Sunday, July 10, 2011

day 2 : breakfast : nasi lemak

Salam. I'm back with the 30 days challenge.
Been a bit busy with week 9 of surgery department.

Nasi lemak is a very popular Malaysian dish. So if you're a Malaysian & you went somewhere that nasi lemak is unavailable, macamane? Masaklah!
It is an easy pheasy cooking.
Kalau tak tahu, malu.

always yummy!
the ingredients.
Haha i don't need to elaborate how to cook okeyh?
#1 it's easy pheasy.
#2 I'm a bit in hurry.

See you guys in the next entry!

Monday, July 04, 2011

Sunat. Again?

all smiles.
salam. after the previous sunatan massal,we never thought that 2 days after that we will be call back again, to do another round. i am even more confident to do it now!!!

it was at another place, & this time I teamed up with a PPDS, dr Said. He was cool. Like super cool. Coz we did like 10 boys before lunch!!! I learned a lot that day. Yeay!! Even this is my fourth time joining this kind of thing, I still think that I need to learn a lottttttttttt! (emphasize on the LOT.) We managed to do 13 boys. With the total boys involved on this day 103. Phew. 

at the PT. PLN (spot me!)

the two seated in front are the PPDS.
that's abg Said & kak Septi.
Thank you 4 all d experience given!

Alhamdulillah on the opportunity given. I am very thankful indeed.

Sunday, July 03, 2011

day 1 : breakfast : introduction & karipap

salam. a bit much of me to do a teaser eyh?
actually i am feeling rather bored with the usual hospital-home routine.
and i feel like i need to challenge myself.
i tried all the sports activity. swimming, jogging, futsal yada yada.
it was fun, but not fulfilling. hehe.

so i think & think, let's cook!
i will learn something new, & i got to eat summore!
i'm not trying to cook fancy things,
just some stuffs that i like to eat...& are hard to find here in Medan!

so let's roll.
for the first entry, i choose to learn how to make karipap (curry puff) from norasliza.
she was the only person who i know cud make a karipap in a breeze.
thank you 4 teaching me dear friend!!!!

so here's how it done.

steps in making the exoskeleton of karipap.

a. divide the flour into two compartments.
b. one u dough it with water, one with margarine.
c. make small balls of the yellow dough & put it into the white dough. make a ball out of it.
d. flatten the dough (the one with the yellow inside it) & cut half so that u can roll it into e.
e. roll it & pull it a bit (u might wanna ask how to do this, it is rather complicated). once u have the elongated version (not in picture) roll it & cut in halves. Flat the halves & they are ready for you to put any kind of filling. you can put sardine, potatoes or anything inside it!
f. make sure the sides are flatten throughly
g. 'kelim' the sides. it's rather hard for 1st timers.
f. fry it!

i am sooooooooo happy that i have learned how to make a karipap! no more frozen karipap to fry, i can make it all by myself!! huahuahua.

i am not opening a cooking class here, just mere reporting that i have cooked! hehe. so if u wanna try, u cn ask in the comment column! or just DM tweet me! ngee.

Saturday, July 02, 2011

30 days challenge!

cooking vs medical duty

not a scene in the regular kitchen eyh?
watch this space....coming soon!!!!

Friday, July 01, 2011

sunatan sunathon sunat sunaaaat! wajib.

what a long meaningless title. hehe.
but you geddit right?
sunat = khitan = circumcision.

alhamdulillah last Wednesday, in conjunction with holiday in honour of Isra' Mi'raj,
most of the PPDS and the dokter muda *ehemehem* and medical students are involved in sunatan massal.
their aim is about 3000 young boys to be circumcised during that day.
but of course,
dimanaaaa tenaga medisnyyyyaaaa...

so those yang udah bisa can be an operator, & teaching their friends at the same time.
I managed to be one.
It was an opportunity not to be missed.

iha & febrina

iela & fara

iha seronok since it was her 1st time

the team : iha, me & febrina
we managed to do 5.  penatttttt pastuhhh.
we met a lot of people with deifferent attitude.
one thing i learned that we must know how to handle people. especially dramatic ones. T_T.