Monday, August 14, 2006

[10 mins more]

i have 10 mins more in this hot cc.

so lets see what can i write. td da tulis email to my parents..n da cek dis n dat...

news flash to dins! thers dis one shopping complex called SUN PLAZA as big and as kewl as midvalley. hehe. but nothing beats shopping wif u guys.

dats wat makes shopping in malaysia is so much fun. coz wif u guys.

to azkeey. im sory the guys didnt tell u they were sending me off. nnti we'll c each otha during raya kay.

cowok yg bisa mencairkan iman? no,aman. xde aaa. still setia. ahaxs. but im searching. 4 dins. kah2.

so sad dat my adek2 mish me rupenye. x sangke garang2 me pun they still mish me.. ahh

havent registered at the fakultas yet. will do it dis afternoon. ugh. sweating.

just had my 1st nasi putih wif lauk here. weird spicy lagi. hope my stomach will be immune to it one day.

mish macaroni n cheese so much. really.

got 5 mins more. guess dats it. daa...

love from me. across d strait of malacca...


dins said... bangat dgr omong2 kamu ttg sun plaza itu.haha.nk ckp indon x reti!(oh.jap.teringat.aritu mase anta ko n achik,anasayo' kem slm.lupe nk bitau.sebok nanges!)
nnt shopping abes2an ye.hehe.saye akan merindui kamu di sana!cium achik 4 me babe! mwax!

jennz said...

hehee xmo do it.
(cium achik 4 u). ahaxs.

shopping abes2an?!!

cant do it without u guys.


windu dieh.