Saturday, April 04, 2020

Restricted Movement Order.

RMO for short.
I talked about RMO a bit in my last post.
And how there is #noRMOforme
but when I got an off day one or two during this RMO, I was feeling helpless.

I always felt that I am neither introvert or extrovert, and I am a bit in balanced between those two.
Because I sometimes enjoyed the time I had alone, doing some reading, cleaning, daydreaming, the list go on.
But I also enjoyed the company of my friends, PikaAbboyDinieCito, ex temerloh clan, the broga-one-time-only gang and going out with mzms friends (well a few of them).

But boy am I feeling stucked.

I can totally understand if people are going crazy during RMO.
Those who loss their jobs, had big commitments.
Those who themselves of family are affected by covid19.
Those who are stucked in a crampy place, with no area for personal space, even worse, if these people had abusive family members around them.

I can't discuss patient information but sexual abuse is real these days. The rape cases among family members are just absurd that you are going to think is this a telemovie or what? Shit this is real life.

Anyway, about being stucked.
KKM released a nice infographic to change your mindset. For you, and for me.
#Mentalhealth is important too! Make sure you fill those time with productive stuff, even playing games, cleaning your room, read that one book, zumba, drawing or whatever stuff.
If you're with your family, enjoy this time to be with them. cherish the moments, be thankful that you are with your loved ones.

from KKM
I probably feeling stucked because of not being able to go back home to Seremban. Even though its near, being a healthcare worker (HCW) I could expose my family to the virus. I could be an asymptomatic carrier.

Recently my housemate during this RMO time was told to be PUI (person under investigation). Let's hope the result will be negative, or I will need to test too.
(this is actually the whole point of me writing this entry, I was a bit worried, and trying to let it out here and there)

Let's all pray and hope that we win this war.
We will win this, insyaAllah.
Ramadhan is coming.
We will win this.

Thursday, March 26, 2020


Today is March 26th.
It has been a whole week plus one day of #RMO of Malaysia.
It is a well known fact that there's this virus, namely COVID-19 has struck the whole world, hitting China and Italy badly.

When it first struck Wuhan in December 2019, little that we think it will spread like bushfire.
Now it's declared PANDEMIC by WHO.

Many countries have been in either lockdown or restricted movement order, RMO for short.
Our latest PM, Muhyiddin Yassin has just announced yesterday the extend the duration of RMO until April 14th.

I was down with mixed feeling since the RMO started.
I can't go back to my parents house.
And I still have to work, with high risk of getting infected with the amount of people we're treating everyday.

In a positive note, there a lot of attention given to healthcare workers (HCW) and sometimes we get some NGOs giving us free food and stuff for our hospital. People now can see how important is healthcare and also how simple things can compromise your life.

I kept quiet in my social media regarding some issues that I think people need to reserve their comments;

1) How the virus started in Wuhan, China - it had already happened, and they manage to curb it (no new cases in 3 days!)
2) How the virus spread from ijtima' Tabligh in Sri Petaling - again, it already happened, I have mixed feelings about this - but never angry.

It was a blessing in disguise, like my colleague said, because they are easily recognised. If you may think what had happened if the virus spread from a pop concert? You will have a hard time tracing them.

I was also sad, because these people are religious people, they are usually old and knowledgeable. I hope we still have religious people in this country rather than a whole lot of netizen and ticktockers.
I remember reading that this is a sign of the Day of Judgement is near - when you cannot find religious people anymore.

Me and my HOs after finished our op late last night.
I think I have to stop here. There's too many things in my mind right now.
#juststayathome #kitajagakita

Thursday, March 12, 2020

whew phew and hew

salam and hi

life continues, and so do I.
Allah swt granted me life day after day.
It has been 6 years.
SIX YEARS since I last wrote.

SOOOOO many media social are available since my last post,
And I've been in quite a few number of them

Friendster - closed my account
MySpace - random talks with strangers with common interest, quite interesting, closed account
Facebook - still there, randomly logged in in a few months, too much stuff made my head spins
Twitter - idk why people is so angry there, inactive until further notice
Instagram - I am quite in love with this one, pretty stuff, but not to be taken seriously, active active ACTIVE - MY VICE

Please jenn - never tiktok, no matter how kawaiii it looks like.


When I read my last post, there was a sentence
me. i'm still me. still not married and thus no kids yet.
Its funny and irony at the same time, because, yeah I am Still The Same. #sts #lol

Anyway Dolores Umbridge said, Progress for the sake of progress MUST be PROHIBITED.
And despite hating her character, I could not agree more.
(she's a character in Harry Potter if you guys don't know, sheessshh)

Not meeting my Mr Right yet came not as a sad news for me, but a chance to be thankful for the life I was given. Allah swt has given me so much, more than I think I could ever achieve. And for that, I remembered in the Indonesian movie, Laskar Pelangi, Pak Harfan said to the rainbow troops;
Hiduplah untuk memberi sebanyak-banyaknya, dan bukanlah untuk menerima sebanyak-banyaknya.

I hope insyaAllah I would try my best to give what I could to the society, my workplace, and my family. The opportunity is there, and I hope I do take it responsibly.

Please don't be confused when a woman is happy being single as being contented. I actually get that a lot and it annoys the hell out of me. Being thankful and contented is two very different things, and I suggest your ass-es to learn a bit about it if you mind can't. (ouch)

There is a thing or two projects that I will put up in this blog, to love, in of loves. (of course!)
So, till then! (hope not another hiatus jenny!)

Thursday, July 17, 2014

so fast foward 2 years...and what happened.

salam and hi.
i know i prolly have no readers by now. left the blog for two whole years.
life as a ho was interesting. i wont (damn,theres no autocorrect in these things?)

anyway, i won't forget the two interesting years i went through at hkl.
it was superb, and can be better if not for my laziness.
(see some things doesn't change around here)

so, what else doesn't change?
me. i'm still me. still not married and thus no kids yet.
i worried about it once in a while, but why worry about things you can't do anything about it right?
i mean, i prayed and did get to know sooome guys that soooome people tried to kenenkan.
haha. well doesn't work out yet I guess.
just believe in His plans.

what is changing?
of course, like i said, finished 2 years in HKL means finished housemanship already laaa...
responsibility increased, booom!
KKM said, dear ho, u can't stay in kuala lumpur, please get out. here's your next posting for your moship : Pahang.

phew. what a relief. at least not sabah or sarawak. but pahang...? again...?
okay. sila jangan byk complaint and ikut saja.

okaylah. enuff ramblings till now.

lets take a moment to pray for my late friend, who passed away recently after years of combatting cancer.
you are always in our hearts.

Salam Ramadhan. Jangan sia siakan masa yang ada.

and please, pray for Gaza.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

can't thank you enough.

WARNING! This is gonna be a long and boring list of thank you's.

This entry is long due, but I MUST write this one.
I've my convocation day, or the Indonesian word is wisuda on the 28th of May 2012.
At first I thought it will be just another boring ceremony but it turns out differently.
I was overwhelmed with emotions!
Surreal, thankful, proud, sad, everything.

But the dominant one is thankful.
Syukran walhamdulillah, praise to Allah swt, for without His guidance, I am nothing.

My parents, my ummi and my ayah, who has been there to everything, every cry, every hardship, every success. Thank you for the sleepless nights you guys has prayed for me, thank you for the never ending pocket money, thank you for being the ears when I cry.

:') overwhelmed.

Along. Angah. Abang. Adik. Thanks for always praying for my safety and success. 

Along and angah.


My coass-group mates. Iela. Farah. Iha. Due. Syaff. Thanks for helping me through the accident, helping me through coassistant life. Thanks for everything. Thanks for being my family. Even this family has a little dysfunctional habit. Thanks for coping thru my ups and downs. Thanks for bearing with my temper (hehehe). Thanks for covering my duty when I'm lazy. (that's not always.)

their oath ceremony. :')

Halfway done : obstet & gynae.

The MARA circle. Thanks for being a BIGGER family there, letting me and achik in the circle. Thanks for the birthday parties, the raya celebrations, the hangouts, the karok sessions, the sight seeing everywhere...!!!

Starting coass.


Winning futsal & Fara's bday celeb.

My spact8culous sisters. Dinie. Afiqah. Shahirah. Izzati.Izzati. (there's two of em!). Suhaili. Wani. Even if we have our own ways now, but I still remember how u guys are always a phone call away when I need a friend. Let's do a reunion annually! heheh.

Shiro's wedding day : Dins, shiro, Pika, Abboy.

My adik-adik. Shima. Zulaikha. Hani. Diba. Aliaa. Amira. and my paeds group mates : Ika, Dewi, Mitha, Otneil, Iwan, Donny. Korang memang terbaik. Thanks for accepting me in your group hehehehe.

Diba, Cma, Iela, Ika, Seha, Mira and me. 

Ika and Dewi

Patients admitted to RSUP HAM and their families. Thank you for cooperating, giving us the chance to learn. No one can repay what your diseases thought us, and for that, you are the greatest teacher.

Specialists, residents, fellow batchmates.

Everyone. Thanks for touching me with your hearts.

I'm moving to my next chapter of life : housemen.

Friday, May 18, 2012

part 2 : SPA interview

Alhamdulillah the interview was over.
Here are some of the questions:
1.Who choose medicine? Is it you, your mom, or your dad?
2.Why choose medicine?
3.What makes a good doctor? Bad doctor?
4.What are the responsibility of a housemen?
5. What are the difficulties you find during your study years in Indonesia?
6. What are the main diseases in Malaysia?
7. Examples of tropical disease?
8. Tell me about malaria.
9.Tell me about dengue. (please refer to cpg for answers)
10. If you are a public health doctor, what would you do if there is a dengue case?

Actually it's pure luck really. My interview panel was super nice. They comprise of 2 people, 1 from SPA, 1 from KKM. So 1 will ask the non-medical questions, the other the medical questions.

My friends had different experiences from me. Some have to answer about 1 Malaysia, National Key Result Ares(NKRA) for the non-medical questions. Some are quite lucky, where the KKM representative cant make it, so they just have this 'chit-chat'.

It's good to be prepared, you are going to be a doctor after all. :)

Thursday, May 03, 2012

Applying for work Part 1

Alhamdulillah after securing my SKTL, I can proceed to apply for work! O_o
So here's what I did, hope this can help future graduating students from USU :)

1) Fill in the SPA 8i form.
Link :
You will need to register. You can actually fill the form when you're a final year student.

2) Download and fill in the MMC & KKM (BMD) form
KKM (BMD) : , you can also just come to the KKM office and fill in the forms, bring along your verified IC, SPM and related documents.

Documents needed:
a) identity card
b) birth cert
c) SPM cert
d) S.Ked cert
f) transcript (in my case, I just photocopy the KHSes)
g) money order/bank draft of RM20 to MMC

verify them all, if there is any discrepancy in your names, see a commissioner of oaths to verify that the different names are actually you.

3) Send the MMC form
I did this by hand, at the moment, MMC is situated at Jln. Cenderasari (near Masjid Negara) in Kuala Lumpur. Then we have to wait for about 10 minutes, and received the temporary registration letter.

4) Send the KKM form (Borang Maklumat Diri -BMD)
You can actually do this by post, but I send it by hand anyway, the office is situated at Kompleks E Putrajaya. So I just drop it off.

5) Save the date! SPA interview
I didn't call the SPA yet at this time, so I decided to drop by the SPA office in Kompleks C Putrajaya and set the date for interview.An alternative is that you can just call them.

In short, here's what you need to do :
Click for larger image thank you.

Next : getting ready for the interview :)