Sunday, August 27, 2006



right now,i'm officially hating smokers. not that i dont before.
dulu im okay wif smokers. seriously, i even fall into the puppy love kinda thing wif one guy who smokes a lot. tp waktu tu len aa..tgh kepale sempit.

but not anymore, evenmore hating those med students yg smoke like crazy. puff in, puff out. are you CRAZY??? dahla u're studying to be a doc, so u shud knoe. what is d use of ur knowledges??

hurm i'm so sad when i know dat one of my classie smoke. aduhai. trus ilang respek n stuf. hurm. hope u gone change someday.

so guys out there, please dont smoke. please. dont cover ur asses by chewing gums n pretending ure not smoking in front of us. coz me n other girls are not stupid. what is d use of smoking? kalo tensi,cubelaa bace al-Quran ke ape...


d labs in USU are okay. actually i'm worried bout it. but okayla..not so bad. d chem labs n biochem owait laa..even the lecturers are fine. hee.. lab partners pun okay. ngeh2. chem wif achik, biochem wif hafizan, suprise! adek kepade haziratul arifah, my fwen time tuisyen dulu. aduhai. rase tua laa...

have to be quick. dah nk maghrib. kul 6:30 sini da maghrib..owaits..guess dats it la.

oweh! lupe, shewa, i managed to do the stuff aritu!! haha say congrattulations to me!!! yeeha..

bookstores here = aduhai. all in indon. sophie kinsella ke ape ke..huuu.. nak MPH!!! hee..

take care all. i may be late in updating stuff after classes will make me bz. n i love being bz. yeay!

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