Thursday, July 17, 2014

so fast foward 2 years...and what happened.

salam and hi.
i know i prolly have no readers by now. left the blog for two whole years.
life as a ho was interesting. i wont (damn,theres no autocorrect in these things?)

anyway, i won't forget the two interesting years i went through at hkl.
it was superb, and can be better if not for my laziness.
(see some things doesn't change around here)

so, what else doesn't change?
me. i'm still me. still not married and thus no kids yet.
i worried about it once in a while, but why worry about things you can't do anything about it right?
i mean, i prayed and did get to know sooome guys that soooome people tried to kenenkan.
haha. well doesn't work out yet I guess.
just believe in His plans.

what is changing?
of course, like i said, finished 2 years in HKL means finished housemanship already laaa...
responsibility increased, booom!
KKM said, dear ho, u can't stay in kuala lumpur, please get out. here's your next posting for your moship : Pahang.

phew. what a relief. at least not sabah or sarawak. but pahang...? again...?
okay. sila jangan byk complaint and ikut saja.

okaylah. enuff ramblings till now.

lets take a moment to pray for my late friend, who passed away recently after years of combatting cancer.
you are always in our hearts.

Salam Ramadhan. Jangan sia siakan masa yang ada.

and please, pray for Gaza.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

can't thank you enough.

WARNING! This is gonna be a long and boring list of thank you's.

This entry is long due, but I MUST write this one.
I've my convocation day, or the Indonesian word is wisuda on the 28th of May 2012.
At first I thought it will be just another boring ceremony but it turns out differently.
I was overwhelmed with emotions!
Surreal, thankful, proud, sad, everything.

But the dominant one is thankful.
Syukran walhamdulillah, praise to Allah swt, for without His guidance, I am nothing.

My parents, my ummi and my ayah, who has been there to everything, every cry, every hardship, every success. Thank you for the sleepless nights you guys has prayed for me, thank you for the never ending pocket money, thank you for being the ears when I cry.

:') overwhelmed.

Along. Angah. Abang. Adik. Thanks for always praying for my safety and success. 

Along and angah.


My coass-group mates. Iela. Farah. Iha. Due. Syaff. Thanks for helping me through the accident, helping me through coassistant life. Thanks for everything. Thanks for being my family. Even this family has a little dysfunctional habit. Thanks for coping thru my ups and downs. Thanks for bearing with my temper (hehehe). Thanks for covering my duty when I'm lazy. (that's not always.)

their oath ceremony. :')

Halfway done : obstet & gynae.

The MARA circle. Thanks for being a BIGGER family there, letting me and achik in the circle. Thanks for the birthday parties, the raya celebrations, the hangouts, the karok sessions, the sight seeing everywhere...!!!

Starting coass.


Winning futsal & Fara's bday celeb.

My spact8culous sisters. Dinie. Afiqah. Shahirah. Izzati.Izzati. (there's two of em!). Suhaili. Wani. Even if we have our own ways now, but I still remember how u guys are always a phone call away when I need a friend. Let's do a reunion annually! heheh.

Shiro's wedding day : Dins, shiro, Pika, Abboy.

My adik-adik. Shima. Zulaikha. Hani. Diba. Aliaa. Amira. and my paeds group mates : Ika, Dewi, Mitha, Otneil, Iwan, Donny. Korang memang terbaik. Thanks for accepting me in your group hehehehe.

Diba, Cma, Iela, Ika, Seha, Mira and me. 

Ika and Dewi

Patients admitted to RSUP HAM and their families. Thank you for cooperating, giving us the chance to learn. No one can repay what your diseases thought us, and for that, you are the greatest teacher.

Specialists, residents, fellow batchmates.

Everyone. Thanks for touching me with your hearts.

I'm moving to my next chapter of life : housemen.

Friday, May 18, 2012

part 2 : SPA interview

Alhamdulillah the interview was over.
Here are some of the questions:
1.Who choose medicine? Is it you, your mom, or your dad?
2.Why choose medicine?
3.What makes a good doctor? Bad doctor?
4.What are the responsibility of a housemen?
5. What are the difficulties you find during your study years in Indonesia?
6. What are the main diseases in Malaysia?
7. Examples of tropical disease?
8. Tell me about malaria.
9.Tell me about dengue. (please refer to cpg for answers)
10. If you are a public health doctor, what would you do if there is a dengue case?

Actually it's pure luck really. My interview panel was super nice. They comprise of 2 people, 1 from SPA, 1 from KKM. So 1 will ask the non-medical questions, the other the medical questions.

My friends had different experiences from me. Some have to answer about 1 Malaysia, National Key Result Ares(NKRA) for the non-medical questions. Some are quite lucky, where the KKM representative cant make it, so they just have this 'chit-chat'.

It's good to be prepared, you are going to be a doctor after all. :)

Thursday, May 03, 2012

Applying for work Part 1

Alhamdulillah after securing my SKTL, I can proceed to apply for work! O_o
So here's what I did, hope this can help future graduating students from USU :)

1) Fill in the SPA 8i form.
Link :
You will need to register. You can actually fill the form when you're a final year student.

2) Download and fill in the MMC & KKM (BMD) form
KKM (BMD) : , you can also just come to the KKM office and fill in the forms, bring along your verified IC, SPM and related documents.

Documents needed:
a) identity card
b) birth cert
c) SPM cert
d) S.Ked cert
f) transcript (in my case, I just photocopy the KHSes)
g) money order/bank draft of RM20 to MMC

verify them all, if there is any discrepancy in your names, see a commissioner of oaths to verify that the different names are actually you.

3) Send the MMC form
I did this by hand, at the moment, MMC is situated at Jln. Cenderasari (near Masjid Negara) in Kuala Lumpur. Then we have to wait for about 10 minutes, and received the temporary registration letter.

4) Send the KKM form (Borang Maklumat Diri -BMD)
You can actually do this by post, but I send it by hand anyway, the office is situated at Kompleks E Putrajaya. So I just drop it off.

5) Save the date! SPA interview
I didn't call the SPA yet at this time, so I decided to drop by the SPA office in Kompleks C Putrajaya and set the date for interview.An alternative is that you can just call them.

In short, here's what you need to do :
Click for larger image thank you.

Next : getting ready for the interview :)

Monday, April 23, 2012

the story of betty

When I entered the honda showroom in Jl. Jamin Ginting Medan back in 2008, I didn.t intend to buy her.
I was aiming for a Vario instead. But vario was out of stock at that time, the latest I can get the vario is three months time.

Betty : brand new

Honda Beat is new. It wasn't even on the tv yet. I am clueless about this scooter. Nevertheless, I choose her. The orange Honda Beat. The Betty.

Owning the Betty was uber cool. After a few months, strangers will sang the song 'Beat' popularized by the Indonesian Idol when I scoot through. I am happy. Betty helped me get to my destinations. Campus, society meetings, friends house, malls, etc.. she even made it to Bukit Lawang and Brastagi! :D

Being stopped by the police was scary. It was my fault coz my helmet was missing, and I didn't have the courage to steal my housemates, they were all sleeping at that time, and I thought surely they will want to use it later. So I went gung-ho to a society meeting place, which took place in Polonia, which is near the airport, thus police's fav spot. I paid dearly, and get a crappy helmet in return. But, it's pink.

My firsts with Betty is like the firsts with babies, 1st flat tyre, 1st service, 1st wash-her-yourself....haha

Honda, China, Singapore
When clinical started, I had to problem to go anywhere...until the accident happened. I'm separated by Betty for 2 full months for my recovery, while she and her broken things are left at Medan.

When I recovered, my friend helped me took her to Honda. She was severely injured, and needed a whole new front body. She (and me) waited for another 2 months for the body to be constructed (you see, at that time, orange Beats are no longer produced). I paid another large sum of money, and then I get her back, good as new!

It took some time before I took her to the main road. But as easy as ABC, she and I get along quickly, just like old friends. No more problems and dramas after that.

When it's time for me to leave Medan, I don't know why I'm being selective about who's who's gonna buy her. Many has deal me but I just seem to have trust issues. I'm handing over my baby, for heaven sake!

Betty's new owner!

 Until I met this girl, who like orange very much, and like Betty very much. I sold Betty to her, and made a friend too. I hope Betty continue to serve her just as well as she has to me.

Betty last photo :D
Bye betty! What's next ? :D

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Finishing clinical at USU

Salam blogreaders.
I've been away for 2 weeks to clear all academic and fees with the university in order to register the graduation. It can be a hassle if you don't know the process, but it'll be easy, insyaAllah, if you already know what to expect.

I'm blogging this entry just for the sake of USU juniors really, hope you'll find this beneficial.

1) The green book.
The green book which holds our clinical marks is to signed by the clinical coordinator.
So first, complete collecting all the marks from each department then you can proceed to the clinical coordinator. A delay in collecting all the marks means a delay in 'closing' the green book.
At this moment there are three person able to 'close'the book, dr. Rusda SpOG, dr. Ibnu SpPA, and dr Rusli Dhanu SpS.

*The length of your study time depends on the date of you 'closing' the book. Which also means your fees depends on it too.
** When 'closing' your book, make sure the clinical result form in berkas wisuda are filled so the coordinator can sign it as well.

Berkas wisuda is the graduation register forms. You will be given a list of things you need to fotocopy and stuffs. Some of it are :

  • fill up the form, makesure that you have the Profesi Dokter form, not the Sarjana Kedokteran one.
  • fotocopies of previous SPP until the latest, in case you didn't know, those finishing before Batas Akhir Pembayaran SPP is free from that semester' fees, those finishing BEFORE Ujian Tengah Semester (UTS) is eligible to pay HALF, those finishing AFTER UTS is needed to pay full semester fees. Claim your money if you finish BEFORE UTS. 
  • fotocopies of previous KHS
  • fotocopies of the green book, and you need to hand in the green book also
  • fotocory of your Sarjana Kedokteran certification. Make sure you already taken them when entering upper cycle, they'll be ready by then.
  • pictures, black and white, you'll find the specifications, but you'll also need extra to paste in the forms. Write your name and NIM behind each pictures.
  • Rp400,000.00 for graduation fees.

Surat Keterangan Tanda Lulus is the most important of all, if you want to start working ASAP.
This letter, which name said it all, will entitled you to apply to MMC(Malaysian Medical Council) and KKM(Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia). 
However, this letter takes about a week to be done. So plan your flight tickets wisely.

That's about it. Congratulations on finishing your studies. Welcome home.

Tuesday, April 03, 2012


it is a word that has a meaning so different from 'cuek'.
'cuek' is an Indonesian word that means 'not bothering to think or do something about it'.

apa-apun berserahlah kepada-Nya.

the thing is, my paeds marks tak keluar lagi.

itulah punca munca cuak nih. selagi markah takdapat, I cannot proceed to other matters.

esok, nak pegi berjuang di Medan semula. medan perang gittew.

Doakan in a week everything can be settled, insyaAllah.