Friday, November 30, 2007

+.::.+ sunshine +.::.+

so many feelings,
so many emotions.

but somehow i can't really describe it.

a few keywords will help, i guess.

wani. married. 1st dec.
chop. crp. bhp.

exam. soon over.

Malaysia. family. friends. foods.

enchanted. mcDreamy. princess.

broke. movies. games.

birthdays. acik. faieqah.

blue-themed. lol.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

+.::.+ when u say nothing at all +.::.+

OSCE's done.
alhamdulillah i don't have to repeat any of it.

so now i have to concentrate on these three things.
these required courses of the faculty.

BHP. Basic Humanities Programme.
CRP. Community Research Programme.
CHOP. Community Health Oriented Programme???
Dah lupe die stands for wat. wahahaha.

do you know that every brain begins as a female brain and it only becomes male eight weeks after conception?
that is when the extra testosterone shrinks the communication centre, reduces the hearing cortex and makes the part of the brain that processes sex twice as large.
i found this fact very amusing.

okay. kinda feeling hungry right now.
here's a test i took just now.
since i had so much things nada to do.

The medical specialty for you is.... Cardiology

Cardiology is the best of all specialties. As a cardiologist, you'll be sure to profit from the sharp increase in obesity. You'll open at clinic across the street from a McDonalds and retire a billionaire.

To find out what specialty best fits your unique personality, go to:

What Medical Specialty Is For You?

yeah ryte.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

+.::.+ one step closer +.::.+

before i forgot, birthday wishes!!!!!
happy birthday to my beloved and dearie sista, PIKA!!!!!!!!!
then to my own mento kt USU neh. uhuh. slamat ari jadi ye.
to sari!!!!!! a.k.a ai!!!!!!!!! slamat ultah yaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!

tomorrow is my OSCE. Objective Structured Clinical Examination.
i will be tested on 6 different things.

1. Leopold palpitations.
there are four palpitations to know four different things about the baby inside.

(A) The uterine fundus is palpated to determine which fetal part occupies the fundus.
(B) Each side of the maternal abdomen is palpated to determine which side is fetal spine and which is the extremities.
(C) The area above the symphysis pubis is palpated to locate the fetal presenting part and thus determine how far the fetus has descended and whether the fetus is engaged.
(D) One hand applies pressure on the fundus while the index finger and thumb of the other hand palpate the presenting part to confirm presentation and engagement.

2. Normal birth.
we will be tested from the sighting of subocciput till the baby is born. no need the placenta(a.k.a 3rd stage). thank god! x larat nak hapal. :p the hand positioning of every step is crucial here so that there will be no dislocation of the baby's shoulder or whatsoever.

3. Pap's Smear.
this is a test using the speculum to look inside the vagina, to see whether there is evidence of cervical cancer or not. A little swab from the cervix is taken to be examined.

4. Direct examination of a baby's poop!
this is to test our competency if we work in the peripheral area (a.k.a with no high-tech lab). there are three methods,using Lugol solution, Eosin 2% or the Kato method.

5. Anthropometry
To measure the hieght, weight and the head circumference of a child and to determine the nutritional status of the child. Lower than 2 standard deviation of the normal range, poor nutrition. Higher, over nourish.

We have learn how to do immunization on a child for BCG, Polio, Hepatitis and DPT(Dipthera-Pertussiss-Tetanus). But there are rumours that only DPT is tested. DPT is injected at the anterolateral part of the child's thigh and is a intramuscular injection, which you have to insert the needle at 90 degrees.

to practice for no1. and 2. , we had to use ummi's penyu for it has a mum's-like-abdomen, and my own cuppy-the-cute-little teddy bear as the baby. thanx ummi!!
huuh. wish me luck!
p/s forgive me for any inconsistency in the above stuff. note that I wrote this directly from my head, not refering to any book or site. :) except the Leopold pic, from MERCK site.

Monday, November 19, 2007

+.::.+ yeah ryte +.::.+

well 1 paper down. to be exact, 2 papers down.
and well, what to do, just like szakif , you can't separate the net from people who are kinda addicted to them..
hehs. (dins, i miss hearing u saying this)

before the story get old, before I GET OLDER,
i would like to thank to all my fwens yang sangat2 ingat my birthday
trimas to all of u okay..
to be truthful, for the first time in my life, i wish that 13 november doesn't exist.
so dat i can go on without everyone saying, "hey, u're 21!!!"

i don't hate birthdays. i lurrrve them.
it's my day.
for me, no one could mess up the day for me.
(eventhough in past there had been some)
it's not that i hate being a year older.
but 21 is a big number.
just think for a while, u have lived for 21 years,
but have you stabilize yourself? your amal ibadah?
your study yang makin terumbang-ambing?
what about repaying your parents? the community?

i was reluctant for that day to come.
i had to thank these people.
somehow eventhough i feel like i have waste 21 years of my life,
they made sure i don't feel sad about it. (well kinda!!)

some sang for me (thanx, u n ur fwens r sooo sweet!)
some called from malaysia ( i know it cost a lot, i really,really appreciate it)
some wished thru SMS (gosh! thanx peeps fot the tots!! xoxo!)
and many thru friendster (kinda x reply to all, tp sangat2 thx for d wishes)
others thru the YM!

su made me smile.
shera made me laugh.
along made me happy.

not to forget, peeps at USU.
wishes from classies n campus-ies...
lebih2 lagi my housies + afiq + fahmy.
korang betul2 bwat jenn nak nanges k!!
(actually da nanges dah. hu)
eventho PapaRon's Penne-whatever-its-name-is x sesedap it's Alfredo,
tapi kamu semua ni...hurmm..TERHAWU!!!~
to liza : jgn wat camtu lagi!!
thanx for d pimboOOo yang sangat mengambil space kat my bed. huhu.

thanx uda untuk kate2 kamu..
"21 is just a number.."

thanx sumarsono gals for the card also.

achik n dayah!!!
thanx for the book. kinda inspire me for the next blog entry!!

at the end of the day, i am happy.
but with a new ambition, to be more meaningful in life.
like i said,

it's time to grow up.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

+.::.+ a break +.::.+


so be it.


bace2 la nie okayy..

Saudara dan saudari kaum muslimin dan muslimat
Renungan khususnya untuk para wanita dan diri sendiri.....
Sayidina Ali ra menceritakan suatu ketika melihat Rasulullah menangismanakala ia datang bersama Fatimah.
Lalu keduanya bertanya mengapa Rasul menangis.

Beliau menjawab, "Pada malam aku di-isra'- kan , aku melihatperempuan-perempuan yang sedang disiksa denganberbagai siksaan. Itulah sebabnya mengapa aku menangis.
Karena,menyaksikan mereka yang sangat berat dan mengerikan siksanya.

Putri Rasulullah kemudian menanyakan apa yang dilihat ayahandanya. "Aku lihat ada perempuan digantung rambutnya, otaknya mendidih. Aku lihat perempuan digantung lidahnya, tangannya diikat ke belakang dantimah cair dituangkan ke dalam tengkoraknya. Aku lihat perempuan tergantung kedua kakinya dengan terikat tangannyasampai ke ubun-ubunnya, diulurkan ular dan kalajengking. Dan aku lihat perempuan yang memakan badannya sendiri, di bawahnya dinyalakan api neraka. Serta aku lihat perempuan yang bermuka hitam, memakan tali perutnya sendiri. Aku lihat perempuan yang telinganya pekak dan matanya buta, dimasukkan kedalam peti yang dibuat dari api neraka, otaknya keluar dari lubang hidung, badannya berbau busuk karena penyakit sopak dan kusta. Aku lihat perempuan yang badannya seperti himar, beribu-ribu kesengsaraan dihadapinya. Aku lihat perempuan yang rupanya seperti anjing, sedangkan api masuk melalui mulut dan keluar dari duburnya sementara malikat memukulnya dengan pentung dari api neraka,"kata Nabi.

Fatimah Az-Zahra kemudian menanyakan mengapa mereka disiksa seperti itu?*Rasulullah menjawab, "Wahai putriku, adapun mereka yang tergantung rambutnya hingga otaknya mendidih adalah wanita yang tidak menutup rambutnya sehingga terlihat oleh laki-laki yang bukan muhrimnya.
Perempuan yang digantung susunya adalah istri yang 'mengotori' tempat tidurnya.
Perempuan yang tergantung kedua kakinya ialah perempuan yang tidak taatkepada suaminya, ia keluar rumah tanpa izin suaminya, dan perempuan yang tidak mau mandi suci dari haid dannifas.
Perempuan yang memakan badannya sendiri ialah karena ia berhias untuk lelaki yang bukan muhrimnya dan suka mengumpat orang lain.
Perempuan yang memotong badannya sendiri dengan gunting api neraka karenaia memperkenalkan dirinya kepada orang yang kepada orang lain bersolek danberhias supaya kecantikannya dilihat laki-laki yang bukan muhrimnya.
Perempuan yang diikat kedua kaki dan tangannya ke atas ubun-ubunnyadiulurkan ular dan kalajengking padanya karena ia bisa shalat tapi tidak mengamalkannya dan tidak mau mandi junub.
Perempuan yang kepalanya seperti babi dan badannya seperti himar ialah tukang umpat dan pendusta.
Perempuan yang menyerupai anjing ialah perempuan yang suka memfitnah dan membenci suami."

Mendengar itu, Sayidina Ali dan Fatimah Az-Zahra pun turut menangis. Dan inilah peringatan kepada kaum perempuan.

renung-renungkan..dan selamat beramal :)

wish me luck..
n thx yg wish my bdae!!
nnti i'll do a special entry for it!!~

Friday, November 09, 2007

+.::.+ updates +.::.+

it's raining outside.
which made my plan to go out ronggeng-ing with liza to fail.
oh. the rain has stopped.

oh well. might as well finish this entry.
my final exam for the growth&development block is getting nearer and nearer.
knowing that i did my formative quite badly, i hope that for the sumative/final paper, it will be successful one. because macam baru recently did i understood(eventhough not completely) what are the points to be studied..

i'm wondering how in the world that the doctors knows what to do with a neonate.
it is so complex that i beginning to think "PEDIATRICS? = a NO."

there's the Kangaroo Mother Care for LBW(Low Birth Weight) Infants, than if the neonate is LBW there is a high potential for the baby to develop thousands (okay, exxagerate) of illness that needs to be monitored, Hipothermia, Respiratory Distress Syndrome, Hypoglycemia, Hyper, Bilirubin juga. adeih...

After that, ade pulak follow up until adolescences yang not only about their physical illness, but includes emotional and mental. This one which is hard for me. The psychology part. We had to learn and understand Erik Erikson's 8 stages of whatever-it-is. But now cam dah paham lah.

Tak masuk lagi where we are suppose to know what and when a baby/child could do what they should do. Nak hafal kang maen payah nyaa~

Huhu tetibe dok merapik about the block.

Recently I resigned as the Bulletin Exco of PM USU(Perwakilan Mahasiswa di USU), and I find myself more semangat and more dedicated being the Publication Exco of MET(Medical Emergency Team), which is a sub-division of PM USU. Eventhough I had to work with G*(bukan nama sebenar), I had my ways to send messages to him saying "jangan ko nak elak2 kerja!" and "ko buat kerja ko,aku wat kerja aku". In short, my kerja now adalah lagi senang berbanding dulu,and less critics from the oh-don't-you-know-that-you're-annoying seniors. well,some of them are. most of them are nice. (",)

Other than those news, saya sangat tak sabar nak pulang.
I can't wait to meet my along and angah.
To hug and annoy my aki and aliya.
To help and stress out my ummi and ayah.

To gossip and shop and hangout with the spactess and friends.
To rendezvous with dila all around Seremban.

and I cant wait...
oh I never cant wait.
but somehow I do.
Please, tell me that my waitings are all worth it.
'Nunggu ntah sampai kapan...

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

+.::.+ its not what i like, but.. +.::.+

we live in this world. with everyone else.

that's the solid truth.

the fact.

so anything that we do, anything that we say,
are bound to affect others.

and vice versa.

eventhough sometimes we feel like we want to isolate ourselves from other people,
we can't.
and thus, we have to fake our smiles, forget our sorrows temporarily, live for the moment.

teringat kate-kate cikgu BM kat IIUM Gombak (a.k.a cikgu kuning);

"takkan lah nak pegi jumpe orang ngan buat muke "jangan kaco aku.aku ade masalah""

hehe. yeah.

but there are more than faking smiles and crying alone.

there are people who helped you to get you on track, back to the reality, let you focus on what you should do.

thanx housies!~

bukan senang nak pujuk diri sendiri, but now i'm okay dah.

i hope so.

sorry i took such a long time. sorry for the silence.
believe me, it's better than u facing me emo2.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

+.::.+ and thus, the blondes rules +.::.+

buffday bash : happy bdae to shaz, tipz, afiq, halili.

i may sound stupid saying this.

but blondes, as stupid as the cliched labeled them, have some power that the rest of the world thought thay haven't.

being blunt.

as blunt as the blondes who spend thousands or millions to be beautiful. we are actually becoming more like them. no offence k.

maybe not by spending a lot to scream attention, look at me that kinda thing. but by this very channel, internet. through the-very-Asian f*riendster, through the very pimped-My*space, through the very uh-thrashy?-hi*5, F*acebook, and a whole lot more where we could find meta-friends everywhere.

we let people judge us by our page, by the picture that we-photoshoped, by the cheesy 'about-me', and let those unknown friends(or strangers to be exact) to comment whatever we thought appropriate. (it not, we'll delete them ryte?)

we know more about our meta-friends more than we know about our real friends,the ones that helped us to choose us what we wanna eat for lunch, the friends that noticed the chewing-gum that stuck on your left shoe, the friends that sit next to you in the bus, the friends that, well you get the idea.

sometimes, we know about them, more than we know ourselves.

we had depended too much on the net to get the so-called friendship. even the mobile phones doesn't stand a chance. no IM, no contact. why? coz we are the lazy generation, and even- the stingy generation.

well, what's my point actually?

savour your real friends. a salute to all the people who memang pandai to keep in touch regardless the presence/absence of the net. mish u guys!! :)