Tuesday, October 24, 2006

[pagi raya]

alhamdulillah..here i am.
in Malaysia,in my bedroom, YMig wif keQ (after sms-ing like crazy), and having the luxury of stable internet connection and very fine keyboard of my 1.9kg thingy.

in the wee hours of the morning,the 1 syawal morning.

coz on the 22nd is the explorace of my raya journey.

here's the thing.

after waking up on the 22nd october morning,i siap2 washed my clothes and stuff and go to Zulaikha to buy kek lapis (my umie pesan) then abg amri called say i need to be in front of FKUSU at 1.30pm. haha.

all went well. and we r off to the airport. thanxs to abg amri who seriously manage all the documents. thanxs a lot. kamu mmg kewl. and yes,saya dapat bayangkan escalator tu. (",)

landed on ipoh. rase cam nk cium tanah malaysia. damn fresh. haha. at least kurang parasit.
neway. sampai malaysia,the imgrsn lad let us pass thru 1st. aah. thank u. after the horrible and scary ordeal (exxaggerate) in the other country.

PIKA!!!!!! (abg amri:bleh tak knal membe sendiri?) i was so blur dat i didnt noticed pika was outside the arrival hall. pika had to call me. exchange news. (briefly!) and then had to go. this abg amri had another bro. picking us up. bye pika!! huu..thx 4 coming!
mysterious guy. he knows all yg berlaku di medan and boley tipu lagi kitorg die x penah pegi indon. (do we look dat stoopid?)
rupenye he's an ex unimed student. and i,recognized his name dalam minit mesyuarat yg lepas. bother. macam la aku xde keje laen selain bace mende tu. actually ktorg ingt salah taip ke ape. huh.ni da cite laen.back to the original story.

so the so-called-driver drove speed gle(exxaggerate lagi) ke KL. (we break our fast @ tapah) coz abg amri and d fellow fwens naek bus respectively. I am d only 1 naek komuter. haha. so d 'abg' had to hantar me lah. thank you,abg ambri. good luck wif ur new job!

in the commuter. some sengal boys are there. kinda pathetic dressing up like so-macho. (hello,sunglasses @ nyte??) BUT..rupenye they are nice lads.
thank u!! tolong bwkn my luggage up and down the stairs....dats very kind of them. sorry 4 d bad things i tot about u guys b4. haha.

jumpe umie ayah!! syahdu. tapi penat. and need to go to loo. haha (thn since medan) =P

dats it. hee.....


keQ..mari kite gado lagi. ahaxs. aku yang ayu. ade yg aku tertido pagi raye nie.

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