Sunday, October 29, 2006

[pouring it all]

it's been 6 daes since i came back to malaysia.

look. i've come back to release all my tension that have build up back in the o.c (other country). it's just that..i've probably expect too much. no. i've always been the person who have all this plan going on my head..and then when some of the plans doesn't turn as what i've expected, i will get depressed. well, that was a long time ago. over the years, i've been able to accept that not all our plans will be carried out. sumenye terletak pada Allah SWT. kan.

but today i cant help it. seriously i cant help but feeling down. nie bukan PMS ke ape. but i felt that i've been keeping it to myself too long.

teringat what my beloved write at her blog, "you will always be true to your blog" yeah right. not all beloved. not all. i've been story-telling my readers of my situation. not my feelings. coz if i would do that, it would became a very emo-rollercoaster-ride-blog. (no offence to mE)

it's not that i dont get what i want. but i've reached a point that i cant wait for that someone any longer. i want confirmation and such. but it's like a very hopeless thing to do. coz i know that he doesnt feel the same way i feel about him. so what do i feel about him?

tak payah citela. bukan nak kate ape. sia-sia je pun.see? how bad i am on expressing my feelings? useless.

2moro i will stat my journey back to the o.c, meet CDB and on monday,back to seeing the tak-paham-bahase guy in class. damn.

my BLAZe!!! is sooo on the way. my baby. duh.

for the hols and raya...tenkiu everyone yg da memeriahkan idup ku!
especially keQ-tenkiu sgalenye!
diel-dapat gak kite beraya bersame!
kande-sayang kamu!
liza-maintain ah.
syieda-slamat bergelar cikgu.
g-mir -eh a join hospital nnti eks!
aina-kamu cun ah
azie-saya confius sket ngan kamu
bah-kamu bwat lawak x bajet
pali-tenkiu layan adek ku
shera-sedih x dpt jumpe kamu
dnie-ngapain las minit kua
pika-sebbaek dpt ketemu kamu.

las but not least umie ayah along angah aki aliya. thanxxxxxx!!!!!!!!

selamat ari raya. maaf zahir batin. back to work.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

[pagi raya] i am.
in Malaysia,in my bedroom, YMig wif keQ (after sms-ing like crazy), and having the luxury of stable internet connection and very fine keyboard of my 1.9kg thingy.

in the wee hours of the morning,the 1 syawal morning.

coz on the 22nd is the explorace of my raya journey.

here's the thing.

after waking up on the 22nd october morning,i siap2 washed my clothes and stuff and go to Zulaikha to buy kek lapis (my umie pesan) then abg amri called say i need to be in front of FKUSU at 1.30pm. haha.

all went well. and we r off to the airport. thanxs to abg amri who seriously manage all the documents. thanxs a lot. kamu mmg kewl. and yes,saya dapat bayangkan escalator tu. (",)

landed on ipoh. rase cam nk cium tanah malaysia. damn fresh. haha. at least kurang parasit.
neway. sampai malaysia,the imgrsn lad let us pass thru 1st. aah. thank u. after the horrible and scary ordeal (exxaggerate) in the other country.

PIKA!!!!!! (abg amri:bleh tak knal membe sendiri?) i was so blur dat i didnt noticed pika was outside the arrival hall. pika had to call me. exchange news. (briefly!) and then had to go. this abg amri had another bro. picking us up. bye pika!! huu..thx 4 coming!
mysterious guy. he knows all yg berlaku di medan and boley tipu lagi kitorg die x penah pegi indon. (do we look dat stoopid?)
rupenye he's an ex unimed student. and i,recognized his name dalam minit mesyuarat yg lepas. bother. macam la aku xde keje laen selain bace mende tu. actually ktorg ingt salah taip ke ape. da cite laen.back to the original story.

so the so-called-driver drove speed gle(exxaggerate lagi) ke KL. (we break our fast @ tapah) coz abg amri and d fellow fwens naek bus respectively. I am d only 1 naek komuter. haha. so d 'abg' had to hantar me lah. thank you,abg ambri. good luck wif ur new job!

in the commuter. some sengal boys are there. kinda pathetic dressing up like so-macho. (hello,sunglasses @ nyte??) BUT..rupenye they are nice lads.
thank u!! tolong bwkn my luggage up and down the stairs....dats very kind of them. sorry 4 d bad things i tot about u guys b4. haha.

jumpe umie ayah!! syahdu. tapi penat. and need to go to loo. haha (thn since medan) =P

dats it. hee.....


keQ..mari kite gado lagi. ahaxs. aku yang ayu. ade yg aku tertido pagi raye nie.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

[coming home now]

haha...saje je nak jerit...

"I'm ComiNg hoMe nOw!!!!" (ala2 lagu boyzone la pulak)

byk gile events 4 d past few x sempat aa nk cite sume...

so tunggu je la nex entry dari MALAYSIA..insyaAllah~

ngee..hepi nyer...
(exam ade lagi sok ni.ahaxs)

p/s~nana kat ipoh? haha..maaf lupe...

Monday, October 09, 2006

[a new day, a new ambition]

guys, sowie 4 d last entry dat i posted. mood swing trux tul..

neway yesterday, sunday was by far,most eventful day ever.

i wake up 2 sahur (instant mie laksa daging) and then wash my clothes, performing solah..and went jogging! u know how i love to jog, 'cept dat i havent enuf time to do it.luckily the 'cik dah berpunye' nak ikut...
we jog as far till setia budi! actually we dont know the route is leading ther, we are just following the SMA student's route. then balik...we take our bath and went to PM USU's AGM.

jeng! jeng! jeng! guess what!! 'cik dah berpunye ' jadi wakil stambuk(batch) 06! hehee..
seriously CDB mmg patut dapat the post, relating to those wonderful jobs at academic bureau back in MCIIUM.

and last2 tu, a sister approach me and saying dat she heard dat i can do magz stuff..and ta daaa! suddenly i'm incharge of a magazine. whoa! (keQ,kamu punye badi lah ni) hopefully cuti ni,i can come up wif some creative stuff 4 d 1st edition...keQ, bantu?!

and bro a.m showed us the list of mentor-mentee..FINALISED version.
i got this one guy, named bro N. CDB told me he's d same age as us. owh. seriously i dont know how to talk to my own mentor. becoz he was like this lepak-kinda guy. furthermore, since ospek, he duk2 calling my name cuz (yeah i already knew dis) my name is simple..i think. so seriously bro N, i hope u can really help me wif my struggling notes. please!! (showing my white shiny teeth)..bro N,hopefully i can talk to u normally after dis..i always shy2 sheep at 1st(dats y i only came to u after u jerit"zainab sini kau!" (be4 dat he called me 3 times alredi =p) ) and automatically become a klutz. but actually kan,i'm very kewl person.. (dah stat dah perasan neh-CDB)
my partner mentee is siti,whom i just met just comment. nice gurl i hope.x cakap ngan die lagi..just exchanging hyes.

balik tu, we had to do our lab report...and buka puasa? papa ron's piza @ sun plaza.6 slices weii! me=piza? can be friends lah now!!! we ate with 2 of our seniors, sis rus and sis nabeelah. very cute lah they both. then we go buy our sahur stuff..and went back feeling...very...very...very...tired...zzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzz.

tapi x buleh tido plak!!!! kne mandi dulu...solat pun belum lagi...heyy..ape laaa...

okay..we all actually baru finish the final microb 2m0r0 we all have to submit ALL the lab reports..(stay up lagik la nampaknye)..just now the topic is jamur kontaminan. i hope it doent contaminate us. hu.

wish us luck 4 the coming exam (on the 19 and 20)...on all d stuff we just learn..hopefully melekat laa...and i will balik raya!!! my flight tuka alredi. to ipoh. pika, u heard dat? IPOH. hee...

till then,dis sunday got the PKPMI-CM meeting plak. oh how i love society-related-works! (dont worry, studies always come first!)

cheesy guy?! all hopes are lost. dunt ask me more. but close fwens..i will update wen i balik msia!! (or i jut sms u guys pasneh)

so ceria already, cuz i love being busy. =)

Saturday, October 07, 2006


finally!!!! terbukak pun page blogger nie...aduhaii..dahla dtg cc nk lpaskan up je , tension...

tau tak i tunggu 4 how long? 26minutes!!!!!!!!!!!

and dis is actually spossed to be an entry dedicated to my much-loved along burthday today.
dats y i am here,in dis hot cc (yeah i'm sweating now). cant upload d pic of along dat i've editted since cc lg satu tu lagi la slow,da sepuluh minit ape2 pun x bukak.

dah aa hari ni bad day giler. i cant tahan d parasit lab coz it took 3 hrs after 3hrs of lect class.

omg..i'm so in a bad mood ryt now. seriously. damn.
sweating like hell. tired. and x puas hati wif everything. damn.

along sowie. i'll make it up to u by sumthing i've sent by post.
keyboard worst than ever. i'm seriously losing my patient now.

thankfully muiz cheered me up dis morning. thenk u~ kangen juge pada kamu...

and to top all that, cheesy guy was not sighted. for one whole week.

dah a. malas sgt. keQ! blaja sungguh2. jgn dpt bug aku yg tgh marah ni.

along....Happy Burthday!!!!!!! (sowie 4 d much-hatred entry)

Monday, October 02, 2006

[ramadhan and kewlness]

dis is my 1st entry since stat puase here in indonesia.

since dis is d month of ramadhan..i better mind my language..and oso be patient with the situation here. ngeh2...

so 1st of all..what a nice day today..haha..suddenly i had to go a 3 hour parasitology lab. ugh. cancel trus ingt nk introduce achik to ice-skating. but dunno yet. tgk a camne..

for the ramadhan ordeal..we had cooked lotsa things with only a rice cooker. kewl.
spaghetti bolo, nasi gorng cili api (acik complained the bawang is too much) and even simple things like scramble egg. imagine, with only a rice cooker. haha. 2dae we are thinking 2 hav a break n makan at papa ron's piza. (yeah i ate piza now) but tgk lah camne...

2ndly, dis 2nd part of basic cell biology block, we learn sooooooo many things about bacteria,virus, parasit..makes me wana be somewhat like MOnk. can a? hehe..up sket my personal hygiene..lagi2 here on indonesia..banyak gile disease!!!!!

my news of coming back to msia will be this : im coming back on d 22/10. 7.45am flight to penang. from penang, ther will be MY bus,waiting for me and send me to Terminal 1.
on d 29/10, my flight will depart 2.15 pm from PENANG. how am i gona be ther in penang, i dunt know. =( . but i still glad i will be home 4 raya!!(eventho 4 a short time)

next is a cheesy guy dat makes my day very cheesy. gosh. i had a cheesy day, with a cheesy fwen(dats acik of coz!), and went to a cheesy place(rahsie neh) and suddenly got a cheesy hye from a cheezy guy. then i had a cheezy microb lab, and make a cheezy mistake coz thinking too much of the cheezy encounter. haha. there. kewl. cheesy. (tgh sengih gile neh)
(xde autoclave guy cam dins pun xpe aa..cheesy enuff 4 me)

adding ppl dat i say i'm gona do : haha..not yet. malas ah....

to mE : dhaus is my fwen. cute or what . duh. i'm cuter. haha. every1 say i got this babyface look. ahaxs. =p.

till then. rayer. haha.