Sunday, August 27, 2006



right now,i'm officially hating smokers. not that i dont before.
dulu im okay wif smokers. seriously, i even fall into the puppy love kinda thing wif one guy who smokes a lot. tp waktu tu len aa..tgh kepale sempit.

but not anymore, evenmore hating those med students yg smoke like crazy. puff in, puff out. are you CRAZY??? dahla u're studying to be a doc, so u shud knoe. what is d use of ur knowledges??

hurm i'm so sad when i know dat one of my classie smoke. aduhai. trus ilang respek n stuf. hurm. hope u gone change someday.

so guys out there, please dont smoke. please. dont cover ur asses by chewing gums n pretending ure not smoking in front of us. coz me n other girls are not stupid. what is d use of smoking? kalo tensi,cubelaa bace al-Quran ke ape...


d labs in USU are okay. actually i'm worried bout it. but okayla..not so bad. d chem labs n biochem owait laa..even the lecturers are fine. hee.. lab partners pun okay. ngeh2. chem wif achik, biochem wif hafizan, suprise! adek kepade haziratul arifah, my fwen time tuisyen dulu. aduhai. rase tua laa...

have to be quick. dah nk maghrib. kul 6:30 sini da maghrib..owaits..guess dats it la.

oweh! lupe, shewa, i managed to do the stuff aritu!! haha say congrattulations to me!!! yeeha..

bookstores here = aduhai. all in indon. sophie kinsella ke ape ke..huuu.. nak MPH!!! hee..

take care all. i may be late in updating stuff after classes will make me bz. n i love being bz. yeay!

Thursday, August 24, 2006

[settling down]

uish. dis cc is playing A1 song. "caught in the middle". dedicate!! for dins.

anyway, ive had my 2nd class today. thankfully all my classes are wif d bengong2 mengedik2 achik. hehee.
i had to learn organic chem once more,but this time in indon, as the lecturer is so degil to speak in english, cz we are spossedly to learn in english. but really, no wonder this country is not advanced, coz they refuse to take changes. i mean, we shouldnt take all changes that come, but we should consider the pros n cons right.

ugh.crap keyboard. anyway.i still cant upload pics. coz they are so lame. i mean their cc la. their musix band are not. haha.

tomorrow i will be having my 1st praktikum. kimia. so i'll be staying back. this evening, achik will be going to aikido. i think i may join her as the societies here are not much. (gosh i miss presss very much)

owh. sorry. my blog has been self-centerd lately. i just realised that i missed so many birthdays...
i'm dead sorry. so fellas and ladies..who birthdays slipped past by me without me noticing it...
HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY..especially august babies. sowie....

owh yeah. Ada band is doing their romantic rhapsody tour,n coming to Medan soon, tix is just RM20. kah2.
interested?? sile aa datang MEDAN!! hehe...

i dunt know why, but i still cant access along's blog from any cc. hurm. ntahle.

okayla.keQ n spactees~saye rindu kamu banget skali.

~semua yang telah berakhir......

Sunday, August 20, 2006

[so many things]


suddenly i forget what i wana write..there's so many things i wana write but...LUPE plak..
hurm let's start wif the orientation...



i got to kiss a frog.(but it doesnt change into a prince sadly) i have to catch it (when seniors throw it at u)
and pass it around...aargh. slimy!!! u have to repeat that with a worm.. haha. fun kan??

everyday punye ritual, lie down,face down to earth...hands at the back. but smalam was extra lame...n i even dozed off, whch is actually dangerous, as i might pass out under the hot sun..

n last nyte ade persembahan nyte yg ktorg dpt prac only 10mins b4, we malay msians performed dikir barat which no one understand..haha

kne rag dgn indon seniors truk sgt2...luckily ade malaysians seniors yg help kitorg..bwat2 mcm rag ktorg..but actually saving us...thanx seniors...



okaylaa...everyone mcm da okay....but ade gak yg diam2 lagi ngan ktorg girls...

nisha ade kt sebelah ni...hehee..temaning me to the cc.

my junior aritu,pojie okayla..yesterday i walked back from USU wif him n talked about many stuff a..including roti gardenia..heheee...

abu musa, the ever helpful elder brother..saket2 kaki pun he helped us amekkan dinner...such a sweetie..haha not like fafa, yg suruh kitorg throw away his trash. ahaxs, just kidding..fafa is also nice..he actually a SDARian..

achik as usual la my spactee fwen yg mengong2 mengedik2..haha.



asek saket perut je!!!!!!

yg okay stakat nie, Mie ayam Tabet ngan Nasi goreng kt Cahaya baru. (but expensive a both of em)

got no roti gardenia if u want em. x bulleh harap lansung.
even the instant mee are not as gud as mamee!! hehee. along..kirim kan buleh?? ahaxs.



sun plaza!!!!! = suria klcc/one utama!!

heh a place 4 dins. and me kalo ade duit n energy.
just now went there..stuff are murah!!! handphones, skechers...


actually still x recover lagi so cant write much...till then yaa...

muax2!! from me!!!!

ps..xbuleh balik raye (dgr khabar)..mish my home..mish my family!!!!!!
AAARGHH geramnye x leh nk upload gamba...ive editted it nicely tau~~

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

[desperate times call for desperate measures]

stuuuuupid la dis cc.

dis is not the usual cc dat i went.

dis is d expensive stupid one.(i just realise d stupid part).

d usual cc "putuss mbak". what went putus oso i dont noe.

today start the uncivilised orientation.

"mampos aku" (u shud say to the stupid dewa dewi)
then they'll went like "(shouting) ya..MAMPOS NGKO!!!"


kiss ur ibu pertiwi ass la.
(we got to kiss the earth.)
(no smooching allowed.kah2)

haha.mcm bengang je jenn arini.
nolah. saje je..kasi fiery sket in drama no life right?

i actually dont mind the orientation, passing thru all d stupidity stuff..
coz its part n parcel of the registration. but hell lah the crappy2 tunduk2 stuff.

today,all thx to the orientation crap n the saving part by aunty shelvi. (that explains why im in cc ryt now n not in the thingy)..i get to noe d boys in d same agent la.

thers jie,or fauzi..suprisingly..he's my JUNIOR kat mrsm mzms. (aiyaa!)
thers fafa,or fadhil or is it fadhli..fafa me n achik gave d name laa. heh.
thers hafizan, who lives in ampangan. yeah..AMPANGAN la. can go back together.
thers imran, quiet-kinda boy.
daljit,birthday boy.
aiya...cant remember la..namer much for not having STM. (short term memory)

uhh..along..y cant i access ur blog aa??thxx 4 d pix.(dat i cant download yet)

to sum1 out ther..i miss u damn much..if u are here wif me,mesti syok giler.
gud lack 4 d interview thingy..

to spactees dat i looove so much....achik is doing fine. tp die suddenly got the abboy-blur bug.
me on the other hand, x elok2 lagi dr batuk2 n saket kerongkong. dusty gile enviroment.
i feel busuk 5 mins after mandi tau. ugh.

to peeps yg anta mssg and testi at friendster..i'm yet to reply. thx so much. i miss evry bits of u guys n malaysia..."nanti2 aja guwe reply nya eh.."

dari seberang..(like crap) wif love.

Monday, August 14, 2006

[10 mins more]

i have 10 mins more in this hot cc.

so lets see what can i write. td da tulis email to my parents..n da cek dis n dat...

news flash to dins! thers dis one shopping complex called SUN PLAZA as big and as kewl as midvalley. hehe. but nothing beats shopping wif u guys.

dats wat makes shopping in malaysia is so much fun. coz wif u guys.

to azkeey. im sory the guys didnt tell u they were sending me off. nnti we'll c each otha during raya kay.

cowok yg bisa mencairkan iman? no,aman. xde aaa. still setia. ahaxs. but im searching. 4 dins. kah2.

so sad dat my adek2 mish me rupenye. x sangke garang2 me pun they still mish me.. ahh

havent registered at the fakultas yet. will do it dis afternoon. ugh. sweating.

just had my 1st nasi putih wif lauk here. weird spicy lagi. hope my stomach will be immune to it one day.

mish macaroni n cheese so much. really.

got 5 mins more. guess dats it. daa...

love from me. across d strait of malacca...

Saturday, August 12, 2006

[oh indonesia]

dis is my 1st post since im in Indonesia.

but before telling all about my experience here..i wana thank all d people who came to send achik and me off at llct early in the morning. dah la dey all ade quiz and class...appreciate it a lot dearies...not to forget the presents.

2ndly nk shout out to along, yg just OFFICIALLY graduated from KUKTEM as the first batch there. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!

gosh..i am sweating ryt, d shops dont have fans..what more of air cond. huhu..i have to bathe like 3 times a dat to keep myself clean..coz allergy reaction naek like what jek...

apart from my sore throat, everything is okay.

just went to the apotek (pharmacy) nearby to buy ubat utk saket kerongkong. heh.

ive tried a mie (mee) aceh,which is like mee hailam but spicy. gosh, everything here is spicy. not like malaysian-spicy, but weird-spicy. no wonder zehan asked me to bring belacan. haha.

i got to share a really BIG room wif achik..hehe good news for us!!!! our new friends said "macam honeymoon suite"..ahaxs.

d 1st day here, went to carrefour to get stuffs. okay laa...nothing interesting..

but we've nticed that one house can have like 5-6 cars...because..they dont have road tax!!!!
and no wonder,their road really need upgrading..the cars/beca keep honning each other, kinda like signal kind of thing, HON here HON there..HON everywhere.

for the mobile phones, the sim cards are called simPATI. whaddeheck?? 20 mssg locally. (GRATIS_FREE)

anyway the taxi here have 2 kinds, 1 is like our taxi..but using toyota VIOS!!! 2nd is the beca..kewl la..heh.

they have no bus as thier roads are they have this van..called 'angkut'..scary!

i miss the glorious food in Malaysia..
the cleanliness and teratur-ness of Malaysian shops.
the kipas in shops..
the spactees and keqz and the fwens in Malaysia....

anyway yesterday we have to buy some more stuff as our room br je settle semalam...then Mrs Shelvi pun anta this guy call Pandi to guide us. he was oh-so nice!!!! ABADI!!!
but im not trusting anyone yet la.

anyway about the friends i met here..okay la..only me n achik r the malay girls taking medic. one in dentistry(nisha), d other one is in SMR?(nurul) i dunt noe..huh..indian fwens are quite many..swarna,shalini,hanna...and one chinese girl named amber. they r all okay..

wahh this is kinda long...

anyway to kwn2 yg bg testimonial/mssg @ fs nnti when i had time i reply okay...

love u guys lots... till then...

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

[special edition]

:: 8 hours more ::

"but i doubt it"

those were my words in previous entry. but here i am.12am. blogging.

my mood has went up and down today.

from plain boring in the morning.
to anxious to angry.
to happy.
and a lil sad in the afternoon.
dissapointed at dinner. (shucks for dominos and the lack of spaghetti).

i saw an accident. and a dead motorist with his no-longer-shaped-like-a-motor motorcycle. ugh. covered with newspaper. bloody sight.

road kills.

safety first everone. dont speed. will you? be 'skema' on the road.

then with my umie still on her 'kerja luar' at johor bahru, and ayah still at work, i have to settle everything on my own. sedih gak..

but then tadi gi shopping ngan zaki. huhu. i went to jusco, seremban parade, even ocean..and terminal 1 for the dissapointing dinner.

searched for a money changer. but either, its no longer there (at ocean) or closed (at terminal 1).

right now, im not done packing yet. actually. i dont know.

my mind is so messed up ryt now. fizul just called. thx fwen.

wif few hours left...i dont know what to say...

lets just wish for the best and for my rajen-ness mood to come to pack,will ya?

(please jenn,brace urself to take a bath around 4am)

~i am looking forward to meet my fwen at d airport. yeah!!!

[this is it]

:: one day more ::

well this past week i have updated this blog on daily basis.

so today.

the VERY last day for me to pack.

no more enjoy2. have to really prepare.
(dats y i said yesterday is the last dae for me to enjoy)

so theres so much to do, and i dont know where to start.


lets just bring 5 pair of clothes. (like i'm gona do that)

and i havent find my rhinocort nasal spray yet.
d vital part of a comfortable-nose life. ahaxs.

hope everything's going on smoothly after this.
(despite i feel so sleepy all day long)

right now i dont feel anything,

excited? hurm...
scared? emm...
happy? urm...

dont know lah.
i just feel normal.
u know, BORING. haha.

i dont know when will this blog be updated.

coz i'm gona pack this little thingy after this.

my parents said that we have to hit the road around 5 am. duh.
(this means waking up at 4)

huhu. awright.

toddles. buhbye. hope gona c u sooon!!!!

if i have time tonight, probably im gona update it. but i doubt it.


i love n love n love n love u. muax!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

[one seremban town]

:: countdown to chariot : 2 *gasp* daes ::

sheesh. t.w.o?

i felt like i wana do everything today. wana watch the movies. wana go shopping. wana go eating-out. enjoying myself la kununnye.

it felt like today is my last day for me to have fun in Malaysia. duh.

last day.

what if today is my last day on earth? will i enjoy myself?

*pandai2la pk jawapan nye.* i re-think my plan. and i took the usual stuff. u noe, keep preparing myself.

its kinda sad the btech spactees n acik's dear cannot come to sends us off...hope we havent see d las of u guys. ok..

anyway,dis past busy daes..i often get myself confused. sometimes we forget that our bestfriend is not our boyfriend and vice versa. and seriously, i hate when i'm thinking too much of this petty little things. i want to think more about, u noe, serious stuff.

bf vs bf?

i've settled mysef to not having one until i am ready. ready for what?
u noe, d adult stuff. commitment n such.

i kept repeating to myself dat a boyf is just like a handphone.
we can live without them once upon a time.
suddenly they come out of nowhere.
and some people have it.
makes u wana it also.
then, u had one.
after that, u cant live without it.

so,d question is, can i live without a handphone?
sure do.
there's still email and ym. heehee!!!

~confusingly amusing bitter and tinted. (only one-lifehouse)

Monday, August 07, 2006

[thank-n-tired pt2]

:: countdown to the day you went away : 3 daes ::

sheesh! 3 daes more.

like what.

today, i went to mindef all by myself. totally depending on aizuddin's direction. haha.luckily he asked for my number during our encounter in iium.

the interview was kinda hard.i was d 1st person interviewed during that session.

thank you to the officer floyd for showing me the way.

and no thanx to sum1 who had no introductory manners. haha.

i was so tired that i felt asleep in the train. LUCKILY, a kind auntie wake me up when we reached Seremban.

lalala~i am tired once again. so i guess that's it.

Sunday, August 06, 2006


:: countdown to a moment like this : 4 daes ::

today : doa selamat @ my house.

too tired to write. l8r.

wish me luck 4 ATM scholarship interview 2moro.

thank u.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

[you and I]

:: countdown to cradle : 5 daes ::

actually. i hav no idea what to write.

cz im tired. and there are so many things need to be done.

to someone who doesnt know how much * means to me.

im soOoOo gona miss u.
i've survived without u once.
i'm gona survive dis one.


~I worry I wont see ur face...(collide-howie day)

*-he/she? cant tell!! *winks*

Friday, August 04, 2006


:: countdown to a place in time : 6 daes ::

ugh. less than a week.

yesterday is a so-so day. some things i managed to do, some not.

managed to mop the house.

managed to bergelak ketawa sbb pudin mengenakan jenn. geramnye.

managed to catch the 4400 re-run the whole week. haha.

managed to donate something for the charity.
( AYUH semua, taip "DERMA 1" atau "DERMA 5" ^obviously for d value^ for the Malaysian charity, send it to 32999 )

fail list.

keep the house clean. thanx to my rascals.

edit a new blog layout. dunt know why i just cant get it ryt.

open a maybank account. so much hassle.

watch supernatural. my boyf berlakon tuu..


i need a new pair of specs. tapi ntahla probably time raya nanti kot.

and bad news. it seems dat none of my fwens can come to send me off.

but, its okay. sad. but flight tu weekdae sapa suruh?

and more bad news. last night i got to sleep at 2. dat means... yeah. i will be sooOo in bad mood ryt now. haha. no lah. just will be feeling woozy all day.

~I rather run the other way than stay and see.. (Over my head-the fray)

Thursday, August 03, 2006

[havoc in my!]

:: countdown to smile : 7 daes ::

aargh!!! so many things are going to happen in this and the coming week. help!

i have like:
  • 2 daes to prepare to a family gathering.
  • 3 daes to prepare myself for kementerian pertahanan interview.
  • and yikes! 7 daes to prepare mentally and physically to live in somewhere outside Malaysia.

and i have,like, soOOoo many things that i've planned for the hols dat are done yet. such as:

  • finish watching all the seasons of one tree hill.
  • master all sorts of cooking.
  • sleep all day long (haha,so not possible)
  • emm..tu je kot. ahaa.

my crazy mind is so messed up wif so many things right now. huu...

it's just because i dont know what to expect there. no clue. no clue at all.

with these cluttered mind, i cant take anymore criticism. please. i just wish it stops. please don't do it anymore. not to my actions. not to my responses. please.

~i'll always be waiting for you..(shiver-coldplay)

Tuesday, August 01, 2006


:: countdown to only one : 9 daes ::

title translated : friendship.

something that i savour so much. thankful that i've been able to taste the meaning of it.
kepada kawan2.

trimakasih bebanyak.

spact8 luvs a.k.a spactees.












che nab.


whoever je la yang pernah or still be my friend.

thank u! =)


(can anybody see dat semakin lame, semakin malas i get to write lengthy entries...)

~i dont wanna be a murderer. (unfaithful-rihanna)