Friday, June 30, 2006

[d long awaited result]

8.20 p.m


after exact two rings, ayah pick up d phone. i was nearby, watching MTV screen.

ayah : hello?
(paused for 3 seconds)
ayah : who? zainab?
(my heart skipped a beat)
ayah : owh. i think u better talk to her. she's beside me. i'll pass d phone to her.
(ugh! must be PEDOMAN KEMAS)

tick! (my handphone's message alert)

then ayah passed d phone to me.

jennyto : hello?
at d other end : hello, zainab. this is pedoman kemas.
jennyto : yeah?
p.k : u have sit for d USU selection test right?
jennyto : yeah..
p.k : at the vistana hotel?
jennyto : yess.. (come on laa..just tell me d result)
p.k : well dis call is to inform you, dat u get THROUGH it. and they are offering you MEDIC.
jennyto : owh thank you! ( i dunno wat else to say)
p.k : d details will be mailed in few days.. anything we'll keep in touch. okay?
jennyto : okay. thank you!!

dat's it. i jumped. jumped! alhamdulillah!!!! jumped once more. jumped again.

owh d message on my phone! achik!!! yeay she got it also!!!! whee!!!
messaged spactees, diel, keQ, nana...

ugh...i'm going to indonesia!!!! i'm going to see peter lebih2 plak...

dat's enuf for a quick entry...

owh!!! diddy just get a new anak buah.. diddy, wana marry me? haha.
(kantoi i am watching akademi fantasia...) nana,jgn la madu ngan i. nak diddy sorang2..hehe..just kidding.

p.s~ happy birthday dearest diel. happy candlelight dinner....enjoy nyer.. edy, kamu jager die baek2....

Thursday, June 29, 2006


so yesterday i was sick. ill. kuang sehat. sakit.

today is just d same. my head is throbbing n stuff but i just chose to ignore it as i had millions to do todae. millions is lebih2 plak. heh. some stuff need to be done.

neway, todae i'm still waiting. walaupun my head sakit macam ape je. suddenly d phone rings..

in my head was, PEDOMAN KEMAS! (my USU agent)

jennyto : hello?
other person : alang?
jennyto : owh ayah! was my ayah rupenye. he told me dat one of zulfa's teacher, cikgu As, has passed away dis morning and the pre-school will be closed for d dae. so i have to pick her up. can all d Muslim readers please sedekah Al-Fatihah to arwah Puan Hasnah. Ameen~.

so zulfa is wif me d whole dae..following me to the post office, sending d letters to PTPTN, and then drop by seremban parade for brunch. and then zoom off to JPJ, ( i am already a legal driver on the road!! ) , then back to paroi to pick up zaki from school.

so here i am, with a running nose, blogging and 'ym'ing with dearie dinie and kawan sehati sejiwa ku, keQ. (demam tul kite ari ni).

so dat was it. nothing extraordinary or whatsoever. tonight, my umie will come back from langkawi, we are going to pick her up at KLIA..and there will be lots and lots of chocolate!!!

chocolate!! i love chocolates. they are my cure for my depression. kinda la..
white choc! white choc wif cookies! strawberry-flavored, mint inside...all sorts of chocolates!!!

till then~ lotsa love from jennyto!

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

[runaway me]

so what's new about the boring me?

i've recently went to c R.V (runaway vacation) alone. i'm desperately to do something enjoyable for this three months. owh i really mish my fellow spactees. "anything we do together are enjoyable!".
i wish i had d courage to do pink streaks in my hair. really i do. dat would be cool. but d consequences?? much to think about. so, i thought, let's do something mellower, like watching a movie alone. sadly, there's not so many gud stories now. i had to settle down with RV. dat's cool, i got to c Jojo (d cute young singer), who sangs baby it's u,not that kind of girl..blah blah....

well to spice things up, when i was about to purchase d ticket, shoot! ameen was there with his 2 fwens. 2 idiotic fwens i cud say. not idiotic, but loud. okay. enuff said. so i wasn't in d mood to talk with anyone. i just want to enjoy being on my own, as dinie would say. anyway he did ask me what movie i was goin to watch. then, i pointed to the RV ad. then he asked me where i sit, i sowed my ticket. u see, i wasn't in d mood to talk with any1. any1 at all.

then the now seating lamps flashes. and i said what d heck, i'm going to get thru dis fine. so i have chosen d very middle seating. suddenly dis old guy came up. politely i smiled. suddenly he sat beside me. shoot! then he started to ask all dis sort of questions... what's my name. where i live and stuff. ugh... gnirob old git. then ameen n his fwens entered d room and sit ryt above me. stoopidity. i probably imagining dis, but i heard them laughing seeing me sitting next to an oldie.

i am not comfortable with that old git question. so when d cinema lights darkened, i change place. at least there's some space between me and dat crazy old man. call me freakish, but i must makesure i am safe from any form of harrasment.. so d movie was not so bad. of course it wasn't. it was a family-kinda-movie. but what annoys me is dat ameen n his fwens laugh uncontrollably...guys being guys. dont hate em. they are wat they are.

well at least i saw d conclusion of d movie.i didn't catch d credits coz i got to zoom off back to reality and jemput my zaki.

back home, yeay!! we finally can watch astro again! thanx ayah n umie!

~jojo in RV

ps~ so dinie, enjoy "take d lead" movie kay? i wish i can watch wit u. enjoy being on ur own!! (^o^)

Monday, June 26, 2006

[herlow] tired..

i've just finished editing my friendster layout page. so psyched to be different! took me about haf of my day. quater je if not for d interruptions. well if u guys want to check it out..
click here. when visiting, please leave a comment kay?

anyway astro still x dpt lagi..coz we all just found out dat it took 3 working days to register a new account. so NO all dat stuff lagi laa..
so did i manage to see af4 d concert last week? yup. how?
my mom had dis idea dat org melayu says "sambil menyelam minum air".
we went to visit our mak ngah at rasah. and tadaa!!! they are watching af4 d concert!!!!! somehow i didn't manage to see diddy. and what more zila.
but i dont care. repeatoire byk bangett.

yesterday my family n i pegi jusco seremban as usual..and i have been looking for cecilia ahern's new book ages ago (kan diel?)..when actually d book is long there! i've been looking at d wrong place! huh. no wonder.

n yesterday also shera called me (murtabak megi? hehe) n i suddenly realized dat my hols are nearly over. ugh! what! NEARLY OVER? rase sedih plak all of d sudden. but excited at d same time. only Allah SWT knows why.

and lastly, d USU thingy...
yeah.still waiting.

till nex time! amazing!

Friday, June 23, 2006


can u imagine ur life without astro?

cuz i can. i'm living it ryt now. haha.
dats ryt. my ayah juz terminate d astro account.
so, NO akademi fantasia, NO diddy, NO world cup matches, NO o.c, NO grey's anatomy, NO movies, NO punk'd, NO pimp my ride, NO ricky ullman, NO kim possible, NO....

haha. life not so boring without astro u noe. coz today, i braced myself to JOG at d lake garden!! inspiration from along's fwen.

oh yeah a shout out to emjay. whee..shifted from friendster's blog tu bloggEr..hehee..under whose influences?? what? i cant hear..heh.

well..nothing exciting happens in d few days 'cept dat my appetite suddenly meragam nk dis n dat..but i didn't shout it out..diam je laa...
hee...anyone want to ajak dis jenny girl to a macaroni n cheese lunch?

for the USU-thingy, i'm still waiting 4 d result. yeah, d waiting game. pray for my success,peeps...

anyway..(lupe lak x abes cite) ayah terminate d accout temporary je..
sebab nk bukak a new one..d old one decoder die cam mengong sket..
so according to umie, "sempatnyer nk tgk zila nyanyi these boots are made for walking dis saturday nyte"...hehee...

till next time...4 u i will... =)

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

[father's day n a poem]

whee...i noe fathers' is on 18th of July..but sumhow i'm just not in d mood to meng'update'kan.. (i noe dis will happen) ....

neway...dis is my ayah n me (and angah's candy) ...happy belated father's day...mwah mwah...*sayer dah wish ye aritu*... hav a gr8 dae wif d whole fam aritu..i love my ayah...

5 TOP traits i just adOoore about my ayah.
1. patience
2. sporting
3. peramah
4. loving
5. cooL!!

below a poem from abboy...taken from our website! (a beginner's web..dont expect too much)

d words are so beautifully written..and i MISH u guys sOooOoo much!!

Dear friend of mine,
Months have long past since we last chatted,
About you, about me, about the things we wanted,
I miss the times we spent together,
Especially the silly jokes that brought us laughter,
And I wish we could go back to that time once more,
So that you and me could be together like before.

Dear friend of mine,
I tried counting the days till we meet again,
But I can never tell more, it’s all in God’s hand,
And we just have to accept the fact that time moved on,
Even though deep inside everything feels wrong,
And along with time we to have to change,
But without you around,
things just seemed strange.

Dear friend of mine,
We’re saying goodbye now to build our lives,
In order to hold on to happiness, we have to strive,
So good luck my friend I bid to you,
May success be for everything that you do,
Our friendship,
I promise,
is something that will last,
Like the wind it will be till the day we rest.

daa!!! isn't it sweet??? SaNGat!!!! hehee...mwah mwah..till then... (pemalas tul)

Saturday, June 17, 2006

[whee!!! now..d waiting comes]

right now, sitting in front of my 1.9 kg thingy, jenn is sOOooOOoo relieved. well,half-relieved.

i did my USU selection test today!!!!
yesterday afternoon,my family n i check into the Vistana Hotel at 1900 hours.
dinner dat nyte was at a melayu-johore restaurant. it was sOoo nice. d food tasted great. d ambience is nice. d shop is clean. d boss is friendly and helpful. it was a pleasing dinner experience. d mee bandung i ordered is exactly how i want it to be. muah!! kudos for d owner!!!

anyway..d next morning..(i cant sleep well as d thought of failing d test haunts me)..i wake up at 0530hours and take a loOoong bath..hehee..

by 0700hours,i was already downstairs, waiting for achik(my sweetie pie). i made a new fwen,diana(thx to my umie.luv u!)..we chat a lot..about football,medic students,places,friends,language barrier....hehee..while other students are busy doing last minute revision.

i miss achik so we talked a lot!! hehee....she was oh-so-cute in her blue baju kurung n matching tudung and bag.

anyway..(i just realize dat i havent talked about the exam)..d exam wuz okay...the IPA(ilmu pengetahuan alam)terpadu was tough. most of terms i dont know,and i end up...BANTAi je laH! well, i noe it was a minus marking paper.but if u dont answer it,how will u get marks ryt? so d paper started late. at 0900 hours(on the schedule it stated 0830h) and finished at 1315h.

my parents dah balik after i've met achik, coz they all got stuff do to..taekwondo..meetings and such. so, i end up balik alone......

no lah.balik ngan along.hehee..

so jenn has take d one step further to d dream...(and one step in updating her blog)..till then!

Thursday, June 15, 2006


whee..cant believe dis is my number ?? entry..i never tot dat i would keep this blog-thingy up-to-date..neway,it was not much updated,tapi okayla for a beginner ryte?

neway in this month of june,there r soOoo many birthdays going on..

1. 10th of June - faizah a.k.a cekPoNnie.
2. 13th of June - shewaWa & aPiz.
3. 14th of June - feEza (dak neon paliNg haVoc n ske memahami~thxXx).
4. 21st of June - kaY eYe.
5. 27th of June - mUizZ <--i hope i get it ryt,i always lupe ar..
6. 30th of June - my darlink diEL.
(make dgn ini..these ppl are no longer a teenager..dah in 20's....hehee)
sOoo..nak wish mereka2 nie a very happy buffday on d respective dates...
and all June babies out there..
"hav a fantastic super-dee-duper buffday!!"

my progress in studying? well...improved..but i'm so behind d schedule. d exam is TWO days away...i hope i pass it wif flying colours....pray for my success please??

anyway, do u noe when u have a song dat really describe what u're feeling..and u want to dedicate it to dat person soOo much?

well i hav one ryt now..

the veronicas-mouth shut.

I kept my mouth shut from the start
I guess I left you in the dark
You thought you knew me but you don't
You say you'll love me but you wont
When you find out who I am
I kept my mouth shut for too long

All this time you got me wrong
Now we're in this way too far
I'm about to break your heart
Tear everything we had apart
'Cause I'm feeling lost

When I'm in your arms
The reasons are gone
For why I was holding on to you
I tried so hard
To be the one
I don't like who I've become
Won't keep my mouth shut anymore

I've had my share of closing doors
Now I know I'm not afraid
I know exactly what you'll say
But I'm sorry it's too late

Friday, June 09, 2006

[debaran prelude exam] hav been a tiring day 4 me. and d past few too.
this morning i wake up kinda late. and realise dat i only hav 2 hours to siap to go out wif diela. so..kmas umah n stuff..(cos my uncle will be coming over n d house is getting dustier anyway)..then take a bath...(dah pukul 10 dah time tu)..suddenly got a mssg from diel "x jadi kua laa.."

whoa!!!then she called...straight away i said, "aku dah siap ni"(siap pakai baju jek)..and then she said.."owh okay. jom" hehehe =D
nk cepat nye pasal, i didn't hav breakfast.

one thing about driving in seremban dat it hav so many one-way if u missed one junction..haha..n d parking space are just not enuf.

anyway 1st we went to d post office to post some birthday cards for my fwens..n to reply to the agency dat i will not b staying wif em for d exam.then, diela n i went to terminal 1(for her bus ticket) gile x gi tempat berabuk tu. we decided to check d shopping complex after purchasing the ticket. omg! sale! heh.

nice shirts n handbags...all on sale. a jeans for RM23? whee! a nice BUM long sleeved shirt for RM21...and i saw a nice funky handbag!!!(sadly it's not on sale).
well..i didn't buy anything. i just buy 2 shirts from body glove las week..n got a handbag las 2 weeks.(but i hav to hav dat funky handbag!)i got my stomach a papa roti. hehee..

so around 12,we head back to our ever lovely n berhabuk Myvi wif another mission. to buy nasi beryani gam at a restaurant. pusing punye pusing...nk cr parking space...suddenly i got a headache. owch! we then settled for a RM3 parking space(cekik darah tul)..after that i sent diela home n went home myself.

mak ngah n her daughters already settled down wif d boys n men went for the friday prayers..balik umie ask me to go out some groceries...waa..headache all over!!

balik umah..layan my pak ngah n family(wif d horrible headache)..n my mak ngah kept saying dat i'm too thin. really? wait till u c along, mak ngah. heh.then umie break d news dat maybe paklong(my other uncle) will drop by.huh.dat will b fun..if i dont hav dis headache.

KRING2(old fashioned phone ring) granma called n told dat pak long will go straight home.huh! relief.pak ngah headed to qtan at 1500 hours.

SLEEP!!!!!!!i'm sooooo tired dat i cudn't move.even when zulfa ask for her milk, i said "emm..jap ek..pnatlah"(with no intention of doing dat in 2 hours)...but i hav to do it anyway since she started screaming in my ears "nak susu nak susu nak susu nak susu nak susu" nonstop.then i hav an out-of-this-world sleep.

waking up, i tot dat my headache will leave. it's still ther!!! waa!!! so i took 1 paracetamol n..i feel better already! (or not i will not be writing dis ryt?)

so today is wasted just like dat without doing any revision..wif d exam coming up...
okay...guess dats it for today...

opps! i wana share a gewd news!!! d sweet spactee sue has been offered dietetics n will be driving her own wira to IIUM Kuantan!!! whee!! congrats sue!!! i hope i will c u(n d rest of spactees) b4 i go to indonesia.

signing off...till my fingers meet d keyboards...

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

[more about june]

day by day i survived in dis Allah SWT's will. with His blessings, i've been able to breath the air in the morning...wif dat,i do my subuh prayers for thanking Him in all the ni'mah that He generously had given me.

more than anything..the ni'mah of friendship. d ability to lean on someone. d trust u can gave to someone. or even to receive their trust. most of all, d ability to convey the da'wah to one another..insyaAllah.

i often admired my friends who are really true,courageous n patient.
n i love my friends dat has stood by me, righting my wrongs, enjoying my company, cheering me up, making me's just sometimes i feel like i dont appreciate them much. i tend to take them for granted.

well, i need to change. i need to appreciate them more. i think so.
1st of all..i'm sorry 4 any lil things dat annoyed all my friends . really i am. or any big things. i've done stupid things over d years...n i'm not proud of it. ashamed is more like it. regrets all over.

2nd of spact8 luvs...(pika dinie shera abboy sue achik wani) u guys are d greatest. i just love u guys from d bottom of my heart. thru thick n thin may we be friends...insyaAllah. remember d lovely pact? thanx 4 knocking some senses thru dis thick skull of mine.

3rd, for some1 who has been my best fwen i ever had. n 4 some silly mistake we r now just friends..i really glad dat we r fwens again.u r soOoo kewl keQ! not to forget presss family! without u guys my matric life would be rated as 2 stars only!

n for certain peeps out ther,which i had tried to reach u guys, to rekindle back d friendship we had, but u guys just pushed me out of d way....thanx. i accept who u are.

ikhwah fillah~ =)

those i miss soOo much....hit me back okay.

Monday, June 05, 2006

[a new month]

i kinda have a lil' countdown in my head..counting for d daes to d examination. today is already the 5th of June. and it's only 12 days away...the 17th of june. d dreaded selection test.

somehow i still feel empty-headed. this is because i dont know whut to read. or memorize.
haf of d physics stuff i didnt learn...hurm..i really do hope i got past dis test..or'll just a waste of lotsa money. n my hope will crumble like d landslide recently.

i dunt noe why..but @ home, i cant really focus on studies. probably bcoz ther's a lot of things dat tempt me not to study. or probably ther isn't sum1 4 comparison or competition...

ugh..dis taxonomy thingy is really tough to memorize.

but...have to move along wif it! hehee..

aja aja fighting!!!! =)