Wednesday, August 09, 2006

[this is it]

:: one day more ::

well this past week i have updated this blog on daily basis.

so today.

the VERY last day for me to pack.

no more enjoy2. have to really prepare.
(dats y i said yesterday is the last dae for me to enjoy)

so theres so much to do, and i dont know where to start.


lets just bring 5 pair of clothes. (like i'm gona do that)

and i havent find my rhinocort nasal spray yet.
d vital part of a comfortable-nose life. ahaxs.

hope everything's going on smoothly after this.
(despite i feel so sleepy all day long)

right now i dont feel anything,

excited? hurm...
scared? emm...
happy? urm...

dont know lah.
i just feel normal.
u know, BORING. haha.

i dont know when will this blog be updated.

coz i'm gona pack this little thingy after this.

my parents said that we have to hit the road around 5 am. duh.
(this means waking up at 4)

huhu. awright.

toddles. buhbye. hope gona c u sooon!!!!

if i have time tonight, probably im gona update it. but i doubt it.


i love n love n love n love u. muax!

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