Thursday, December 14, 2006

[going back home]

Exam’s finished.
Sem 1 finished.
I’ve survived.
I so can’t wait to get my feet back on Malaysia’s soil. (neh direct trans ke jenn oi)
On Monday I went to Sun Plaza and played ice-skating for the last time there (yes they are closing on the 15th of Dec).
It was NOT satisfying. The shuz are no longer maintained. The ice berbatu-batu. And the crowd was, urm, jelek. Heh.But then they all want to eat @ Papa Ron’s. Got my alfredo. Aaaah. Satisfying.

Recently my sinus sgt teruk. It began to give me headache now and then. It starts to block my respiratory tract, which made me have to use the carbon dioxide way out as two-way-function. Geddit? Well I got a headache while I’m skating yesterday. So bertambah jelek aa the situation.

On Tuesday we went to PAJUS (pajak USU) and buy some stuff there. BRACELETS! Not all are nice, u got to really carik. Buy some sim cards. (Really, it’s cheaper to buy another sim card than top up). Then one thing happened. I saw him! Better said, he tegur us (me n achik) well not tegur..kinda memeranjatkan kitorang. I never tot of seeing him ‘gain.. It’s refreshing to see him before heading back to Malaysia(where I am totally free from a guy who’s been asking round for my phone no in Msia). Heh. Ops. Totally kantoi. Hope he’s not reading this.

Okay dins(update la babe), I know u will probably went like “hello jenn, u forget to mention who’s he” heh. Nanti I’ll tell u lah. But ditekankan disini he’s nothing to me, not my crush ke ape. Just sumone yg suke mengacau and I feel senang wif. A friend.

On Wednesday we all went to Pajak Ikan where we bought all kinds of ikan.
Heh. No la.
Believe it or not Pajak Ikan sells shirts,clothes that stuffz.
We went there with an aunty whom the Indian girls knew,so that they can bargain la.
I just bought what maksu pesan to me. Seiously susah gile carik untuk orang. But hopefully my maksu will like what I bought for her. Nothing interesting happened this day.Yeah right.
How about when your beca got arrested by police because he illegally pass thru a route that beca are not allowed at all. You see, here in Medan they got ‘kawasan tertib lalu lintas’. Out of that kawasan you can be, untertib. Ish. Xpaham betul. Anyway,the gurls all get they passport today except for Achik and Shamalee. For me, dah dapat lamer dah since I bravely bwat sendiri. Alhamdulillah beres a week ago.

Today pegi tgk result. The final part. Alhamdulillah. I passed every part.

till then

cant wait to be back.


dins said...

hello kawan.mau saye update?huh.mane ade mase di sini.internet connection sangat hampeh.wireless non existant.(ana kem slm).saye x reti tulis blog.nothing interesting happened engine clan,so no story to tell.heh.pegi ah blog saye tu.ade laa sket2.psl kuantan.haha.what else to talk about?c ya soon bebeh!

jennz said...

kem slm blk ana. mish her.

i so miss oogleing at carrie guy.

so bad engine clan stuck in gombak.