Wednesday, June 29, 2011

ah, sweets.

ayah & umi, no more gossipkan alang & this guy k.
he's gonna get married already!

shweet kan?
congrats buat tomok & ayu.
congrats juga buat pasangan yang akan bernikah tidak lama lagi.

ps-trend lagi baru nihhhh..gk pake kad kahwin...tapi pake video kahwin jemput orang!!!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

quick break : danau toba

last two weeks, we decide to take a break from the usual house-hospital routine since we are blessed with two days holidays.

we decided to refresh ourselves at danau toba!!

the view is simply breathtaking.

and need i say more, the trip is simply.....


Sunday, June 26, 2011

this is my family for now.


we each may have different opinions on everything
we each may have our mood swings at different times
we each may have annoying attitudes that irritates others.

but here we are.

the last semester.
(plus 2 months extra 4 me due to the accident)

syaf : wei jom makan kt ringroad.
due : ala aku nak makan bebek
fara : saye nak nasi!!
iha : iha tak tahuuu
iela : dekat dekat jelaaa
jenn : saye puasa T_T
albeit different choice, we settled for the cheap steak near the RumKit

pray that this group will stay strong,
6-8 months, insyaAllah,
till the next adventure back home in Malaysia,
just hoping that we will survive every obstacle that comes, 
learn everything we possible could,
let it be in medicine, or in life.

Ya Allah turn us into good doctors that leads life according to the right way.

Thursday, June 09, 2011


i'd love to update. but the surgery dept requires the P3D participants (that's us) to do everyday oncall. either its 2pm-8pm. or 8pm till 8am. and you've got (wajib) be there 8am till 2pm.

geddit why i cant update?

but surgery is cool.

everyone is cool.