Monday, October 09, 2006

[a new day, a new ambition]

guys, sowie 4 d last entry dat i posted. mood swing trux tul..

neway yesterday, sunday was by far,most eventful day ever.

i wake up 2 sahur (instant mie laksa daging) and then wash my clothes, performing solah..and went jogging! u know how i love to jog, 'cept dat i havent enuf time to do it.luckily the 'cik dah berpunye' nak ikut...
we jog as far till setia budi! actually we dont know the route is leading ther, we are just following the SMA student's route. then balik...we take our bath and went to PM USU's AGM.

jeng! jeng! jeng! guess what!! 'cik dah berpunye ' jadi wakil stambuk(batch) 06! hehee..
seriously CDB mmg patut dapat the post, relating to those wonderful jobs at academic bureau back in MCIIUM.

and last2 tu, a sister approach me and saying dat she heard dat i can do magz stuff..and ta daaa! suddenly i'm incharge of a magazine. whoa! (keQ,kamu punye badi lah ni) hopefully cuti ni,i can come up wif some creative stuff 4 d 1st edition...keQ, bantu?!

and bro a.m showed us the list of mentor-mentee..FINALISED version.
i got this one guy, named bro N. CDB told me he's d same age as us. owh. seriously i dont know how to talk to my own mentor. becoz he was like this lepak-kinda guy. furthermore, since ospek, he duk2 calling my name cuz (yeah i already knew dis) my name is simple..i think. so seriously bro N, i hope u can really help me wif my struggling notes. please!! (showing my white shiny teeth)..bro N,hopefully i can talk to u normally after dis..i always shy2 sheep at 1st(dats y i only came to u after u jerit"zainab sini kau!" (be4 dat he called me 3 times alredi =p) ) and automatically become a klutz. but actually kan,i'm very kewl person.. (dah stat dah perasan neh-CDB)
my partner mentee is siti,whom i just met just comment. nice gurl i hope.x cakap ngan die lagi..just exchanging hyes.

balik tu, we had to do our lab report...and buka puasa? papa ron's piza @ sun plaza.6 slices weii! me=piza? can be friends lah now!!! we ate with 2 of our seniors, sis rus and sis nabeelah. very cute lah they both. then we go buy our sahur stuff..and went back feeling...very...very...very...tired...zzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzz.

tapi x buleh tido plak!!!! kne mandi dulu...solat pun belum lagi...heyy..ape laaa...

okay..we all actually baru finish the final microb 2m0r0 we all have to submit ALL the lab reports..(stay up lagik la nampaknye)..just now the topic is jamur kontaminan. i hope it doent contaminate us. hu.

wish us luck 4 the coming exam (on the 19 and 20)...on all d stuff we just learn..hopefully melekat laa...and i will balik raya!!! my flight tuka alredi. to ipoh. pika, u heard dat? IPOH. hee...

till then,dis sunday got the PKPMI-CM meeting plak. oh how i love society-related-works! (dont worry, studies always come first!)

cheesy guy?! all hopes are lost. dunt ask me more. but close fwens..i will update wen i balik msia!! (or i jut sms u guys pasneh)

so ceria already, cuz i love being busy. =)

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