Monday, August 30, 2010

tidak semua begitu.

here's to my 300th post!

wow. i never thought i would blog until now.
there so many times i feel like deleting this blog but i still remember somebody, someone telling me i shudn't.

well. here i am.

yesterday morning i was wake up with the sound of my ringtone.
not the usual alarm.
but my ringtone.
suprised to see unknown number, i picked it up (while brushing away the sound of sleepiness).

"assalamualaikum dokter mudaaaa!" said the voice. a male voice.

i was like, "waalaikumussalam, siape ni?" i thought i was my Malaysian friend.

"dokter muda Zainab..udah sahur???"

"erm, dah. (lying) siape ni?"

"ini M S**** , kelmarin ketemu di adam malik"

owh. then it hit me. this is my 1st COPD patient that i handled during my respiratory cycle.
how did he get my phone number, u may ask.
well at that time, he was consulting me for some donations for his circumcision programme.

then the line went dead, i went downstairs for some sahur.

then came his SMS.

"buk dokter saya mohon jgn terpancing dgn berita2 yg ada di media masya mengenai antara negara kita."

I replied, saying thanks for his concern and with Allah's blessing, we'll be alright in Medan.

"sekali lagi sy mohon dgn ibu dan kwn2 jgn risau dgn kejadian selama ini. Sy jg sedih dgn apa2 yg terjadi antara negara kita. buk dokter marilah kt sama2 berdoa pd Allah semoga semua masalah cpt selesai"

masih ada yang sayang.

it's Ramadhan, the time for us to forgive and be blessed.
Let us all pray for some peace and harmony between the two nations.

Selamat Menyambut Hari Kemerdekaan buat rakyat Malaysia.

Saturday, August 21, 2010


hai nama saya ielala dan saya adalah comel.

there are so many things happening today.

#1 today is our MOVING day!

Yes, we are moving. I've started packing few days ago, knowing I'm a bit slow due to my conditions.
So with my stuff nearly cleared, I can help Ielala's because...

#2 today is her PAEDS POST TEST!

Her test was scheduled on last Wednesday, but somehow it was re-scheduled to today.
It was kinda sad, because...

#3 today is her BIRTHDAY!

she said, "if the test went well, it will be the best birthday gift ever."
and i said, "if it's not, it's still your birthday gift! nghahaha"
i know, kinda cruel right here.

okay that's about today.
I kinda feel my blog post looked kinda boring without pictures to accompany them.
So I'm gonna start snap-ping here and there!
Till I SNAP you soon! (lame.)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Independence Day, a bit early? no.

Bear with me.
This entry a bit lengthy.

Last Tuesday was Indonesia's 65th Independence Day.
later, by the end of this month will be Malaysia's 53rd.

When I watched the news on Indonesia TV, I felt sad.
Sad that many of the news linked to Malaysia was filled with hatred and repugnant.
Sad to see that on their Independence Day, they do rallies here and there.
Maybe in Malaysia, there are rallies, but only a few? I think.

I'm glad Malaysia's Independence Day is not like that.
For Malaysia, its the day for remembering the struggles in the past.
For me, it's a day for family, and enjoying the happiness of being in a fine country.
Even if it's not perfect.

I cant say Malaysia is a total peace and harmony country.
But I feel that my family has been able to live in some peace and harmony that Malaysia has to offer.

I know it's not like me to write about some serious stuff.
But let us all be thankful for where we are now.
No matter where.

Ramadhan + Independence Day + Abroad = Jenn serious side?

tadi saya berlari dari bilik ke pagar, untuk mengejar Liza untuk pas barang yang tertinggal.
lama sungguh rasanya saya tidak berlari.
rasanya aneh.
teringat seseorang yang sering menanyakan, "dah boleh berlari?" bila saya masih terkedek kedek bersama baju besi saya.
kepada orang itu, "ya, saya sudah bisa."

pusat sumber sekolah.
tahniah Along!

Monday, August 16, 2010

the ramadhan story part 2

tak perlu rojak singapura.
tak perlu yong tau fu.
tak perlu tau fu fa.
tak perlu daging salai masak lemak cili api.

nasi putih berlaukkan sardin dan telur dadar dihiasi lada merah.
cukup membuka selera bagi juadah berbuka puasa.


oh ye, korang dah 'like' gamba Along kat Club Mod di FB?

Saturday, August 14, 2010

rojak singapura

its the fourth day of Ramadhan and i found myself being lazy.
with nothing to do.

my friends are all busy with their clincal.
i've cleared with the faculty and department on how my pulmonary post test is.
and apparently i cant take the exam next week.
so i have a full week of nothingness coming up.

watching movies, reading novels, playing games on fb (yeah dats my vice)
i shud be taking the opportunity to do more ibadah during these times.

knock on head.

oh, i so wanna cook for my iftar today.
googling recipes now.

i dont know why i miss rojak singapura so much.
not that my family ate dat stuff every Ramadhan, only occasionally.
but then Along boasted that the family had it last night.

ok gamba ni kecik, try clicking it to read
(if u gt nothing to do la)

is it true along?
adik is saying no. hehe.

image taken from here

 this is the best rojak singapura picture i cud get.
wuts ur favorite Ramadhan dish? 

Friday, August 13, 2010

the ramadhan story

perbualan 1 ramadhan
jenn : excitednye nak buka puasa! 
iela : nak buka ape ye?
farah : penatla nak pk nk makan ape.
jenn : farah pk harini, jenn pk esok punye ok?

6.30 p.m
farah nak ayam penyet di akbary. tutup.
jenn berfikir nak ayam penyet di surabaya. tutup.
iela tak berfikir ape-ape.
jenn berbuka makan roti dan serunding.

perbualan 2 ramadhan
liza : jom gi sahur
farah nad : jom
aki : orait. join aje. jom!

4.15 a.m
jenn baru terjaga.
liza, farah nad dan aki sudah di warung zam-zam.
jenn sahur makan roti dengan serunding.

perbualan 2 ramadhan part 2
jenn : hari ni harap harap surabaya bukak
iela : haah berape lame diorg nak tutup

6.53 p.m
hujan lebat.
jenn, farah dan iela baru bangun dari tido.
(buka puasa di medan 6.40 p.m)
jenn, farah dan iela makan roti dan serunding.

semoga esok lebih bernasib baik.
serunding dah habis.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

ramadhan. yeay!

re-blogging is hard.

well the fasting month of Ramadhan is coming. and i hope the preparations are all nearly done.
just like re-blogging. if we aren't used to it, if we are not prepared for it, we'll find it hard to do.
and also successful stuff happens when the preparations are tip-top, like cooking. (err..?)

so what's on your mind when it comes to Ramadhan?

whatever it is..
let us all welcome the blessed month of Ramadhan and derive maximum benefits from it!

happy fasting. 

and oh, we're moving! :D

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Friday, August 06, 2010

domestic trouble.

as usual, medan = madness.
okay, maybe i exaggerate a bit.

i'm not yet back physically in medan, but my mind decided to.
because of some events, that apparently cant wait.

our house owner is (pause for five minutes) a lady.
somehow she always cant generate enough money for her life, end up asking rent earlier than usual.
but yesterday, she told us she need the house back.
like what?
and gave us three weeks to move out.

since the house is worsening everyday, my housies decided to go along with it,
like who wanna put up with a house owner like that AND a house that seriously need major repairing?

next week is my pulmonology post test, and acik n ummi's paeds post test.
then the other week is fara n iela's paeds post test, and liza n nisah pulmonology post test.
haih, when are we going to find time?

and i know i need help with my stuff. hmm, sorry korang.

i'll be blogging my next post from medan.
maybe from a new house.

AK45*.........! wait for me :)

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

i dont know what to name the title of this post

so i felt like i didnt do my blog justice since i have something quite major-life changing experience happening to me and i have 2 full months free to blog about it.


i've read this and this.
thank you for the posts. i'm really touched.
and for my lazy post. its for all those people who has been taking care of me when i'm in this situation, somewhat temporarily disabled. thank you.
for all the doa's, the care and support, the wishes.
but im not driving, so i cant park at the disabled parking lot (wth?)

im off to medan this friday, ending my never-ending holiday. (eh?)
where i'll commence back to my regular activities, pretending to cure people.
but, with an additional accessory.

im going back to medan as an iron-clad medical student.
i dont mind being referred as the iron man, really.
iron man is cool, superb, and egoistic. (uh..)

notice the similarities? lol.

so. here i am. blogging.

i miss blogging actually, but i know i dont have the time later on.
(i'll be busy farming at farmville, or ordering the next batch of clothes for retail theraphy, or even baking the sheperd pie at baking life)

oh n im gonna start labelling my post. huh. major blog-changing experience? (knock on head)