Saturday, August 12, 2006

[oh indonesia]

dis is my 1st post since im in Indonesia.

but before telling all about my experience here..i wana thank all d people who came to send achik and me off at llct early in the morning. dah la dey all ade quiz and class...appreciate it a lot dearies...not to forget the presents.

2ndly nk shout out to along, yg just OFFICIALLY graduated from KUKTEM as the first batch there. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!

gosh..i am sweating ryt, d shops dont have fans..what more of air cond. huhu..i have to bathe like 3 times a dat to keep myself clean..coz allergy reaction naek like what jek...

apart from my sore throat, everything is okay.

just went to the apotek (pharmacy) nearby to buy ubat utk saket kerongkong. heh.

ive tried a mie (mee) aceh,which is like mee hailam but spicy. gosh, everything here is spicy. not like malaysian-spicy, but weird-spicy. no wonder zehan asked me to bring belacan. haha.

i got to share a really BIG room wif achik..hehe good news for us!!!! our new friends said "macam honeymoon suite"..ahaxs.

d 1st day here, went to carrefour to get stuffs. okay laa...nothing interesting..

but we've nticed that one house can have like 5-6 cars...because..they dont have road tax!!!!
and no wonder,their road really need upgrading..the cars/beca keep honning each other, kinda like signal kind of thing, HON here HON there..HON everywhere.

for the mobile phones, the sim cards are called simPATI. whaddeheck?? 20 mssg locally. (GRATIS_FREE)

anyway the taxi here have 2 kinds, 1 is like our taxi..but using toyota VIOS!!! 2nd is the beca..kewl la..heh.

they have no bus as thier roads are they have this van..called 'angkut'..scary!

i miss the glorious food in Malaysia..
the cleanliness and teratur-ness of Malaysian shops.
the kipas in shops..
the spactees and keqz and the fwens in Malaysia....

anyway yesterday we have to buy some more stuff as our room br je settle semalam...then Mrs Shelvi pun anta this guy call Pandi to guide us. he was oh-so nice!!!! ABADI!!!
but im not trusting anyone yet la.

anyway about the friends i met here..okay la..only me n achik r the malay girls taking medic. one in dentistry(nisha), d other one is in SMR?(nurul) i dunt noe..huh..indian fwens are quite many..swarna,shalini,hanna...and one chinese girl named amber. they r all okay..

wahh this is kinda long...

anyway to kwn2 yg bg testimonial/mssg @ fs nnti when i had time i reply okay...

love u guys lots... till then...


dins said...

hye awak.saye rindu kamu.bile kamu di seremban,saye x rindu sgt.tapi bile kamu sudah di bandara polonia (yeke?betulke?),saye sangat rindukan kamu.saye harap kamu dapat enjoy hidup di sana,dan semoga kamu dapat carikkan satu cowok yg perfect bangat utk saya!hehe.mwax!

jennz said...

cowok yg perfect ade di iium me.


sy nak boyf. dr malaysia.
cz jeles ngan acik. haha. nolah.

kept missing d havoc-ness of us.
lagu samsons everywhere kt sini.