Monday, July 23, 2007

+.::.+ hello y'all +.::.+

okayh. satu sukses bahwa saya berada di cc.
satu lagi sukses setelah beberapa kali mencoba makanya dapat buat posting baru di blogger ini.
satu lagi sukses saya karna tlah berjaya register kuliah dalam periode 2 hari.
suksesnya saya lagi karna tlah menonton harry potter dan transformers, biarpun ianya last show gi medan ini. saya harus pergi ke grand palladium untuk menontonnya.
betapa suksesnya lagi saya karna tlah membeli buku harry potter yang baru dan tlah membaca 4/6 daripadanya.

seems lika i'm happy aite?

well here's the math.
i figure out that since i'm soOooo mental that i nearly dried up all my lacrimal glands before coming here, let's psyched myself into being happy.
eventho feeling a bit remorse when it's so hard to being in contact with the ones i love, i try and i pray..

in few days that i've been here, i've been able to shed a few cm of adipose tissue.
sampaikan my recently bought elle watch pun da longar~
and i felt ringan sket da..berbanding time hols yang rade berat semacam je...

ingatkan nak letak some of the pics that i've taken. pics of the usual medan atmosphere.
cz seems like ramai sgt yang tanye;
kat medan ade ape??
ape yang best kat medan??

but then since my room kat my new house tak settle lagi..i've ditched my 1.9kg thingy for the time being. so no pics uploading, no pics editting and so on.

updates of me is...
i can't believe i had been bitten by some pest. sangat saket kay. berdenyut2 macam hape in the middle of the night. nasebbaek tak jadi cicak-lady ke lipas-lady ke. ewe.
n i dok2 mengalami mimpi yang samer..dreaming of figuring where the heck is my 1st harry potter book. kinda like harry potter dreams yang mengarahkan him towards the ministry of magic tuh...crazy am i?
other than that okay kot. no diare, no crazy thots of doing something crazy yet.

oh okay. i miss u guys. nk pegi USU nak gi amek mende amendetah...

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

+.::.+ pergilah rinduku +.::.+

cant actually imagine. at this time of day, 2moro,
i'm not here anymore.
i will be back at my beloved Medan.

cant imagine not hearing the Fly FM big bang breakfast show 2moro.
not knowing the now rm3 500 answer to the 'wake up your brain' question,
"what does 22% of people bring when they travels?"
and thanx for such playing such a great order of songs this morning.
* elliot yamin - wait for you
* yellowcard - only one
* fergie - big girls dont cry
sebbaek laaaaaaa x sambung ngan lagu Katherine McPhee - Over It. heih. kalo tak ade rase nak saman Fly Fm ni..huhu for no reason.

today is the last day kat Mesia ni, well dunt know when i will be back again.
people are targetting to balek on Eid. but me rase cam takkkkk je....
ole2 utk orang medan tak beli lagi ni.
n lupe plak nk beli berus gigi baru.
dah maser da nk tuka baru ni.huhu.

waargh.rase cam nak muntah2.

semalam agaknya dins ade bagi her impulsiveness,
and maybe pika gave her loving n caring attitude,
and shera probably lend me her pleasing people side.

cz smlm ngan beraninya...
well lets just say,
buat kerje gile? check!

kenape laa asek rase nk nanges niiiiii........
nak balik belajar laa....
kenape niiiiiiiii......
huu. u r so not gud at keeping what u think.
but u are not that gud in expressing ur feelings too.
it sucks to be a jennyto.

*tgh low self-esteem gle ni.*


Tuesday, July 17, 2007

+.::.+ have u ever +.::.+


pika. i did it again.

please jennyto ...................................

y u haf 2 b like dis?

it sucks 2 b a cry baby.
well i'm not admitting i am.

Monday, July 16, 2007

+.::.+ of the experiences +.::.+

1. driving

one can say women are emotional drivers 10% of the time.
the 90% of it they are rational. indeed. guys? dont be big-headed kay. or sum1 will end up calling u MCP behind ur back. or maybe at ur side, or infront, depends on the position of ur car,dat is.

motorist. they no longer know that they are small and shud be at the side of the road. not the middle of it.

signal before manoeuvre. a community service message in the tv, radio n everywhere else. u passed the driving test ryte, shows tat u r not blind, deaf or had brain haemorrhage (well if you do, sum1 else shud drive u to the nearest hospital).

be patient. not everyone has the high neuron speed like u do. after all, it's their car, their safety. reserve your honking for emergency.

2. shopping

customer service is important.

beware of these shops:

* pizza hut (seremban parade)
* goggles (jusco s2)
* [i-cant-bother-to-know-what-is-the-name-of-the-shop] watch shop (sogo)

thank you for making my day:

* 7-e (paroi jaya)
* nose (midv)
* shopaholic (times square)
* tropicana life (cineleisure)

3. travelling.

pedestrian please use the pedestrian crossing. it was, after all, named after you.

air asia new system where u can pay a lil extra so that u can enter a lil early. but what about mother n child?? aren't we supposed to be courteous?

KTM komuter. *applause* for the trying-to-upgrade the halt. what about the tracks? and the trains? this is a very fast moving world right now. the only thing that is slowing down is the blue-train thingy. uhh.

" nothing u confess..would make me love you less " -the pretenders

Saturday, July 14, 2007

+.::.+ all good things must come to an end +.::.+


it's really coming.

my hols.

it's really coming to an end.

my nearly 2months-long hols.

it's seriously coming to an end.

n maser2 ni laa...raser cam an emotional rollercoaster coming.

" to love sum1 deeply gives u strength, being loved by sum1 deeply gives u courage. "

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

+.::.+ one swallow doesn't make a summer +.::.+

well the proverb is right.
one swallow really doesn't make a summer.

the opposite of the proverb's meaning is also right.
if one bad thing happened to you,it doesn't neccasarily mean that your whole day is gonna be bad.

visiting k.i yang da jadi o.k.u.s (orang kurang upaya sementara) due to accident. semoge cepat elok keq~

well i used to be that way. lagi2 when i wake up later than i planned. raser cam bad mood je the whole day. now i'm no longer that idiot girl. eventho in some matters, i still am. haha. macam this cuti gak..i started off boring. eventho pegi sabah, tapi ade rase keboringan yang amat. but then, everything turns out fine. erm, insyaAllah.
other than that, i've been keeping my feelings all to myself lately, since ... ehem. i guess i never told that story also to my bloggie. it's just not me. seriously i felt it was hard to keep all these thoughts to myself. but during that time, there was no one. no one to talk to. well there is. but i was ragu2, don't want to burden anyone. but i still am, kan?

bersama ummi dan mummy (bukan shera tau.) saye pereka nya~

now, i dont feel it is too hard to contain my feelings anymore. macam dah biase. cume kadang tu..i felt like i shud tell sum1, but then..tapayahlaa.. i dunt know is this a good thing for me or not. coz by keeping all these tots n feelings to myself, mestilaa people dunt know what i want, n therefore i can't get what i want!!!

well, itu laa yang i had to sacrifice. i had to learn yang bukan semua yang kite nak tu boleh dpat..tapi kalo kite pendamkan...does that counts as tak berusaha??? hurm...

ngan along jalan2 di klcc! yeay! alfredo? check!

to let it be??


to fight for it??

my hols are ending. and u know how i hate it.
well i dunt hate it very much. cz dis hol i had a blast seeing my fwens n a good time shuppink n also holiday trips wif my pham...
kalolaa i dapat end it wif watching harry potter(n the order of phoenix) wif my fwens..huhu

kat pee dee's ancasa. tiap2 ari burn kan kulit kat swimming pool~

9 days left. to my flight date.
ironi nya, jerawat ke-9 saye muncul.
nk ditambah lagi?? sy di negeri 9. haha dat doesn't count. i know.

dearies~ (including shewa..ciann die xley masok gamba ni sbb pakai kale biroo) mish ya! nk jumpe las tyme??? please..before jennyto balik....

Monday, July 09, 2007

+.::.+ a never ending story +.::.+

it's been exactly one week since my last entry.

and lots of things had happened.

let's just put it that way.

and yet lots of things that should be done by today,
had failed to be carried out.

huh. i'm so lazy ryte now~

hepi start kuliah to most of my fwens : spactees, miya, azkeey, keq, muiz.

hwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~buhsanlaa saye :p
humph. saye update besok je la.
xde mood betoi.

pade kanak-kanak di luar sane : tolong cari duit dengan care yang halal.
elakkan membuli dan memeras ugut. besar sok nak jadi ape haa? tsk3.

Monday, July 02, 2007

+.::.+ oh mr. D +.::.+


happy monday to everyone.

i had a very-very-full of activities weekend.
nak upload pics tapi tah nape blogger cam hape je..
hwa...dah laa nak kne berpisah ngan my 1.9kg thingy jap gi nie...
i'll mish u!!!!! waaaaa~

sampai tak sedar pun, tibe2 dah monday balik, and this week is the settle-everything week.
huuh. dah JULY!!!!!! dah tak lamer dah nak balik medan...
MY HOLS are comin to an end!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
tamao tamao tamao tamao~

neway. this week da bajet akan jadi another week yang rase mase tak cukup je..
tapi taperla, dah prepared mentally kan. (aih. jennito sgt mental, tau x)
taaaapiiiii...sunday nite jaa...aih...
saket perut!!!!!!!
huu~ diare saye!!! (slanga indon)

kalo omputih kate : diarrhea.
meaning: a condition in which the sufferer has frequent watery, loose bowel movements.
huuu my worse recorded condition ever. tulaa dulu dok gelakkan d guys from next door(kt medan) sbb perut derang sensitive na..almost everyday akan ade sumone yang kne. but mereka sangat kompak, adella je orang2 yang akan meng fill in kan attendance..huhu. skang sayer yg kne..waaargh.

camneh ni?????!!!!!
org kate elok minum teh pekat.
masalahnyer : saye tak suke!!!! takde care laen ke.. waaaa tatet!!!!!!

huu..c u guys wen i c dis 1.9kg thingy bak (tah biler tu)

"I think that's what a relationship is...not figuring someone out, putting them in a box and calling that a friendship. But it's a dance really, where you're continually trying to figure somebody out and they're continuing to learn who you are." - Jon Foreman