Saturday, October 07, 2006


finally!!!! terbukak pun page blogger nie...aduhaii..dahla dtg cc nk lpaskan up je , tension...

tau tak i tunggu 4 how long? 26minutes!!!!!!!!!!!

and dis is actually spossed to be an entry dedicated to my much-loved along burthday today.
dats y i am here,in dis hot cc (yeah i'm sweating now). cant upload d pic of along dat i've editted since cc lg satu tu lagi la slow,da sepuluh minit ape2 pun x bukak.

dah aa hari ni bad day giler. i cant tahan d parasit lab coz it took 3 hrs after 3hrs of lect class.

omg..i'm so in a bad mood ryt now. seriously. damn.
sweating like hell. tired. and x puas hati wif everything. damn.

along sowie. i'll make it up to u by sumthing i've sent by post.
keyboard worst than ever. i'm seriously losing my patient now.

thankfully muiz cheered me up dis morning. thenk u~ kangen juge pada kamu...

and to top all that, cheesy guy was not sighted. for one whole week.

dah a. malas sgt. keQ! blaja sungguh2. jgn dpt bug aku yg tgh marah ni.

along....Happy Burthday!!!!!!! (sowie 4 d much-hatred entry)


birthday girl yg dpt hatred entry :D said...


thank u la makcek.
tamo temper2 sana dowh.
agak2 panas tuh,gi la ice skating pe patut..lalala..~

jennz said... da xmo ice skating da...
sbb exam da drkatt!!! hehee

wish me luck!!!