Sunday, July 30, 2006

[a day out]

:: countdown to be my escape : 11 daes ::


i woke up in the morning...

went to STAD to help umie with the celcom charity car wash project, with a little hope of going to achik's..keep 'sms'ing with shera to check the situation.

then I have qiute a good time bossing the kids around. hehee.

then i keep asking umie when can i go..until umie says, "okay". it was nearly 12.30. at lunch will be like one hour more aite? but i am quite an obstinate person, thus i go..wif aliya.

meeting them was gr8. everytime. ahaxs. love u guys lots.


can u believe it? I, ZAINAB bt ZULKIFLI went to KL wif my lil noty girl, zulfa 'aliya..WILINGLY?!!

well we had a gud time as she, somehow, behaved accordingly. love u a lot,dear sis. ahaxs. here are d pixx, at lrt, komuter station, kl sentral ++. apparently, a pixx is worth a thousand words. so i dont hav to write much. =p

since i am d camera-man..ops camera-lady. so my pix x byk laa.. penat gile nk catch up ngan dis girl nye energy..heh.

till then..

a birthday shoutout to Fizal Othman ~ my pet bro kt MZMS. semoge sukses selalu!!!

Friday, July 28, 2006

[love is the movement]

:: countdown to stars : 13 daes ::

staying at home doesnt make ur life very interesting.

i've tried in every way to make it one. haha. whatever.

anyway, the date of my flight has been finalised.

10th of August. 0820 hours. dats on thursday.

then one hour journey, i will arrive around 0815 hours in Medan, Indonesia.

oh yeah.

Syarifuddin Seban.

there. someone who wish me gud luck.

(actually die just nak his name on d entry. nah,kamu)

to spactees yg akan ke rumah achik 2moro. hope u guys have fun. sory i cant come along.
i have to help umie wif a celcom charity project at STAD.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

[bye bye iium]

:: countdown to jauh mimpi : 15 daes ::

today i'm officially out of IIUM.

i've received a letter from A&R that they allowed me to withdraw, and with that i'm no longer a student there.


sedih plak rasernye. coz iium is a very great institution. i really love d iium enviroment. really i do. i love the ukhwah built there. i love the islamic enviroment. eventho sumtime i kinda stupid wif all this things but, thankfully IIuM provides the knowledge neccessary for me.

wah. tunggang terbalik da grammar. anyway. i also received the letter from USU already. before this just a notification letter from my agency.

tomoro is zulfa 'aliya buffday. dat cute lil rascal. so cute yet so naughty. i guess i wont be posting any new entry 2moro so i'm going to do a lil wishin here 4 her.

so...HAPPY birthday ZULFA!!! (which she wont be viewing dis entry, as she dont blog, or dont read. ahaxs.) u lots. jgn noty2 lagik. kamu da 5 thn. muah2. saye love kamu walaupun kamu tu degil..ish...jgnla ngade2 sgt ye.

Monday, July 24, 2006

[the absence]

:: countdown to cosy in the rocket : 17 daes ::

4 daes n 3 nites in iium.

spent more time wif shera, pika n dinie. 3 of my spactees.

thanx 4 everything n sory menyusahkan in some ways..

went to settle the withdrawal from iium. waah sangat penat as i have to walk in those delicate sandals (nyesal for not choosing my shuz) from mahallah maryam to the the security post, up the legal unit, all the way to the library, back to the kuliyyah of science and even down to financial department. not forgetting the bank muamalat, and meeting the dean, which took like 3 hours? uh...and after all these walkings, my sandal still stand strong to give me support to jalan2 kat klcc and balik to seremban..

BRAVO sandals!!! "built tougher" ek pika? heh.

got to eat a fab mee hailam at the gallery cafe, and sitting next to the two great prof. ngehehe.

right now there's so many things in my head that sumtime i cant think ryt. huh. forgive me if sometimes i just blink and go.

and on sunday, felt very tired as the 3 nytes in iium i dont get enuff sleep. ugh.

done. here's my entry. sory. not in a very good mood to write. dats it!

owh and for the final date of my flight still unknown, due to some stuffs dat are not settled. i just still assume dat it is on the 10th of august.

Monday, July 17, 2006

[getting lazy...and lazier]

:: countdown to concrete girl : 19 daes ::

aaaargh..this html coding stuff are really making me crazy and lazy.
(hey, rhyme!)

so how's everyone enjoying this very clean-looking, default layout? ahaxs.

anyway what about everyone's weekend? mine's quite d usual, family get-together stuff.

on saturday, however, is angah's graduation day. from d gol&gincu-shooting site lim kok wing.
it's a relief dat he's finished studying, but it actually worries me. heck, i got 6 years more. isn't that a LONG time? sheesh, i'm really worried.

i mean what if..
oh. just forget the what ifs. dis is what i want ryt? so dis will be my journey.
got to get thru whatever comes.

well. dats it. oh yeah. im goin to uia dis wednesday, insyaAllah. i'm meeting u beloved. lets have lunch at AIKOL cafe. x penah makan kat situ.

meanwhile enjoy my bro's pics.....

Friday, July 14, 2006


:: countdown to flying without wings : 21 daes ::

recently i misplaced my specs. nearly 2 daes dis jenn girl became BLUR to d whole world. and yet, endangering d wildlife all around her while she's driving. ahaxs.

well in search of d specs, i cleaned up d room. and i mean CLEAN it up. every corner. under the bed, in the drawers. dust-free for a day. haha.

OMG! guess what i found!
a pink hairband. which kinda bring back memories wif achik and sue, as we had each d same type of hairband, except different colour, sue~of course green. achik~blue.

and then i found a cute lil tedy bear, given by capex on my 19th birthday. whee! so cute.
and also abby's lil keychain of LOVE and beads, which she has given to me and ezyan as rumates.

soOooOOo down memory lane. TOTALLY.

then i found a card, a gud luck card from afique, whom i know during form 3 in SMKDHMR. thanx for being a patient friend with this unpredictable girl, welcoming her every time.

i am SO sappy. forgive me.

then i found all this lil momentos from my fwen. gosh i even found a pix of me n che nab, my best fwen back in MZMS. really brings back d gud times, which i know, something we'll never had anymore. (excuse me 4 d grammatical error okay all d aunt josephines out there.)

and a pix of fwens dropping over during my birthday. nana, shera, dinie, abboy and keq. mwah2. i like dat pix. i'm goin to take it wif me to USU. together wif my pix wif diel.

aargh. i'm so sentimental. crap.

i'll be back! i want to upload some pixx later to show y'all. (cud be in few daes due to my laziness).

till then~ biar betul!!! (ahaxs. diddy is out, im soOo not watching af4 anymore.)

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

[blast! at IIUM]

so here i am once again, in front of d 1.9kg thingy (no,its not a nokia 6111..berat nye sayang.),
i shud have put up d new post yesterday, but i was too damn tired, over d excitement dat flows all over my body for what, 5 to 6 hours?

guess what,yesterday, i have to go to my agency once again, n i dont miss d opportunity to run off (lrt-riding-off is more like it) to Gombak, IIUM where my fwens are already enroll for a new semester, without me. Gosh i mish them too much.

reaching d terminal putra at gombak, i already sms-ing my fwens..but only one replied. omg, where are they?? i want to meet them, pronto!

so reached kulliyah of science, seeing d 'abang matric card' (izzuddin n me punye nick 4 him) n asked him d procedure to..u noe, kua from UIA. he said i have to go to A&R (admission n records). okay. then i bumped into 'abang lab dinie' (yeah dinie, i bumped into him on ur 1st dae of d sem)..n suddenly these words just come out : "lamer x nampak?" (omg suddenly i became a friendly person). then he SMILED (note this dins.) and replied "ha ah la.. heh." ops sorry dins i was so excited seeing u dat i forgot to tell u bout dis. well, u read it ryt. hehee.

peeps i met during my search for A&R (which took nearly 3/4 hours) n whatever left of spactees in Gombak.

1. kak fathiyah n d gang ("emm nampak pika x?")
2. afif rabbani n fakhrurazi. (of coz x tego la)
3. hanisah (econs girl,ex achik's rumate yg besh!)
4. redzuan (new hair do!! hehee..nice talking to u. klakar tul sem 1 dulu ek.)
5. ruzanna (searching 4 STAD..while i've had seen all d office yet A&R seems nowhere)
6. bro tariqur rahman!!! (he SMILED at me!!!! =) TWICE!!)
7. aizuddin & aizudin (thanx a LOTTT showing me d A&R , nice talking to u, we've exchanged phone numbers aite..SMS u l8r!! )
8. nafeesa and basma (yes2!! go italy!!)
9. siti hajar n aimi (nice borak2..kewl ah kamu dah kawen!!)
10. kak lina chomell (kirimkan salamku pada kakak2 yg chomel tu!!)
11. kay eye. ( time jumpe nk tgk baju oren macho.)
12.izzuddin n amirul khairuddin (kamu monteng ya?? as usual? ahaxs. "ngedate di tepi jalan?")
13. kak ratni (aiseh..jgn kate gitu kak ratni..nk join ngedate ngan amirul mehlaa..)
14.mustaqim, hanan n his fwen(sory i didnt get ur name) (mus, raye kamu harus datang!!!!! ) (oh yea hanan, kamu mau kain batik ye?)
13. finally, DINS and ANNA (gosh lamer nye kelas korg nk abes..dins thx 4 d ever loving hug! and anna, u look chantex laa..cute, dunt u dare xnak pakai lagi baju tu now dat i dah puji)
14. shidah, muzzafar ( my ever hardworking classmates)
15. my kembar zakiyyah. (x sempat borak pun, but catch ur smile! nnti kite lepak agi)
16. ramlah ( d thai biotech student)
17. deqty n mama (d scfizi students yg knal2 time matrix dulu)
18. kak bi (heh kak sowie nk cpatt.)
19. apiz,wif hakam n duang (kamu dah gelap laa apiz..nnti pakai krim pemutih ya?)
20.finally, PIKA and SHERA (c wat i meant when i said i met everyone but u guys??)

so i got back a lil late then i supposed to (due to chit chatting wif pika,dins n shera)...but i had a super-dee-duper dae. i was spossed only to get d withdrawal form, u noe. heh.

so..i'll be back my UIA peeps, i have to send these forms aite? and sory it was just a short time dat i had not been able to notify beloved , nana , n others..i will next time, i promise.

and guess what? i bring a camera, but forgots about it. only remembered when i saw dis ulat. (hover over d blank space if u didnt c d ulat pix)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

so dats it, my day as in yesterday, i went home with a very satisfied feeling. cept dat, as usual my phobia of certain man on d train...

till next time, satisfied girl..

Saturday, July 08, 2006

[i noe dis day will come]

today we all witnessed d "pengeluaran" of diddy from AF4. not that i am crazy voting for him. i dont vote at all. but cant d voters see dat he's got d voice? his looks are OKAY.

i mean, all d gud ones are now not in d show. karen is okay, zila so-so. only farhan left. i hope she wins. now diddy is out. whatever. i am not a fanatic fan of him, just hoping dat he'll get to d final. he deserves it right???? i think he sings the "Airmata Kasih" melodiously. whatever adnan abu hassan has to say.

every week, without fail, he delivers songs with all his heart. from 'aduh sayang' to 'airmata kasih' without fail.

anyway what past is past. i do hope someone who deserve to win will win.

till then...airmata jenn berlinangan (not!)...

p/s~ my mind cant register words correctly at night. excuse d short n simple entry. just need to blurt dis one out.

[this is your life]

This is Your Life

Yesterday is a wrinkle on your forehead
Yesterday is a promise that you've broken
Don't close your eyes, don't close your eyes,
This is your life.
And today is all you've got now.
And today is all you've ever had.
Don't close your eyes.
This is your life, are you who you want to be?
This is your life, are you who you want to be?
This is your life,
ia it everything you'Ve dreamed
that is would be when the world was younger,
and you had everything to lose?
Yesterday is a kid in the corner
Yesterday us dead and over.
This is your life, are you who you want to be?
This is your life, are you who you want to be?

so d question is....

ARE u who u wana be?
c ur reflection. we all had flaws. time to improve ourselves. forgot about d past, or better,learn from d past.

dats all i wana say.

~salam nusantara. (ngeh2~)

Thursday, July 06, 2006

[pj city dat i mish]

whee!! right now i had soooOoooOooo many things dat i wana blog about! i felt like it been ages seen i post something about d happenings in my life.

let's start about my journey today...i wake up as usual, 5.15~5.30 in d morning, then take a bath + prepare d 2 rascals 4 schools + iron ummi's clothes(she decides in d morning) + fry chicken drumsticks 4 d 2 rasclas' breakfast. i prayed, then prepare myself for d journey!

wearing a grey butterfly printed shirt, overlayed with d black crop cardigan, and black jeans wif my comfy butterfly/dragonfly shuz, i set off from d Seremban komuter station at 0745 hours.
armed with my novel, every boy got one(meg cabot~thx along), i braced thru d nearly 2 hours journey. my breakfast? kinder chocolate.

nearly reaching KL Sentral. I saw Midvalley Megamall. owh. dis brings back memories. ppl said dat i noe midvalley like d back of my hand. i guess so. everything i want to find, i'm sure i will able to find it there. i dunt noe why. had a soft spot for midvally. midvalley is d place i hav fun, enjoy times wif spactees, catching a movie wif a dear fwen.[i happen to like dat movie a lot!! till now i am crazy bout dat story! ble mau catch another movie? b4 i'm gone?] from foods to bags to clothes...everything under my sun is there. heh. got a bit emotional over a shopping mall aite? hehee...

moving on,i passed d bangsar putra station...and i saw d number 12 bus!!! dis is sOoOo gona bring back memories...dis is d station dat...(adehlaa..dis one cannot story laa kat sini) bus no 12 tu..huhu is every MCIIUM student memories.... wish i had an embedded camera in my specs dat operate automatically.

reached KL sentral, uruskan something about d going-off thingy...then jennyto decided to lepaskan rindu kat her Midvalley. muah2. lovely time. huhu. even tho ade org tu x reply my mssg.(dat tym of d year wen d charger is soOo far away.ahaxs. been there,done dat)

anyway balik from Midvalley, sampai Sban about 2pm. then umie ajak makan at Kebab@ Parade. soo jalan plak around Parade.

then zoom off back home,pray Zuhur, went out again to jemput Zaki. an hour later, zoom off jemput Zulfa. my legs are pretty much killing me. tonite i'm gona have a knockout sleep.

and guess what? dis Monday i had to go back there.....aargh tired!!!!! i'm still wondering wen i want to go to meet my fwens... i've been missing u guys so much.

so emjay,here i am. dis is y lamer x ngapdate. been busy!! heh. owh! dont forget to check out dis fs profile of my fwen..
shasha' (it stands for shafiq sharani) . hehe..

signing off...aduh sayang! haha.

Monday, July 03, 2006

[crazy over you] i got to go to USU. (in case any1 doesn't know what it stands for, it's Universitas Sumatera Utara).. i felt like i've told all d important people in my life. i guess i left someone out. but i'm not sure i shud tell dat person or not. i mean we're not in gud terms anymore. why shud i tell dat person ryt?


anyway just wana say thank you for all my fwens' "congratulations"..even from d least people i expect to wish me. well thank u..seriously i never tot u remember my dream..thank u.
*blessed angel*

for ur 411, (everyone keep asking i'll do a litle FAQ here.)

Q: will i see u dis 10th july in gombak?
J: no, i will not register for my 2nd sem my fwens, but i will go to gombak, and i'm gonna c u guys...dis is a promise..

Q:wen will u be flying?
J: for the moment, i dont know d exact date. but they say either it's d end of dis month of july or early august. (i noe prev. i write october. sowie peeps..)

Q:how many years will u be going?
J:it could take as long as 6 years.if i'm brilliant enuff maybe just 5 and 1/2 years.

Q: dat means...u'll be married at 26 years old?(or older)
J: what? is there such a question jennyto? haha..hopefully ada jodoh ngan org malaysia gaks..ehee..

Q: what course u gona take?
J: enviromental studies....hey..tolong aa jennyto..only a very blur person will ask this question. opsie...

anyway, hence d title.."crazy over you"...
i am crazy ryt now. over these html codes. actually today i'm gonna put a new layout(dis black-emo thingy is soOoo not me) , but somehow, i cannot link the body of d blog-posting. i dont make me so crazy..haha...

i'm missing someone ryt now. and i'm bored.