Friday, February 22, 2008

+.::.+ between the lines +.::.+

dlm lab ^^,

tak sah seseorang tu adalah dak medic kalo x cakap
"byk gile nak kne study!!!"

one week more till the exam.
with totally loads to learn.

but sometimes, we medic students forget to remember that there's an outside world outside all this.
outside reading thick books and memorizing what disease cause by what factor.
a world, not involving white lab coats, frogs muscle to examine, dead people bones to handle.

there's a wide wide world of general knowledge outside there,
and it's sad to see how many are aware of it.

there's the entertaiment world of course, which lots of people find it hard to ignore,
with the uprising of this new band, and this new song,
with the breakup of this couple, and the buying a manor stuff.
this is a world we all can ignore.

and then there's a world of politics, which determine who and how in the government.
amidst of the election fever going on, many of us didnt realise what is happening in our country.
and many, including me (with a smack on the head) didnt register to vote when we can.
we had an obligation to do that right?
why? because we had so much important things to study. *yeah ryte*

then i would like to touch on manners,
this is not a whole another world, but is an integrated one, a world where we should be living in,
with manners.
gone were the days when the students respect the lecturers and follow them like a stray puppy.
i know, we are now brighter than they are, and we dont have to respect them a whole lot anymore because they dont teach us much right?
we studied on our own.
*taik kerbo~~*

as much as i would like to elaborate, i would like to stop here before i babble more than i meant,
before i started to be like miss-goody-goody, when i am actually reminding of myself here that is full of fault, with every entry i wrote.

with that i hope everyone hold on steadfast to our religion Islam as much as we can, even if we're miss-think-you're-so-perfect, at least u are trying to be. usaha tangga kejayaan! :) Islam is not another world affair, it is what our world should be. Islam is the way of life!

p/s- i miss uia.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

+.::.+ sincere +.::.+

umie..xbg scooter pun lori neh pun jadi laa....

for this few days, the lecturers has been giving this sentence to us;

" kamu jangan buat dosa sepanjang hayat "


this is one of the situation that lead us to hearing the above sentence,

Mycobacterium Leprae.
-is a type of fungi that cause leprosy.

early signs of M.leprae infection is presence of maculae.

*Maculae - a discoloration of the skin, no elevation.

but many of other fungi also gives the same kind of signs.
to defferentiate it, we must test the sense of feeling at the macula.

and this is only one of the example,
how we must study carefully and sincerely,
cause if we just take it lightly,
and omit the particular test,
the patient might came back a year later,
with leprosy at the stage of organ disfigurement and deformity.

and this is what my lecturer calls,

'dosa sepanjang hayat'

(because we could see the deformity our whole life)

in everything we do,
not only in studying to be a competent doctor,
but also even if you're just cooking for lunch,
sincere is the most important attitude to have.

when you're sincere in your studies,
insyaAllah the knowledge will come to you easily.
when you're sincere in your friendship,
insyaAllah the friendship would last.
when you're sincere in your life,
insyaAllah your life would be a good one.

Monday, February 18, 2008

+.::.+ love is no big truth +.::.+

i had lots on my mind right now.
with the exam lurking around the corner,
the construction going on my house,
our secretpact not to tell the owner that we're moving,
the pkpmi thingy,
the dinner thingy,
the boy factor,
and my sudden indulgement to lots and lots of chocolates.

On my studies
we used to have lots of class, lots of notes and little searching to do on our own.
now we have lots of class, few handouts, and extensive searching to do on our own.

we used to have a week with few labs, one tutorial per two week.
now we have lab every other day when there's no tutorial, and one tutorial per week.

we used to have free time and still have the energy to go out and have dinner.
now when we're back from the lab/class, we are totally exhausted that we skipped dinner.

and exam is totally around the corner.


On my home sweet home
the owner(who is living in Malaysia) is here, finally. After lots n lots of complaining, he's finally here looking at the house we live in, which is quite okay by me, but not by my fellow housemates. but pity the guys, their house is in a pretty bad condition.

so we actually planning to move out, well, we actually had made another contract with another house owner, and the care showed by the current owner is erm, too little too late.

On the friends factor

i'm just a tad sensitive that's all.

but this is my advice to all the girls out there, if you feel down, stressed out by your current girlfriends, never ever went for a guy to replace the girls.

even if the guy is okay and had no intention of doing nothing wrong to u,
just dont.

there's a reason why Islam never let free mingling between girls and guys.
no matter how tempted you are to be friends with that particular guy, dont.

i know i'm not the best example to advice this, but i'm trying.
I'm trying to change my ways.

let us all together try to change for the better.

On my appetite

my appetite always depends on my moods.
which is not a very good thing.

girls often tend to that.
i know.

and even if my sudden indulgement towards the chocolates may seem normal to you,
but how about when i dont eat proper meal for 3 days?

no one even cares, that is what i know..

[sensitive mode]

i miss u along!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

+.::.+ foundations +.::.+

Songs for u guys!!
USU peeps!!
sesambil wat lab farmako neh..
tgk lirik tu betol2 k!!

La la la belajarlah!!
La la la 6x
Ha...pening kepala...
Memikirkan tak ada cuti..
dalam anggun pilu ditohmah
Ah gantung dirimu saja
Ooo, lega rasanya....
Jadi student kedokteran..
Di USU Medan...
Rupa oh rupa2 nya...
Bandell saja...

La la la
Hari hari blajarr..
La la la
Bosan dengan blajarr
La la la
Hidup harus blajarr...blajarr...

[Repeat chorus 2x]

Tak puas lagi beradu...mengantuk...
Subuh hingga senja...
Hari hari sama saja...
Ahh..nak makan roti..
Tapi cepat expired...
Minum saja...
Blajarr bagai nak gila..
Tak juga 4flat...

[Repeat chorus 2x]

Gelisah..ku gelisah..
Mengenangkan masa depan...
Ku harus blajarr..
Ohhh mesti blajarr..
Tiada ada apa yg percuma...
Jika xjadi dokter..
Ohhh, papa kedana...

[Repeat chorus 2x]

Chaiyo'2 guys!!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

.::. mouthwash .::.

i know it's been a while since i last blogged.

and i'm envious with this person, who suddenly memblog dengan baik about his interest-the FIFA game.

and not to mention this supermodel sister of mine yang memang dengan bagusnya update her blog dengan penuh istiqamah. i miss u!

i'm in the midst of cathcing up my studies, thanx to my short-stint of going back home. yup, back to beloved Malaysia.

it will be a while before i blog again, until i found the time to blab about my life.

I have 15minutes more before I have to get ready for class, might as well write about what I'm gonna study, and then, barulah,
sambil menyelam, minum air.
(or something like that.)

- is a chronic, non-infectious inflammatory dermatosis characterized by well-demarcated erythmatous plaques topped by silvery scales.
- pathology : epidermis is thickened, with keratinocytes retaining their nuclei. no granular layer & keratin builds up loosely at the horny layer (stratum corneum).
- clinical presentation varies from severity to life threatening. patterns include :
- plaque
-generalized pustular
-nail involvement.

i bet u dont understand. me neither.
oh. except arifah and mr d.b.i.

that's it--class!!