Monday, December 27, 2010

tiger cubs i heart u!

okay, who doesnt watch malaysia versus indonesia for the AFF suzuki cup is...

haha, cause the young tigers are just so damn awesome to knock down the bird with an awesome three to zero!!!
we are soooo happy that we scream so loudly macam nak kene sumpit dengan neighbours.
(lupe ke berade kat tanah siape skang..)

to be honest, that laser thing is kinda stupid. but nevertheless, lets hope both supporters behave well and show good showmanship.

i've just read cookie's post, and i cant agree more to what she said
" So, mari kita pakat-pakat berdoa, may Allah grant us with victory on this coming 29th, Amin & InsyaAllah. Gomo Malaysia gomo! 

can't wait for the next match!! ROAR!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

agnes bukan monica.

have you guys watched the movie despicable me?
i know the movie is not recent, but it is not that ancient either.

i recently bought the dvd to watch it with my adik2 during the short ponteng holidays.
i never knew that the grown ups had fun watching it too!!!

hehe now im enjoying it with friends back in medan.

ITS SO FLUFFFY!!!!-agnes.

ps - if you havent watch this movie yet, i'll recommend it!

Friday, December 24, 2010


bukan selalu wat entry berlagak mcm yang lepas...
sekali balik mesia demam tak sudah-sudah...


moral : jgn berlagak okay, Allah tarik senang je.

kalau orang cakap macam-macam sampai keluar sayang mcm mudah sekali tu,
dia betul2 mean it ke?
ke main cakap je, kenape tak macam glomerulonephritis? (maksudnye susah sket la nak cakap)

kawan jenis ape dia saye ni?
(better salahkan diri sendiri dari orang lain)


moral : jgn senang percaye dengan kate-kate orang yang dah berpunye sebab orang tu takkan senang tinggalkan apa yang dia ada.

kalau makan ikut ajaran Agama Islam, kenalah sopan kan?
makan sikit-sikit, jangan banyak cakap time mengunyah.
nak tau sebab ape?

kang boleh kena dyspepsia.

case report saye dah siap! hehe.

moral : bile dah diajar dari kecik tu, ingatler...

Thursday, December 16, 2010


azam tu datang tiba-tiba.
biasanya tahun baru, azam dibuat.
tapi dalam tak sedar azam tu lah yang keeps us moving foward.

korang selalu berazam tak?

kalau sehari-harian maybe korang ade berazam nak siapkan kerja, nak tido je, nak makan sedap.
kalau minggu-mingguan maybe nak basuh kete (kalau takde kete, motor pun jadik), nak balik kampung, nak makan sedap.
kalau bulan-bulanan maybe nak bayar bil, nak potong rumput kat depan rumah, nak makan sedap.

azam ni biasanya jadi kenyataan bila kita dapat peluang untuk merealisasikannya.

kalau nak habiskan baca 1 bab buku dalam seharian macam dr D#DE SpPD memang tak makan tak BAK BAB* la jawabnya.
azam kene berpatutan.

kalau nak berazam makan sedap tapi duduk kat medan. tak berpatutan.
kalau dah kat mesia macam penulis blog ni, lainlah!

haha, sori ni memang entry keji untuk kawan-kawan yang sedang sibuk koas disana.
ielala farah shafik due afif jangan risau ye..korang punye pesanan saye paling ingat.


*BAK BAB : Buang Air Kecik, Buang Air Besar

Thursday, December 02, 2010

on a lighter note

dr F : ibu, batuknya ada memberat buk dalam minggu ini?
ibu pasien : ya, doc.
dr F : oh ya buk? berapa kilo beratnya buk?
ibu pasien : err... *blur*

haha. internal medicine week III.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

internal medicine

internal medicine is...

the longest department in the lower cycle for FK USU's clinical period.

one week passed.

and whenever the night shift night and day will become tunggang terbalik.

completely disrupting my circadian rhythm haha.

2 months and 3 weeks to go!

in the meantime...

this is what keeping me company during the wee hours completing assignments..

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

eid mubarak.

Selamat Hari Raya AidilAdha 1431 Hijrah.

I miss having raya at home.
Takbir from nearby mosque.
Waking up in the morning.
Trying to wake up the two little ones (no jenn, they are not so little anymore).
Ummi's cooking.
Solat raya.
Visiting both wan at their respective houses.
More makan-makan.

Eventhough the celebration is simple, but I miss being around the family during festive season.

This year, my raya plan is simple.
Waking up in the morning.
Solat raya.
Makan something.
Oncall day shift.
Balik oncall.
Makan sedap* ramai-ramai.

That's all.
Selamat Hari Raya,everyone!

*makan sedap implies that something extra than we usually have. maybe like pizza hut or something hehe.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

the journey so far...

it's been a long time since i posted any pictures. haha.

last month's babies celebration!
happy bdae shazzy, tipz n afikk!

once upon a time in neurology!
shaf was caught sleeping on the job!
cheeky iha!
blurry yanty!
and me, 'fresh' from on-call the previous night.

we're waiting for iha n fara's neuro exam at VIP ward!
what to do : camwhoring!
hajar is so wacky, ielala so ayu, me trying to be cheeky!
we've passed 
dermatology & venereology,
now finishing nutrition.

they (my group) also passed respiratory & paediatric department
while I was away, healing from the accident.

we have only one department to go for the lower cycle,
internal medicine.
3 months.
starting Monday next week.

pray for us to become good doctors,
better persons,
in terms of :
humble servants for Allah the Almighty,
appreciative and loving children for our parents,
supportive sibling for our sisters and brothers,
understanding for our colleagues and friends,
helping hands for doctors and supervisors,
and just better in every way possible.

Monday, November 08, 2010

missing : food cravings.

Have you ever eaten something delicious that you cant forget the taste of it for a long time?
even if you forget it, you'll remember how happy you are to eat that stuff, the feeling of joy and bliss while finishing up your meal.

I miss feeling like that.

I used to enjoy most of the foods and before that the unexplained cravings that left me feeling incomplete until I get what I want.

Nowadays it's just me eating anything I can get, eating when hungry.
No cravings.
No stupid elevated feelings over some food.

Is it me getting to be more mature? Or simply just me losing my appetite? Or is it because I'm in Medan?

Adeh. T.T

Saturday, November 06, 2010

Can facebook be another form of peer pressure?


Someone shared this (even if it has nothing to do with what i am gonna blog) and it got me wondering, can facebook, a social networking site, be a form of peer pressure? In facebook, ‘sharing’ is a strategy for you to share your life with your friends, thus making you and your friends closer. Okay maybe I’m still fresh out from the psychiatric dept, and that may got my mind wired to look out for any psychosocial stress factor in every angle.

You had nearly 500 friends, and every time you click 'SHARE', you are sharing with each one of them. Okay, so the privacy and security point of this has been discussed here and there. But what about the psychosocial point of view?

You share your daily life, including your campus/student life, and if you’re working, work life. So what if he’s doing some astounding course oversea while you’re doing what’s left in hometown. What if he’s a damn awesome pilot? Or a freaking astronaut? While you are still in-between jobs.You share with the whole circle of friends what you do in daily life, whether it’s stated in your info, or your hourly-update-status shows who you are. You were once happy with your daily life, but seeing that person picture,smiling happily near the rocket, or jobs that sent them here and there, or amazing places that they go while their semester break, you tend to look down on yourself, you shy away from them, thinking that they have ‘the life’. We don’t go and say, “hey, what are you up to nowadays?” nowadays. We click on those info pages or we scroll down their wall instead. They might just have a bitter life, but we never know that, and yet we are jealous of them. Kind of peer pressure, don’t you think?

Picture this. The day before you were happy, hanging out with friends on your off-duty day, daily, you are busy and you actually know that you are not ready for a relationship. But today, when you open your facebook account, you see SIX wedding invitations or pictures of couples here and there, and you begin to wonder when will you have that special someone. Sometimes you wish that you had that special someone and be happy like those in the pictures that they shared. OR you recently break off from your relationship and the whole circle knows. You tend to look for your friends’ support by posting status blaming him. Why do you actually do that? Are you afraid that friends talks behind your back and you can be the good guy? Peer pressure written all over that.

(Real) Social Life. Some of us went overboard by updating their super happening life to facebook. Every week or even worse,day(!), there will be pictures and status updates of where they went for their weekly cool hang out and who they have been with. Then there will be some who will think that their life is empty and wish somehow that they had that ‘cool’ kind of life too. Please don’t tell me this is happening. It’s a total show of peer pressure. Everyone has their own cool-in-some-kind-of-way life.

Even in those freaking stupid lame addictive time-filling games, people tend to race each other. Of course, that’s the point of playing games. But staying up all night  watering crops virtually, giving other 55 pets visits, even baking for every 30 minutes and even waking up in the middle of the night to harvest your plants is crazy. Just so you can be one level up from person A, and have that villa, clothes, decorations that you’ve been eyeing to have for your avatar in that game. Pressure by peers. Duh.

Using Facebook has their ups and downs. It’s up to us to use it wisely. Feel good about yourself, use facebook moderately. I hate to see you end up in some psychiatric ward. 

Monday, November 01, 2010


dentistry department, bye bye to you!
it's been fun.
especially since I have been so relaxed with only one patient.

today is the start of a new department, nutrition!
2 weeks of playing with foods and menu will be fun. (i hope)
especially before internal medicine.

its like the calm before the storm.

ehem, lets see how calm we will be.
*reading nutrition notes for tomorrow!*

all the best everyone!!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


i hate to go out since i hate experiencing bumps on the road
i hate to go online since sitting for a long time makes my back ache

im living in passivity

cant wait for my next check up.
my heart is longing for approval to do so many things.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

saye punya beat da jalan.

hari tu, pegi tengok Betty kat bengkel.
die sehat.
nampak cam baru.

tapi saye tengok die ngan perasaan yang bercampur baur.

sian dia.

saye mungkin tak mampu nak bawak die jauh-jauh dah.
nak bawak pegi lalu ringroad nak ke adam malik pun takut.

saya mintak maaf.
saya takleh bawak awak dah.
saya bukan taknak, tapi takleh.
saya tak berani.

buat masa ni biarlah orang lain bawak awak dulu ye.
orang lain tu bukan sape-sape.
sume tu kawan saye yang tolong waktu kite eksiden haritu.

nanti saye kumpul kekuatan nak bawak awak balik eh?
tapi slow-slow la.
saye berani bawak takat dari umah kite ke umah kawan-kawan kat taman sebelah je.
nanti da berani sket, saye bawak awak pegi adam malik plak eh?
jangan majok tau.

sorry sebab awak kene dok bengkel lame-lame.
tu pun sebab nak dptkan body and sportrim baru untuk awak.
awak suke tak?
dah tak calar-calar.
dah tak bengkok.
ehm, mungkin awak rase awak dah kene mandi skang ni,
tapi tunggulah dulu ye.
tak sempat betul nak hantar awak gi toilet awak kat seberang jalan besar tu.


Saturday, September 25, 2010

tak susah, senyumlah.

MM, 22 years old came with 17 years history of limb weakness.

He came after 17 years of suffering.
His muscles atrophied.
His movements are jerky and involuntary.
But he likes to smile.
He smiled when he saw me, checking his vital and neurologic status day by day.
He smiled when I talked to him.

Today, he PBJ-ed.

That's indonesian for Pasien Berobat Jalan.

Dear friends, I pray for us to be great doctors, and I hope we all learn to brush our problems aside when we are in front of patients, and be professionals.

Smiles to the patients. Because they can do that to us, why cant we?

Senyumlah seindah suria.

Sunday, September 19, 2010


some stories are meant to be told.
some are better to keep it to ourselves.

we all had complications in lives.
dramas in real lives.


let's pray that we can get through it all,

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

the ramadhan story part 3

jenn gembira.

hari itu,
dapat makan nasi berlaukkan tomyam, paprik dan ikan tongkol bersambal yang enak.
dapat makan nasi berlaukkan udang masak tempoyak dan sayur campur.
dapat makan nasi lemak berlaukkan ayam goreng dan kuih gula melaka.
hari ini,
dapat makan nasi goreng hotdog ditambah nugget.
mungkin dapat makan nasi putih berlaukkan kepiting (ketam), cumi (sotong), kakap (ikan).

ditambah dengan peneman-neman buka puasa, teman-teman yang menggantikan keluarga di perantauan.
meriahnya ramadhan.

hasil snap-sana-sini

ibadah menghiasi bulan mulia penuh berkah,
semoga kita bertemu tahun depan, insyaAllah.

Thursday, September 02, 2010

surat rindu kepada jenn.

Hey Zainab Zulkifli
There’s no easy way to say this, but we miss you. We miss the way you smile, we miss the way you smell, we even miss the dumb jokes you used to tell.
We know it has only been 3 months since you last logged in, but to us it feels like a few years.

Chat with you soon!

Yuna and the Malaysia Team.

yeah, ryte.
i miss you guys too. not.

hehe. :D

how does they know how i smile, n smell, n even worse, the dumb jokes i used to tell?
does anybody apart from these people who doesnt know me, miss me?
email me then. haha.

Monday, August 30, 2010

tidak semua begitu.

here's to my 300th post!

wow. i never thought i would blog until now.
there so many times i feel like deleting this blog but i still remember somebody, someone telling me i shudn't.

well. here i am.

yesterday morning i was wake up with the sound of my ringtone.
not the usual alarm.
but my ringtone.
suprised to see unknown number, i picked it up (while brushing away the sound of sleepiness).

"assalamualaikum dokter mudaaaa!" said the voice. a male voice.

i was like, "waalaikumussalam, siape ni?" i thought i was my Malaysian friend.

"dokter muda Zainab..udah sahur???"

"erm, dah. (lying) siape ni?"

"ini M S**** , kelmarin ketemu di adam malik"

owh. then it hit me. this is my 1st COPD patient that i handled during my respiratory cycle.
how did he get my phone number, u may ask.
well at that time, he was consulting me for some donations for his circumcision programme.

then the line went dead, i went downstairs for some sahur.

then came his SMS.

"buk dokter saya mohon jgn terpancing dgn berita2 yg ada di media masya mengenai antara negara kita."

I replied, saying thanks for his concern and with Allah's blessing, we'll be alright in Medan.

"sekali lagi sy mohon dgn ibu dan kwn2 jgn risau dgn kejadian selama ini. Sy jg sedih dgn apa2 yg terjadi antara negara kita. buk dokter marilah kt sama2 berdoa pd Allah semoga semua masalah cpt selesai"

masih ada yang sayang.

it's Ramadhan, the time for us to forgive and be blessed.
Let us all pray for some peace and harmony between the two nations.

Selamat Menyambut Hari Kemerdekaan buat rakyat Malaysia.

Saturday, August 21, 2010


hai nama saya ielala dan saya adalah comel.

there are so many things happening today.

#1 today is our MOVING day!

Yes, we are moving. I've started packing few days ago, knowing I'm a bit slow due to my conditions.
So with my stuff nearly cleared, I can help Ielala's because...

#2 today is her PAEDS POST TEST!

Her test was scheduled on last Wednesday, but somehow it was re-scheduled to today.
It was kinda sad, because...

#3 today is her BIRTHDAY!

she said, "if the test went well, it will be the best birthday gift ever."
and i said, "if it's not, it's still your birthday gift! nghahaha"
i know, kinda cruel right here.

okay that's about today.
I kinda feel my blog post looked kinda boring without pictures to accompany them.
So I'm gonna start snap-ping here and there!
Till I SNAP you soon! (lame.)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Independence Day, a bit early? no.

Bear with me.
This entry a bit lengthy.

Last Tuesday was Indonesia's 65th Independence Day.
later, by the end of this month will be Malaysia's 53rd.

When I watched the news on Indonesia TV, I felt sad.
Sad that many of the news linked to Malaysia was filled with hatred and repugnant.
Sad to see that on their Independence Day, they do rallies here and there.
Maybe in Malaysia, there are rallies, but only a few? I think.

I'm glad Malaysia's Independence Day is not like that.
For Malaysia, its the day for remembering the struggles in the past.
For me, it's a day for family, and enjoying the happiness of being in a fine country.
Even if it's not perfect.

I cant say Malaysia is a total peace and harmony country.
But I feel that my family has been able to live in some peace and harmony that Malaysia has to offer.

I know it's not like me to write about some serious stuff.
But let us all be thankful for where we are now.
No matter where.

Ramadhan + Independence Day + Abroad = Jenn serious side?

tadi saya berlari dari bilik ke pagar, untuk mengejar Liza untuk pas barang yang tertinggal.
lama sungguh rasanya saya tidak berlari.
rasanya aneh.
teringat seseorang yang sering menanyakan, "dah boleh berlari?" bila saya masih terkedek kedek bersama baju besi saya.
kepada orang itu, "ya, saya sudah bisa."

pusat sumber sekolah.
tahniah Along!

Monday, August 16, 2010

the ramadhan story part 2

tak perlu rojak singapura.
tak perlu yong tau fu.
tak perlu tau fu fa.
tak perlu daging salai masak lemak cili api.

nasi putih berlaukkan sardin dan telur dadar dihiasi lada merah.
cukup membuka selera bagi juadah berbuka puasa.


oh ye, korang dah 'like' gamba Along kat Club Mod di FB?

Saturday, August 14, 2010

rojak singapura

its the fourth day of Ramadhan and i found myself being lazy.
with nothing to do.

my friends are all busy with their clincal.
i've cleared with the faculty and department on how my pulmonary post test is.
and apparently i cant take the exam next week.
so i have a full week of nothingness coming up.

watching movies, reading novels, playing games on fb (yeah dats my vice)
i shud be taking the opportunity to do more ibadah during these times.

knock on head.

oh, i so wanna cook for my iftar today.
googling recipes now.

i dont know why i miss rojak singapura so much.
not that my family ate dat stuff every Ramadhan, only occasionally.
but then Along boasted that the family had it last night.

ok gamba ni kecik, try clicking it to read
(if u gt nothing to do la)

is it true along?
adik is saying no. hehe.

image taken from here

 this is the best rojak singapura picture i cud get.
wuts ur favorite Ramadhan dish? 

Friday, August 13, 2010

the ramadhan story

perbualan 1 ramadhan
jenn : excitednye nak buka puasa! 
iela : nak buka ape ye?
farah : penatla nak pk nk makan ape.
jenn : farah pk harini, jenn pk esok punye ok?

6.30 p.m
farah nak ayam penyet di akbary. tutup.
jenn berfikir nak ayam penyet di surabaya. tutup.
iela tak berfikir ape-ape.
jenn berbuka makan roti dan serunding.

perbualan 2 ramadhan
liza : jom gi sahur
farah nad : jom
aki : orait. join aje. jom!

4.15 a.m
jenn baru terjaga.
liza, farah nad dan aki sudah di warung zam-zam.
jenn sahur makan roti dengan serunding.

perbualan 2 ramadhan part 2
jenn : hari ni harap harap surabaya bukak
iela : haah berape lame diorg nak tutup

6.53 p.m
hujan lebat.
jenn, farah dan iela baru bangun dari tido.
(buka puasa di medan 6.40 p.m)
jenn, farah dan iela makan roti dan serunding.

semoga esok lebih bernasib baik.
serunding dah habis.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

ramadhan. yeay!

re-blogging is hard.

well the fasting month of Ramadhan is coming. and i hope the preparations are all nearly done.
just like re-blogging. if we aren't used to it, if we are not prepared for it, we'll find it hard to do.
and also successful stuff happens when the preparations are tip-top, like cooking. (err..?)

so what's on your mind when it comes to Ramadhan?

whatever it is..
let us all welcome the blessed month of Ramadhan and derive maximum benefits from it!

happy fasting. 

and oh, we're moving! :D

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Friday, August 06, 2010

domestic trouble.

as usual, medan = madness.
okay, maybe i exaggerate a bit.

i'm not yet back physically in medan, but my mind decided to.
because of some events, that apparently cant wait.

our house owner is (pause for five minutes) a lady.
somehow she always cant generate enough money for her life, end up asking rent earlier than usual.
but yesterday, she told us she need the house back.
like what?
and gave us three weeks to move out.

since the house is worsening everyday, my housies decided to go along with it,
like who wanna put up with a house owner like that AND a house that seriously need major repairing?

next week is my pulmonology post test, and acik n ummi's paeds post test.
then the other week is fara n iela's paeds post test, and liza n nisah pulmonology post test.
haih, when are we going to find time?

and i know i need help with my stuff. hmm, sorry korang.

i'll be blogging my next post from medan.
maybe from a new house.

AK45*.........! wait for me :)

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

i dont know what to name the title of this post

so i felt like i didnt do my blog justice since i have something quite major-life changing experience happening to me and i have 2 full months free to blog about it.


i've read this and this.
thank you for the posts. i'm really touched.
and for my lazy post. its for all those people who has been taking care of me when i'm in this situation, somewhat temporarily disabled. thank you.
for all the doa's, the care and support, the wishes.
but im not driving, so i cant park at the disabled parking lot (wth?)

im off to medan this friday, ending my never-ending holiday. (eh?)
where i'll commence back to my regular activities, pretending to cure people.
but, with an additional accessory.

im going back to medan as an iron-clad medical student.
i dont mind being referred as the iron man, really.
iron man is cool, superb, and egoistic. (uh..)

notice the similarities? lol.

so. here i am. blogging.

i miss blogging actually, but i know i dont have the time later on.
(i'll be busy farming at farmville, or ordering the next batch of clothes for retail theraphy, or even baking the sheperd pie at baking life)

oh n im gonna start labelling my post. huh. major blog-changing experience? (knock on head)

Saturday, June 26, 2010

crash boom bang

taking a break from study now...

owe so many people thanks n gratitude..


Thursday, June 10, 2010


...and the media shift their attention from Gaza strip to Ariel-Luna pornography...

surely, this issue is not seasonal.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

ah, jatuh sakit pula dua tiga hari ni.

but i am thankful that i am back on my feet again. INEEDTOmaaaaaa!

no hols for kami-anak-ko-as.

i experienced first time seeing a live baby-USG yesterday, otherwise another hypo/hyper-echoic lesion-suggestive-of-metastatic-blah-blah-blah.

Allah Maha Besar.

How the baby is created and moving inside the mother's womb, and even how the technology that has been blessed for us enabled us to see it.

like. :)
(so much for fb's 'like')

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

i should change my blog name to nonsense

"i am not ready to write a mind-blowing, heart-touching entry yet," i said to myself.

but yet everyday i meet up with mind-blowing diseases and everyday someone touches my heart with simple gestures, that can made me smile, or even cry.

"it's just i dont know how to write," i added.

but yet i learnt how to write since i was so young i couldn't barely remember. my parents, my siblings, my kindergarten teacher, primary schoolteacher all contributed to what i am doing write now.


kalo da name alasan tu, alasan je la.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

nonsense part two

went to PORSENI's closing.
cheering for awesome band.
riding Betty with ummi.
eating 1st ever mee hailam at medan.
waking up.
gossiping with shazzy.
clearing bushes at lawn.
counting 'buah mangga' and balut-ing them.
eating last night's farah's tom yam.
cooking nasi goreng.
eating nasi goreng.
cooking ayam masak merah n clear soup for ielala's nasi tomato.

i am happy i am blessed with these activities.

my happy weekend. :)

what's your typical weekend?

Saturday, May 15, 2010

nonsense part one

i'm amazed by some people who can touch people hearts just by words.

but not those who use words to manipulate the heart.

i'm at radiology department now and there's a wide array of patients that i've encounterd everyday.

neglected trauma, suspected tuberculosis, ovarian cyst, just to name a few.

even the radiology department is supposed to be an easy-to-go-through-dept, i find myself not capable of organizing my own self. (-_-")

too caught up with other people plans.

damn. i miss the old, headstrong me.

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Monday, March 22, 2010

cardio (hard)core!

so far, so good :)
lapkas (case presentation), mid test and post test coming up!
pray for me!

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

exit & on calls.

photocredit-mtv exit

patients 'exit' now n then @ cardio

not on my watch! (hopefully >.< )

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

bye hols!

holidays are fun!

thx u guys
<3 style="color: rgb(255, 0, 0);">P3D a.k.a co-ass, i'm ready for yeh!