Friday, July 14, 2006


:: countdown to flying without wings : 21 daes ::

recently i misplaced my specs. nearly 2 daes dis jenn girl became BLUR to d whole world. and yet, endangering d wildlife all around her while she's driving. ahaxs.

well in search of d specs, i cleaned up d room. and i mean CLEAN it up. every corner. under the bed, in the drawers. dust-free for a day. haha.

OMG! guess what i found!
a pink hairband. which kinda bring back memories wif achik and sue, as we had each d same type of hairband, except different colour, sue~of course green. achik~blue.

and then i found a cute lil tedy bear, given by capex on my 19th birthday. whee! so cute.
and also abby's lil keychain of LOVE and beads, which she has given to me and ezyan as rumates.

soOooOOo down memory lane. TOTALLY.

then i found a card, a gud luck card from afique, whom i know during form 3 in SMKDHMR. thanx for being a patient friend with this unpredictable girl, welcoming her every time.

i am SO sappy. forgive me.

then i found all this lil momentos from my fwen. gosh i even found a pix of me n che nab, my best fwen back in MZMS. really brings back d gud times, which i know, something we'll never had anymore. (excuse me 4 d grammatical error okay all d aunt josephines out there.)

and a pix of fwens dropping over during my birthday. nana, shera, dinie, abboy and keq. mwah2. i like dat pix. i'm goin to take it wif me to USU. together wif my pix wif diel.

aargh. i'm so sentimental. crap.

i'll be back! i want to upload some pixx later to show y'all. (cud be in few daes due to my laziness).

till then~ biar betul!!! (ahaxs. diddy is out, im soOo not watching af4 anymore.)

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