Wednesday, August 16, 2006

[desperate times call for desperate measures]

stuuuuupid la dis cc.

dis is not the usual cc dat i went.

dis is d expensive stupid one.(i just realise d stupid part).

d usual cc "putuss mbak". what went putus oso i dont noe.

today start the uncivilised orientation.

"mampos aku" (u shud say to the stupid dewa dewi)
then they'll went like "(shouting) ya..MAMPOS NGKO!!!"


kiss ur ibu pertiwi ass la.
(we got to kiss the earth.)
(no smooching allowed.kah2)

haha.mcm bengang je jenn arini.
nolah. saje je..kasi fiery sket in drama no life right?

i actually dont mind the orientation, passing thru all d stupidity stuff..
coz its part n parcel of the registration. but hell lah the crappy2 tunduk2 stuff.

today,all thx to the orientation crap n the saving part by aunty shelvi. (that explains why im in cc ryt now n not in the thingy)..i get to noe d boys in d same agent la.

thers jie,or fauzi..suprisingly..he's my JUNIOR kat mrsm mzms. (aiyaa!)
thers fafa,or fadhil or is it fadhli..fafa me n achik gave d name laa. heh.
thers hafizan, who lives in ampangan. yeah..AMPANGAN la. can go back together.
thers imran, quiet-kinda boy.
daljit,birthday boy.
aiya...cant remember la..namer much for not having STM. (short term memory)

uhh..along..y cant i access ur blog aa??thxx 4 d pix.(dat i cant download yet)

to sum1 out ther..i miss u damn much..if u are here wif me,mesti syok giler.
gud lack 4 d interview thingy..

to spactees dat i looove so much....achik is doing fine. tp die suddenly got the abboy-blur bug.
me on the other hand, x elok2 lagi dr batuk2 n saket kerongkong. dusty gile enviroment.
i feel busuk 5 mins after mandi tau. ugh.

to peeps yg anta mssg and testi at friendster..i'm yet to reply. thx so much. i miss evry bits of u guys n malaysia..."nanti2 aja guwe reply nya eh.."

dari seberang..(like crap) wif love.


kakak chomel said...

sabar buk.
i know u'll survive :)

jennz said...

makasih kakak cun...

saye da survive d hospek!!!

ade satu lg hospek nex month plak...heh