Sunday, August 20, 2006

[so many things]


suddenly i forget what i wana write..there's so many things i wana write but...LUPE plak..
hurm let's start wif the orientation...



i got to kiss a frog.(but it doesnt change into a prince sadly) i have to catch it (when seniors throw it at u)
and pass it around...aargh. slimy!!! u have to repeat that with a worm.. haha. fun kan??

everyday punye ritual, lie down,face down to earth...hands at the back. but smalam was extra lame...n i even dozed off, whch is actually dangerous, as i might pass out under the hot sun..

n last nyte ade persembahan nyte yg ktorg dpt prac only 10mins b4, we malay msians performed dikir barat which no one understand..haha

kne rag dgn indon seniors truk sgt2...luckily ade malaysians seniors yg help kitorg..bwat2 mcm rag ktorg..but actually saving us...thanx seniors...



okaylaa...everyone mcm da okay....but ade gak yg diam2 lagi ngan ktorg girls...

nisha ade kt sebelah ni...hehee..temaning me to the cc.

my junior aritu,pojie okayla..yesterday i walked back from USU wif him n talked about many stuff a..including roti gardenia..heheee...

abu musa, the ever helpful elder brother..saket2 kaki pun he helped us amekkan dinner...such a sweetie..haha not like fafa, yg suruh kitorg throw away his trash. ahaxs, just kidding..fafa is also nice..he actually a SDARian..

achik as usual la my spactee fwen yg mengong2 mengedik2..haha.



asek saket perut je!!!!!!

yg okay stakat nie, Mie ayam Tabet ngan Nasi goreng kt Cahaya baru. (but expensive a both of em)

got no roti gardenia if u want em. x bulleh harap lansung.
even the instant mee are not as gud as mamee!! hehee. along..kirim kan buleh?? ahaxs.



sun plaza!!!!! = suria klcc/one utama!!

heh a place 4 dins. and me kalo ade duit n energy.
just now went there..stuff are murah!!! handphones, skechers...


actually still x recover lagi so cant write much...till then yaa...

muax2!! from me!!!!

ps..xbuleh balik raye (dgr khabar)..mish my home..mish my family!!!!!!
AAARGHH geramnye x leh nk upload gamba...ive editted it nicely tau~~


kakak chomel said...

ragging kehhh raging?

bia betik kamu neh..maen chiom2 kataks plak.

da bleh access moi baby blogg?

jennz said...


heh..nk add sumthing las nyte br gi mkn ngan dak2 nie..kt staeak hse. okay la..nice!!

tp gi carrefour nk beli brg2 rumah..tbe jumpe byk gle bag roxy!!! dlm 50-80 ringgit!!!! hwa!!

sadly tgh xde duit nk baya kitas n buku n stuf..huu..

kakak chomel yg nak beg roxy gaks~ said...

fokus makcik..fokus.

beg roxy utk kakak kamu jek.
kamu beli la brg2 umah jek.

glad u r settling down da. :)