Thursday, August 24, 2006

[settling down]

uish. dis cc is playing A1 song. "caught in the middle". dedicate!! for dins.

anyway, ive had my 2nd class today. thankfully all my classes are wif d bengong2 mengedik2 achik. hehee.
i had to learn organic chem once more,but this time in indon, as the lecturer is so degil to speak in english, cz we are spossedly to learn in english. but really, no wonder this country is not advanced, coz they refuse to take changes. i mean, we shouldnt take all changes that come, but we should consider the pros n cons right.

ugh.crap keyboard. anyway.i still cant upload pics. coz they are so lame. i mean their cc la. their musix band are not. haha.

tomorrow i will be having my 1st praktikum. kimia. so i'll be staying back. this evening, achik will be going to aikido. i think i may join her as the societies here are not much. (gosh i miss presss very much)

owh. sorry. my blog has been self-centerd lately. i just realised that i missed so many birthdays...
i'm dead sorry. so fellas and ladies..who birthdays slipped past by me without me noticing it...
HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY..especially august babies. sowie....

owh yeah. Ada band is doing their romantic rhapsody tour,n coming to Medan soon, tix is just RM20. kah2.
interested?? sile aa datang MEDAN!! hehe...

i dunt know why, but i still cant access along's blog from any cc. hurm. ntahle.

okayla.keQ n spactees~saye rindu kamu banget skali.

~semua yang telah berakhir......


kakak yg bakal ditinggalkan~ said...

ada band dgn tiket rm20 jek.
bia betiks.
gile jeles neh.

and still xbleh tengok moi blog?
penat jek haplod video utk kamu.

jennz said...

geramnye..sgt x buleh access blog kamu...

saye nak internet connexion di msia yg baguss bangett..


jom tgk ada band! haha. xkuase.

tgh excited ni...dpt persuade acik beli bj kale pink!!! hahaha...
my influences are growing..