Friday, August 04, 2006


:: countdown to a place in time : 6 daes ::

ugh. less than a week.

yesterday is a so-so day. some things i managed to do, some not.

managed to mop the house.

managed to bergelak ketawa sbb pudin mengenakan jenn. geramnye.

managed to catch the 4400 re-run the whole week. haha.

managed to donate something for the charity.
( AYUH semua, taip "DERMA 1" atau "DERMA 5" ^obviously for d value^ for the Malaysian charity, send it to 32999 )

fail list.

keep the house clean. thanx to my rascals.

edit a new blog layout. dunt know why i just cant get it ryt.

open a maybank account. so much hassle.

watch supernatural. my boyf berlakon tuu..


i need a new pair of specs. tapi ntahla probably time raya nanti kot.

and bad news. it seems dat none of my fwens can come to send me off.

but, its okay. sad. but flight tu weekdae sapa suruh?

and more bad news. last night i got to sleep at 2. dat means... yeah. i will be sooOo in bad mood ryt now. haha. no lah. just will be feeling woozy all day.

~I rather run the other way than stay and see.. (Over my head-the fray)


kakak chomel said...

kecut perut everytime thinking the days are getting shorter and soon u'll be off to SU.


jennz said...

kecut perut nk interview ni!!!
x prepare ape!! waa!!

~adek cuak.