Sunday, January 27, 2008

+.::.+ feverish! +.::.+

class recommenced for the new sem.

sangat penat, and suddenly jennyto over here is down with fever.
the whole package.
demam + selsema + batuk.

but being HER, she ingat her demam will go over a night of sleeping.
makin teruk, but die dengan tabahnye went for tutorial yang ga' bisa diponteng.
n with flying colours, she delivers her learning issue to her tutorialmates,
went to the consulate (ehem2! ngapain ke sana ya??),
and buleh lagi she pegi bakar sampah depan rumah.

makin teruk.
suare macam da ella bagai.
but she keeps her cool, and demam sorang2.
yeah of course her housies tau she's not well.
tapi die wat mcam die sehat je, menggoreng, mencuci bagai.

padahal da sakit sampai terpakse tido the whole night,
just to ilangkan rase berat kepale tuh.
kenape tak jumpe doc?
buleh tak, tak sempat?

she's in the beginning of the block, and block ni kebetulan sangatlah hectic schedulenya,
sampai she can't afford to miss any labs or tutorial,
yang suprisingly dah start on the 1st week of the semester.
which also made her plans to FLY to Jakarta to be aborted.
(don't ask. tukakaki matters.)

she mintak some pills,
n she took them as prescribed by the docs-wannabies a.k.a housies
n her demam n selsema has already subside.
n batuk leads to saket tekak.

kene gi carik SP TROCHE kat pharmacy neh..

Thursday, January 17, 2008

+.::.+ how about untitled? +.::.+

oh well, here i am, back in this orange-painted cc in Medan, namely D***net (namer dirahsiekan untuk menjage bisnes anda okey!), typing slowly on its tekan-kuat-kuat-baru kuar letters-on-screen keyboard, and not forgetting the barely-there-letters on the keyboard.

there are 2 main reason why i have to bear with this cc;

one ) one smart fella* tutup our account for one month. memang betul what he did, tapi x ley ke tutup awal sket...kami mati kebuhsanan tau..
*-he's truly smart, he's a medic student! haha.

two ) my beloved 1.9kg is somewhere between the SenQ headquarters and Ftec offices. ugh. stupido.

my hand dah terase sengal2(of picit2-ing the keyboard) n i didn't even get to the point i want to talk about.

about double lives.
kinda like Jekyll and Hyde.
or maybe in a way like Cinderella.
or maybe, even the Transformers.
(Autobots, roll out! hehe)

well not exactly two lives like cats, nine lives,
but when we live like a different person than we usually does when certain circumstances came.


i googled "double lives" , and apart knowing how some people sleeping with the same sex while he/she was married. *ish-i didnt click d link okay*,
i found what i've been looking for.

As people look for fulfillment in their work and lives, many are turning to second vocations to realize their passions. Doctors and scientists are plunging into e-health and biotech start-ups. Disaffected dot-comers are looking to reboot themselves in less harried environs. Ambitious attorneys, intent on becoming the next John Grisham or Scott Turow, are sending manuscripts to agents and publishers. Sometimes these "hobbies" turn into parallel or second careers.


what if those second vocations, which is SECOND in our priority becames our numero uno?
i wont tell what condition i'm in. i just don't like to tell. but trust me, it's nothing major.
just a thought that went thru my mind.
it's okay if the case is like the above example given by the website*, but what if it slowly becomes the source of your intermittent depression?

well, easy, destroy it, demolish the second thingy, ask Starscream to fire that thingy, or even ask Megatron to pull it apart like it did to Jazz, or even ask the evil aunty from Enchanted to push that thing to another world, a world with no happy endings, or just ask the 300 brave Spartans to guard it, so that it wont come near me, and better still, tell the EPA put a dome over it.

get the picture?

however, it cant be done.
my second thingy is aroud me. and in order to get what I have to get, that is my 1st priority, i have to bear with the secong thingy. i have to. it comes with the package.

huh confused? i'm trying to make you.

but apart from wanting to touch about that topic, i'm wondering,
well, i have to admit, i have very low self-esteem these years.
i know when it started, but i don't think that was the cause for it happening throughout the years.
and the low self-esteem came with self-concious.
i dont know if this is just another case of it, but this is what im thinking now.

what i'm wondering here is how are the people i've accidently hurted by disregarding them.
i'm just truly sorry that it had become a norm for me to do that,
its maybe only because i'm one hell of an estupidas.

i really didn't mean to do what i do, but i wasn't thinking.
i am not thinking now either.
i act on my impulses and rationales(according to my full-of-blonde-moments mind),
i'm sorry.

whatever it is,
if u feel dat it is u, i'm sorry.

i'm down right now, can u tell?

Jika hari ini aku terlalu gembira, sedarkan lah aku dgn amaran2 ALLAH...
Jika aku terlalu bersedih tanpa kata, pujuk lah aku dgn tarbiah ALLAH...
Jika aku lemah aku berdaya,ingatkan lah aku dgn kehebatan syurga...
Jika pernah hatimu terluka luahkanlah agar aku berubah... dan
jika esok ku lena tanpa terjaga,iringlah lena ku dgn kalungan doa...
berjanji lah sahabat,ukhuwah kita utk selamanya...

Monday, January 07, 2008

+.::.+ circles +.::.+

this is the typical jennyto.
when she's rajenn. she will be damn rajenn.
mule lah update blog nya hari-hari.
bile malas.
huh kesian lak tgk blog die neh.

before orang2 di YM menggangu her idea untuk berblog.
before die lupe ape die nak blog.
which, i think i already has forgotten.

but i think it had to do with Malaysian spirit and be thankful that u are Malaysian.
something that had to do with the food.
( i know along will roll her eyes on the above statement ).
something that had to do with the technology achievement.
( refer to my current YM status ).

well since die dah pun lupe.
actually die dah hilang idea.
jennyto would like to wish all USU students:

here are the list of subjects we will be taking this sem,
BHP 442
CHP 340 (i'm not so sure lah)
CRP 440
CSP 241
CVS 146
DMS 146
RTS 145

ila wud say: gile kentang banyaknye!!

Thursday, January 03, 2008

+.::.+ hanging by a moment +.::.+

finally. a stable internet connection, and a lappie. but not mine.
mine's still in the repair-zone.

evntho feeling a tad tired, i really miss showing off (haha) what an interesting holiday i am having.
despite having one black nite.
yeah. thank you.

anyway to the highlights!!

i came back. on the 6th, i think.
along jemput me at the LCCT. thanx along.
and that was my 1st ride in her tujohseploh thingy.

and being a generous sista, and an understanding one too,
she belanja me to the top of my most-wanted food list.
mac n cheese @ kenny.

thank you along. c betapa gumbiranya me.

the next three days, i was on my own, as my family was on vacation in Sarawak.
and i had a blast filling those times with friends *xOxO!* and along!

after that was meeting my cuzins at the KLIA, with the original purpose of seeing Pak Su's pham departure to the US. but with camera-fweak-along around, we end up taking pixx here and there, macamla kitorg yang nak depart. eheh.

then raya came. buleh tak, i totally forgot that during my hols ade raye??!!!
i end up with my MRSM's YEARS punye baju kurung, atau lebih dikenali ngan BAJU PREP!!
but knowing misz jennyto, ape pakai pun beauuutifull!!!~ eheh.

ehm tbe sy malas nak cite ngan lebih panjang.

ehm ehm.

jom gi ke kuantan terus arh.

the only reason for the obviously no caption pics is dat saye tgh penat. but happy.
penat but happy.
selamat jugak myvi tu ke kuantan.
thanx pada kawan2 yg luangkan mase.
eventho xdpt jumpe wani.
eventho achik n abboy xdpt ikot.
pada sue..sangat2 trimas for having me merempat di bilik kamu n temaning me around the campus despite having stomachache.
i just love u guys to d max!!
terubat winduuu!! :)
special thanx pada 2 orang dak gombak tuh.
saye mmg bengong jadi tahan2 je la ek. :)
n trimakasih for d buffdae gifts y'all.
infinite xo's,

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

+.::.+ here's d neu yer update +.::.+

to be more confident.

dat is my new year resolution.

which means,

NO more feeling i'm not intelligent enuff.
NO more feeling i'm not gud enuff for other people.
NO more feeling fat.


I guess dat's all.

Rase cam nk quit je blogging sbb da tade idea n tnet cam hape2..

C u wen i c u.