Monday, December 18, 2006

[yet i'm depressed]

you know.

this morning i just arrived @ malaysia. so relieved to leave the o.c.

anyway.i felt so down now.




oh gravity why cant we seem to pull it together?

to mr. sum1 that i usually turn to whenever i lost hope. no wonder u gave all the excuses.

yet i still think of you. i should have let things they were. a history.

the dark side of me. i usually don't show it to people. even many people tot i'm this happy-happy-no worries kinda person.

but there's always you. you who always been there. as a close friend. someone that i had a huge crush on. crush its not the way to describe it. i love being with you. but i kinda lose my hope eventually on you. ntahla. sometimes i do think you are the one. tp i dont know la.

whatever you are feeling right now. i know u will be suprised by this entry.

well just forget whatever.

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