Monday, July 24, 2006

[the absence]

:: countdown to cosy in the rocket : 17 daes ::

4 daes n 3 nites in iium.

spent more time wif shera, pika n dinie. 3 of my spactees.

thanx 4 everything n sory menyusahkan in some ways..

went to settle the withdrawal from iium. waah sangat penat as i have to walk in those delicate sandals (nyesal for not choosing my shuz) from mahallah maryam to the the security post, up the legal unit, all the way to the library, back to the kuliyyah of science and even down to financial department. not forgetting the bank muamalat, and meeting the dean, which took like 3 hours? uh...and after all these walkings, my sandal still stand strong to give me support to jalan2 kat klcc and balik to seremban..

BRAVO sandals!!! "built tougher" ek pika? heh.

got to eat a fab mee hailam at the gallery cafe, and sitting next to the two great prof. ngehehe.

right now there's so many things in my head that sumtime i cant think ryt. huh. forgive me if sometimes i just blink and go.

and on sunday, felt very tired as the 3 nytes in iium i dont get enuff sleep. ugh.

done. here's my entry. sory. not in a very good mood to write. dats it!

owh and for the final date of my flight still unknown, due to some stuffs dat are not settled. i just still assume dat it is on the 10th of august.

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