Saturday, January 01, 2011

of new year, n malaysian tigers.

happy new year peeps!

this would be my 1st entry outside my house in Medan. I am currently on call at RSTD (Rumah Sakit Tembakau Deli) , not the usual RS Haji Adam Malik. RSTD is a really old hospital, and is famous for its ghost stories.

So tonight we (me, farah n ielala) will be countdown-ing to 2011 from here. Maybe we'll just enjoy the fireworks.

Well, I would want to miss out congratulating the Harimau Malaya for being the champions of the Suzuki AFF. You guys rocked everything, and by it I really mean you guys rock EVERYTHING!

supporters indonesia sangat ramai
ok mebe ni bukan gambar dari the match hehe.

1st, you guys played in a stadium full of INDONESIAN supporters only. I know, even we are afraid to scream our lungs out when you guys scored, but we did it anywhere. And I'm glad that you guys are brought into the stadium by their baracuda. We're at war!! Not only that, you guys manage to score a goal even!!
Encik Safee, we're glad to have you.

2nd, of course the increasing interest on Malaysian football, not even with the guys, but the women as well. I'm sure you guys have read the letter to khairul fahmi saying thanx for bringing sexy back, or you can read my dinienaa letter to him.

3rd, twitter is rocked by you guys. everyone knows right?

Okay, enough about football.
Resolutions anyone?
us. taking a break from on call.
our new year dinner, haha.

btw, i've ended 2010 with  GV-ing my patient.

lets hope 2011 will bring happiness n blessing for all of us.