Monday, December 25, 2006


for some months before this, i'm having this emotional-spiritual-self conflict. it's just because i have no way to channel
my frustrations all. i know,i know, y i dont amek wudhu' and read the al-Quran. sometimes kite ni just huuh..xtahu laa nak
kate ape kan..

anyway what all this gotta do with my trip to kuantan?

i dont know why, but my spirits are totally lift up upon seeing my friends. and i was jealous (in a good way) of their studying environment.
it's just so....BEST aaaah! anyway my trip there somehow membuatkan dis person found what she lost 2 months ago.


i dont know either my friends knew it or not, but they indirectly gave me self-confidence, yeah they do.
i dont get these kind of friends anywhere in the world. i dont want to trade anything for them. they are totally awesome!

details : because of some assumption-mistake (pika,its my fault really,not yours) shera wasn't aware we are coming. and she went
back. so spactees are down to 6, as abboy cudn't make it (she went to perlis with her family). and too bad wani had an exam coming up
so she cant really be bugged. haha.. there's so many updates in the spactees!! gossips!! owhkay, next topic!
gosh i really miss them all!!!
i cant believe i'm near to crying ( i'm still able to hold back my cry-baby tears ) when dinie hugged me once. waaaaah.
seeing them all just make me feel like a patient seeing a good doctor, i felt like half of my problems are solved.
friends.........i love you guys very much!

anyway i would like to take the opportunity(chewah!) to thank this particular friend, someone who was there hearing my tantrums, coincidencely.
thanks for your advices..and i think i'm gonna change my mind. i'm gonna do like what you've told the other day.
thinking back, it's true what you said. the other day i was answering to your analogy-question rather in 'degil'-state.
rebellious state. life's full of test and it has a way turning the bad,sticky situation into one whole good things. it's up to you
to see the positive side of each incidence. ryte? thanxx so much 4 d advices and enjoy studying!!!!

credits : khairul izwan hashim for driving us safely there and back! thanx a lot. macho aa keQ! Lupe aa nk kate aritu..but thanks..loads!!!

"Everyone hears what you say. Friends listen to what you say. Best friends listen to what you don't say."

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