Friday, July 28, 2006

[love is the movement]

:: countdown to stars : 13 daes ::

staying at home doesnt make ur life very interesting.

i've tried in every way to make it one. haha. whatever.

anyway, the date of my flight has been finalised.

10th of August. 0820 hours. dats on thursday.

then one hour journey, i will arrive around 0815 hours in Medan, Indonesia.

oh yeah.

Syarifuddin Seban.

there. someone who wish me gud luck.

(actually die just nak his name on d entry. nah,kamu)

to spactees yg akan ke rumah achik 2moro. hope u guys have fun. sory i cant come along.
i have to help umie wif a celcom charity project at STAD.

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