jusco, seremban parade, even ocean..and terminal 1 for the dissapointing dinner.

searched for a money changer. but either, its no longer there (at ocean) or closed (at terminal 1).

right now, im not done packing yet. actually. i dont know.

my mind is so messed up ryt now. fizul just called. thx fwen.

wif few hours left...i dont know what to say...

lets just wish for the best and for my rajen-ness mood to come to pack,will ya?

(please jenn,brace urself to take a bath around 4am)

~i am looking forward to meet my fwen at d airport. yeah!!!

[this is it]

:: one day more ::

well this past week i have updated this blog on daily basis.

so today.

the VERY last day for me to pack.

no more enjoy2. have to really prepare.
(dats y i said yesterday is the last dae for me to enjoy)

so theres so much to do, and i dont know where to start.


lets just bring 5 pair of clothes. (like i'm gona do that)

and i havent find my rhinocort nasal spray yet.
d vital part of a comfortable-nose life. ahaxs.

hope everything's going on smoothly after this.
(despite i feel so sleepy all day long)

right now i dont feel anything,

excited? hurm...
scared? emm...
happy? urm...

dont know lah.
i just feel normal.
u know, BORING. haha.

i dont know when will this blog be updated.

coz i'm gona pack this little thingy after this.

my parents said that we have to hit the road around 5 am. duh.
(this means waking up at 4)

huhu. awright.

toddles. buhbye. hope gona c u sooon!!!!

if i have time tonight, probably im gona update it. but i doubt it.


i love n love n love n love u. muax!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

[one seremban town]

:: countdown to chariot : 2 *gasp* daes ::

sheesh. t.w.o?

i felt like i wana do everything today. wana watch the movies. wana go shopping. wana go eating-out. enjoying myself la kununnye.

it felt like today is my last day for me to have fun in Malaysia. duh.

last day.

what if today is my last day on earth? will i enjoy myself?

*pandai2la pk jawapan nye.* i re-think my plan. and i took the usual stuff. u noe, keep preparing myself.

its kinda sad the btech spactees n acik's dear cannot come to sends us off...hope we havent see d las of u guys. ok..

anyway,dis past busy daes..i often get myself confused. sometimes we forget that our bestfriend is not our boyfriend and vice versa. and seriously, i hate when i'm thinking too much of this petty little things. i want to think more about, u noe, serious stuff.

bf vs bf?

i've settled mysef to not having one until i am ready. ready for what?
u noe, d adult stuff. commitment n such.

i kept repeating to myself dat a boyf is just like a handphone.
we can live without them once upon a time.
suddenly they come out of nowhere.
and some people have it.
makes u wana it also.
then, u had one.
after that, u cant live without it.

so,d question is, can i live without a handphone?
sure do.
there's still email and ym. heehee!!!

~confusingly amusing bitter and tinted. (only one-lifehouse)

Monday, August 07, 2006

[thank-n-tired pt2]

:: countdown to the day you went away : 3 daes ::

sheesh! 3 daes more.

like what.

today, i went to mindef all by myself. totally depending on aizuddin's direction. haha.luckily he asked for my number during our encounter in iium.

the interview was kinda hard.i was d 1st person interviewed during that session.

thank you to the officer floyd for showing me the way.

and no thanx to sum1 who had no introductory manners. haha.

i was so tired that i felt asleep in the train. LUCKILY, a kind auntie wake me up when we reached Seremban.

lalala~i am tired once again. so i guess that's it.

Sunday, August 06, 2006


:: countdown to a moment like this : 4 daes ::

today : doa selamat @ my house.

too tired to write. l8r.

wish me luck 4 ATM scholarship interview 2moro.

thank u.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

[you and I]

:: countdown to cradle : 5 daes ::

actually. i hav no idea what to write.

cz im tired. and there are so many things need to be done.

to someone who doesnt know how much * means to me.

im soOoOo gona miss u.
i've survived without u once.
i'm gona survive dis one.


~I worry I wont see ur face...(collide-howie day)

*-he/she? cant tell!! *winks*

Friday, August 04, 2006


:: countdown to a place in time : 6 daes ::

ugh. less than a week.

yesterday is a so-so day. some things i managed to do, some not.

managed to mop the house.

managed to bergelak ketawa sbb pudin mengenakan jenn. geramnye.

managed to catch the 4400 re-run the whole week. haha.

managed to donate something for the charity.
( AYUH semua, taip "DERMA 1" atau "DERMA 5" ^obviously for d value^ for the Malaysian charity, send it to 32999 )

fail list.

keep the house clean. thanx to my rascals.

edit a new blog layout. dunt know why i just cant get it ryt.

open a maybank account. so much hassle.

watch supernatural. my boyf berlakon tuu..


i need a new pair of specs. tapi ntahla probably time raya nanti kot.

and bad news. it seems dat none of my fwens can come to send me off.

but, its okay. sad. but flight tu weekdae sapa suruh?

and more bad news. last night i got to sleep at 2. dat means... yeah. i will be sooOo in bad mood ryt now. haha. no lah. just will be feeling woozy all day.

~I rather run the other way than stay and see.. (Over my head-the fray)

Thursday, August 03, 2006

[havoc in my!]

:: countdown to smile : 7 daes ::

aargh!!! so many things are going to happen in this and the coming week. help!

i have like:
  • 2 daes to prepare to a family gathering.
  • 3 daes to prepare myself for kementerian pertahanan interview.
  • and yikes! 7 daes to prepare mentally and physically to live in somewhere outside Malaysia.

and i have,like, soOOoo many things that i've planned for the hols dat are done yet. such as:

  • finish watching all the seasons of one tree hill.
  • master all sorts of cooking.
  • sleep all day long (haha,so not possible)
  • emm..tu je kot. ahaa.

my crazy mind is so messed up wif so many things right now. huu...

it's just because i dont know what to expect there. no clue. no clue at all.

with these cluttered mind, i cant take anymore criticism. please. i just wish it stops. please don't do it anymore. not to my actions. not to my responses. please.

~i'll always be waiting for you..(shiver-coldplay)

Tuesday, August 01, 2006


:: countdown to only one : 9 daes ::

title translated : friendship.

something that i savour so much. thankful that i've been able to taste the meaning of it.
kepada kawan2.

trimakasih bebanyak.

spact8 luvs a.k.a spactees.












che nab.


whoever je la yang pernah or still be my friend.

thank u! =)


(can anybody see dat semakin lame, semakin malas i get to write lengthy entries...)

~i dont wanna be a murderer. (unfaithful-rihanna)

Sunday, July 30, 2006

[a day out]

:: countdown to be my escape : 11 daes ::


i woke up in the morning...

went to STAD to help umie with the celcom charity car wash project, with a little hope of going to achik's..keep 'sms'ing with shera to check the situation.

then I have qiute a good time bossing the kids around. hehee.

then i keep asking umie when can i go..until umie says, "okay". it was nearly 12.30. at lunch will be like one hour more aite? but i am quite an obstinate person, thus i go..wif aliya.

meeting them was gr8. everytime. ahaxs. love u guys lots.


can u believe it? I, ZAINAB bt ZULKIFLI went to KL wif my lil noty girl, zulfa 'aliya..WILINGLY?!!

well we had a gud time as she, somehow, behaved accordingly. love u a lot,dear sis. ahaxs. here are d pixx, at lrt, komuter station, kl sentral ++. apparently, a pixx is worth a thousand words. so i dont hav to write much. =p

since i am d camera-man..ops camera-lady. so my pix x byk laa.. penat gile nk catch up ngan dis girl nye energy..heh.

till then..

a birthday shoutout to Fizal Othman ~ my pet bro kt MZMS. semoge sukses selalu!!!

Friday, July 28, 2006

[love is the movement]

:: countdown to stars : 13 daes ::

staying at home doesnt make ur life very interesting.

i've tried in every way to make it one. haha. whatever.

anyway, the date of my flight has been finalised.

10th of August. 0820 hours. dats on thursday.

then one hour journey, i will arrive around 0815 hours in Medan, Indonesia.

oh yeah.

Syarifuddin Seban.

there. someone who wish me gud luck.

(actually die just nak his name on d entry. nah,kamu)

to spactees yg akan ke rumah achik 2moro. hope u guys have fun. sory i cant come along.
i have to help umie wif a celcom charity project at STAD.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

[bye bye iium]

:: countdown to jauh mimpi : 15 daes ::

today i'm officially out of IIUM.

i've received a letter from A&R that they allowed me to withdraw, and with that i'm no longer a student there.


sedih plak rasernye. coz iium is a very great institution. i really love d iium enviroment. really i do. i love the ukhwah built there. i love the islamic enviroment. eventho sumtime i kinda stupid wif all this things but, thankfully IIuM provides the knowledge neccessary for me.

wah. tunggang terbalik da grammar. anyway. i also received the letter from USU already. before this just a notification letter from my agency.

tomoro is zulfa 'aliya buffday. dat cute lil rascal. so cute yet so naughty. i guess i wont be posting any new entry 2moro so i'm going to do a lil wishin here 4 her.

so...HAPPY birthday ZULFA!!! (which she wont be viewing dis entry, as she dont blog, or dont read. ahaxs.) u lots. jgn noty2 lagik. kamu da 5 thn. muah2. saye love kamu walaupun kamu tu degil..ish...jgnla ngade2 sgt ye.

Monday, July 24, 2006

[the absence]

:: countdown to cosy in the rocket : 17 daes ::

4 daes n 3 nites in iium.

spent more time wif shera, pika n dinie. 3 of my spactees.

thanx 4 everything n sory menyusahkan in some ways..

went to settle the withdrawal from iium. waah sangat penat as i have to walk in those delicate sandals (nyesal for not choosing my shuz) from mahallah maryam to the the security post, up the legal unit, all the way to the library, back to the kuliyyah of science and even down to financial department. not forgetting the bank muamalat, and meeting the dean, which took like 3 hours? uh...and after all these walkings, my sandal still stand strong to give me support to jalan2 kat klcc and balik to seremban..

BRAVO sandals!!! "built tougher" ek pika? heh.

got to eat a fab mee hailam at the gallery cafe, and sitting next to the two great prof. ngehehe.

right now there's so many things in my head that sumtime i cant think ryt. huh. forgive me if sometimes i just blink and go.

and on sunday, felt very tired as the 3 nytes in iium i dont get enuff sleep. ugh.

done. here's my entry. sory. not in a very good mood to write. dats it!

owh and for the final date of my flight still unknown, due to some stuffs dat are not settled. i just still assume dat it is on the 10th of august.

Monday, July 17, 2006

[getting lazy...and lazier]

:: countdown to concrete girl : 19 daes ::

aaaargh..this html coding stuff are really making me crazy and lazy.
(hey, rhyme!)

so how's everyone enjoying this very clean-looking, default layout? ahaxs.

anyway what about everyone's weekend? mine's quite d usual, family get-together stuff.

on saturday, however, is angah's graduation day. from d gol&gincu-shooting site lim kok wing.
it's a relief dat he's finished studying, but it actually worries me. heck, i got 6 years more. isn't that a LONG time? sheesh, i'm really worried.

i mean what if..
oh. just forget the what ifs. dis is what i want ryt? so dis will be my journey.
got to get thru whatever comes.

well. dats it. oh yeah. im goin to uia dis wednesday, insyaAllah. i'm meeting u beloved. lets have lunch at AIKOL cafe. x penah makan kat situ.

meanwhile enjoy my bro's pics.....

Friday, July 14, 2006


:: countdown to flying without wings : 21 daes ::

recently i misplaced my specs. nearly 2 daes dis jenn girl became BLUR to d whole world. and yet, endangering d wildlife all around her while she's driving. ahaxs.

well in search of d specs, i cleaned up d room. and i mean CLEAN it up. every corner. under the bed, in the drawers. dust-free for a day. haha.

OMG! guess what i found!
a pink hairband. which kinda bring back memories wif achik and sue, as we had each d same type of hairband, except different colour, sue~of course green. achik~blue.

and then i found a cute lil tedy bear, given by capex on my 19th birthday. whee! so cute.
and also abby's lil keychain of LOVE and beads, which she has given to me and ezyan as rumates.

soOooOOo down memory lane. TOTALLY.

then i found a card, a gud luck card from afique, whom i know during form 3 in SMKDHMR. thanx for being a patient friend with this unpredictable girl, welcoming her every time.

i am SO sappy. forgive me.

then i found all this lil momentos from my fwen. gosh i even found a pix of me n che nab, my best fwen back in MZMS. really brings back d gud times, which i know, something we'll never had anymore. (excuse me 4 d grammatical error okay all d aunt josephines out there.)

and a pix of fwens dropping over during my birthday. nana, shera, dinie, abboy and keq. mwah2. i like dat pix. i'm goin to take it wif me to USU. together wif my pix wif diel.

aargh. i'm so sentimental. crap.

i'll be back! i want to upload some pixx later to show y'all. (cud be in few daes due to my laziness).

till then~ biar betul!!! (ahaxs. diddy is out, im soOo not watching af4 anymore.)

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

[blast! at IIUM]

so here i am once again, in front of d 1.9kg thingy (no,its not a nokia 6111..berat nye sayang.),
i shud have put up d new post yesterday, but i was too damn tired, over d excitement dat flows all over my body for what, 5 to 6 hours?

guess what,yesterday, i have to go to my agency once again, n i dont miss d opportunity to run off (lrt-riding-off is more like it) to Gombak, IIUM where my fwens are already enroll for a new semester, without me. Gosh i mish them too much.

reaching d terminal putra at gombak, i already sms-ing my fwens..but only one replied. omg, where are they?? i want to meet them, pronto!

so reached kulliyah of science, seeing d 'abang matric card' (izzuddin n me punye nick 4 him) n asked him d procedure to..u noe, kua from UIA. he said i have to go to A&R (admission n records). okay. then i bumped into 'abang lab dinie' (yeah dinie, i bumped into him on ur 1st dae of d sem)..n suddenly these words just come out : "lamer x nampak?" (omg suddenly i became a friendly person). then he SMILED (note this dins.) and replied "ha ah la.. heh." ops sorry dins i was so excited seeing u dat i forgot to tell u bout dis. well, u read it ryt. hehee.

peeps i met during my search for A&R (which took nearly 3/4 hours) n whatever left of spactees in Gombak.

1. kak fathiyah n d gang ("emm nampak pika x?")
2. afif rabbani n fakhrurazi. (of coz x tego la)
3. hanisah (econs girl,ex achik's rumate yg besh!)
4. redzuan (new hair do!! hehee..nice talking to u. klakar tul sem 1 dulu ek.)
5. ruzanna (searching 4 STAD..while i've had seen all d office yet A&R seems nowhere)
6. bro tariqur rahman!!! (he SMILED at me!!!! =) TWICE!!)
7. aizuddin & aizudin (thanx a LOTTT showing me d A&R , nice talking to u, we've exchanged phone numbers aite..SMS u l8r!! )
8. nafeesa and basma (yes2!! go italy!!)
9. siti hajar n aimi (nice borak2..kewl ah kamu dah kawen!!)
10. kak lina chomell (kirimkan salamku pada kakak2 yg chomel tu!!)
11. kay eye. ( time jumpe nk tgk baju oren macho.)
12.izzuddin n amirul khairuddin (kamu monteng ya?? as usual? ahaxs. "ngedate di tepi jalan?")
13. kak ratni (aiseh..jgn kate gitu kak ratni..nk join ngedate ngan amirul mehlaa..)
14.mustaqim, hanan n his fwen(sory i didnt get ur name) (mus, raye kamu harus datang!!!!! ) (oh yea hanan, kamu mau kain batik ye?)
13. finally, DINS and ANNA (gosh lamer nye kelas korg nk abes..dins thx 4 d ever loving hug! and anna, u look chantex laa..cute, dunt u dare xnak pakai lagi baju tu now dat i dah puji)
14. shidah, muzzafar ( my ever hardworking classmates)
15. my kembar zakiyyah. (x sempat borak pun, but catch ur smile! nnti kite lepak agi)
16. ramlah ( d thai biotech student)
17. deqty n mama (d scfizi students yg knal2 time matrix dulu)
18. kak bi (heh kak sowie nk cpatt.)
19. apiz,wif hakam n duang (kamu dah gelap laa apiz..nnti pakai krim pemutih ya?)
20.finally, PIKA and SHERA (c wat i meant when i said i met everyone but u guys??)

so i got back a lil late then i supposed to (due to chit chatting wif pika,dins n shera)...but i had a super-dee-duper dae. i was spossed only to get d withdrawal form, u noe. heh.

so..i'll be back my UIA peeps, i have to send these forms aite? and sory it was just a short time dat i had not been able to notify beloved , nana , n others..i will next time, i promise.

and guess what? i bring a camera, but forgots about it. only remembered when i saw dis ulat. (hover over d blank space if u didnt c d ulat pix)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

so dats it, my day as in yesterday, i went home with a very satisfied feeling. cept dat, as usual my phobia of certain man on d train...

till next time, satisfied girl..