Monday, December 18, 2006

[i soo have to be punished]

abboy dearie.

i'm totally sorry i forgot ur birthday.

teruknye kan jenn nie.

here's what i'm doing ryt now.

writing an entry for u.

just for u.

while listening to blink 182 songs.

terharu tak?

terharu laa....

hee..abboy d cuteness of u and ur personality.

i love u to the max dottie!

i so have to be killed as of forgetting to wish you last nite.

padahal tido kul 3.
or kul 2.
ah whatevs.

nnti laa..ill try to kikis my ayah to belanje u makan.
or not. tunggu 5 years bile i da jd doc n i will treat u.


u remember? the 1st time we met?
the english class. haha everything start at that class.
amer faridz( d class rep! ) izzudin ( putih melepuk2 ) half of spact8 ( love u guys )
n d other person as well. (u noe what it means dont anybody else think laen cz its not wut u think). u n mardhiah are crazy bout comix. achik and her cartoons. me just plain elegance. haha. so not true.

neway abboy i love u so much (i so dont sound like a les dont i ) and hoped to c u soon. yes. i hope i will. keQ is planning and i will gave anything to go. cept i dont have anything. heh.
but anyway youngest spactee...
HAPPY 20th BIRTHDAY!!! we all are no longer teenagers. so please act maturely according to ur age.
*giggles* which i noe some of us so cannot do!!

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