Wednesday, July 26, 2006

[bye bye iium]

:: countdown to jauh mimpi : 15 daes ::

today i'm officially out of IIUM.

i've received a letter from A&R that they allowed me to withdraw, and with that i'm no longer a student there.


sedih plak rasernye. coz iium is a very great institution. i really love d iium enviroment. really i do. i love the ukhwah built there. i love the islamic enviroment. eventho sumtime i kinda stupid wif all this things but, thankfully IIuM provides the knowledge neccessary for me.

wah. tunggang terbalik da grammar. anyway. i also received the letter from USU already. before this just a notification letter from my agency.

tomoro is zulfa 'aliya buffday. dat cute lil rascal. so cute yet so naughty. i guess i wont be posting any new entry 2moro so i'm going to do a lil wishin here 4 her.

so...HAPPY birthday ZULFA!!! (which she wont be viewing dis entry, as she dont blog, or dont read. ahaxs.) u lots. jgn noty2 lagik. kamu da 5 thn. muah2. saye love kamu walaupun kamu tu degil..ish...jgnla ngade2 sgt ye.

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