Sunday, July 30, 2006

[a day out]

:: countdown to be my escape : 11 daes ::


i woke up in the morning...

went to STAD to help umie with the celcom charity car wash project, with a little hope of going to achik's..keep 'sms'ing with shera to check the situation.

then I have qiute a good time bossing the kids around. hehee.

then i keep asking umie when can i go..until umie says, "okay". it was nearly 12.30. at lunch will be like one hour more aite? but i am quite an obstinate person, thus i go..wif aliya.

meeting them was gr8. everytime. ahaxs. love u guys lots.


can u believe it? I, ZAINAB bt ZULKIFLI went to KL wif my lil noty girl, zulfa 'aliya..WILINGLY?!!

well we had a gud time as she, somehow, behaved accordingly. love u a lot,dear sis. ahaxs. here are d pixx, at lrt, komuter station, kl sentral ++. apparently, a pixx is worth a thousand words. so i dont hav to write much. =p

since i am d camera-man..ops camera-lady. so my pix x byk laa.. penat gile nk catch up ngan dis girl nye energy..heh.

till then..

a birthday shoutout to Fizal Othman ~ my pet bro kt MZMS. semoge sukses selalu!!!


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