Friday, November 24, 2006

[more about november]

i'm terribly annoyed.wif this one person yg i da lame gile sabar.
seems like die x reti2 bahase.
not that i hate die.
but i just x ske the way die approach me.
just like that.
ingat jenn ni sape.

die lansung x knal sape jenn sbenarnye.
n x pasal2 nk judge me this n that.
nk jeles la.
nk kate jenn sombong la.

jenn tekankan kat sini.
i dont hate die.
i am just annoyed.
neway die gave such nice cards.
but annoying words.

i'm not special or all that.
die shud cari org lain.
i got org lain.

haha. i wish.
cheesy guy.
remember him?
more like chipsmore guy.
chipsmore cheesy.haha.

eyh. rindu nk mkn butter crunch chipsmore.
sum1 tlg mknkan 4 me.n masak lemak cili api too.

gosh. patience jennito.december is around d corner.i'll be home soon.
and spactees will berpusat @ qtan.sad. sad. mish them like crazy.
the delicious toppings of my life.

my phone da many things to pay ryt now.
aduhai..nk makan pun pk 2-3 kali.
eish. apsal sini xde butter crunch chipsmore haa??!!

neway my baby blaze dah kuar.any USU students nak beli contact me aa..

Tuesday, November 21, 2006


1st time neh on9 kat kelas..haha..

ade klas ptg 4 d 1st time in history...


arini turns out okay....

later tulis agi yea...

nk jerit heppy buffday to PIKA!!!

muax sista! luv u!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

[things to do]

while in pharmacology class
  • dont be l8
  • dont feel sleepy
  • dont fell asleep
  • dont drink
  • dont eat
  • dont look stupid
  • dont look dumb

while in physics lab

  • dont be late
  • dont 'lengah-lengah'
  • kemas
  • fast
  • copy

while in community class

  • dont sit infront
  • dont tunduk2

haha. a guide to FK USU.

chow peeps. my BLAZE is so dah dekat dateline.

neway. i still x dpt kek. wut a buffday.

Monday, November 13, 2006

[yeay me]

happy birthday to me.
happy birthday to me.
happy birthday to jenn.
happy birthday to me.

duh. i'm cash-less ryt now. boo-hoo.
and phone-less as well.
and A-less too.
boyfriend-less also.

what a birthday.

siap electric-less time my buffday.