Tuesday, March 31, 2009

my love, d

happy belated bdae darling~
mish uuu much.

random 2

quoting from arifah's blog - anonymously dedicated.

When you hold true to the believe that there is a Higher Power that holds your heart,
you will be at peace knowing that for every wave of emotions you experience,
there is an explanation as to why you are feeling that way.

Sometimes when it hurts too much,
you will realize that that is when you find strength.

Sometimes when the yearning is too intense,
you will appreciate it all the more.

all the time,
you just have to be thankful that you are able to feel...


random 1

what does it mean to write from the heart?

maybe you will feel that you can pour your heart out and all the feelings will be gone, if not lessen, and then you will feel better?

apetah jennyto merapu.

i cant say im perfect.

i cant say im good.

and i cant even say that i tried to be good and near perfect.

i love being around people.
i just do.
sometimes in some crazy way, i'll do anything for people.

even when they shove their asses rite at my face.


where did that come from. macam org tak berilmu okey.

but wuteffs.

i just want to be happy.

is that hard?

can some1 made me happy?

unhappy, jennyto.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

+.::.+ something to ponder +.::.+

adalah bongkahan batu bara yang menjadi bagus di bawah tekanan.

i'm in the middle of thesis-proposal writing. (a.k.a Kerja Tulis Ilmiah)

i'm back, but not as active as before.

i'm hoping someday i'll be the diamond.