Wednesday, August 09, 2006

[special edition]

:: 8 hours more ::

"but i doubt it"

those were my words in previous entry. but here i am.12am. blogging.

my mood has went up and down today.

from plain boring in the morning.
to anxious to angry.
to happy.
and a lil sad in the afternoon.
dissapointed at dinner. (shucks for dominos and the lack of spaghetti).

i saw an accident. and a dead motorist with his no-longer-shaped-like-a-motor motorcycle. ugh. covered with newspaper. bloody sight.

road kills.

safety first everone. dont speed. will you? be 'skema' on the road.

then with my umie still on her 'kerja luar' at johor bahru, and ayah still at work, i have to settle everything on my own. sedih gak..

but then tadi gi shopping ngan zaki. huhu. i went to jusco, seremban parade, even ocean..and terminal 1 for the dissapointing dinner.

searched for a money changer. but either, its no longer there (at ocean) or closed (at terminal 1).

right now, im not done packing yet. actually. i dont know.

my mind is so messed up ryt now. fizul just called. thx fwen.

wif few hours left...i dont know what to say...

lets just wish for the best and for my rajen-ness mood to come to pack,will ya?

(please jenn,brace urself to take a bath around 4am)

~i am looking forward to meet my fwen at d airport. yeah!!!

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