Tuesday, May 25, 2010


ah, jatuh sakit pula dua tiga hari ni.

but i am thankful that i am back on my feet again. INEEDTOmaaaaaa!

no hols for kami-anak-ko-as.

i experienced first time seeing a live baby-USG yesterday, otherwise another hypo/hyper-echoic lesion-suggestive-of-metastatic-blah-blah-blah.

Allah Maha Besar.

How the baby is created and moving inside the mother's womb, and even how the technology that has been blessed for us enabled us to see it.

like. :)
(so much for fb's 'like')

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

i should change my blog name to nonsense

"i am not ready to write a mind-blowing, heart-touching entry yet," i said to myself.

but yet everyday i meet up with mind-blowing diseases and everyday someone touches my heart with simple gestures, that can made me smile, or even cry.

"it's just i dont know how to write," i added.

but yet i learnt how to write since i was so young i couldn't barely remember. my parents, my siblings, my kindergarten teacher, primary schoolteacher all contributed to what i am doing write now.


kalo da name alasan tu, alasan je la.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

nonsense part two

went to PORSENI's closing.
cheering for awesome band.
riding Betty with ummi.
eating 1st ever mee hailam at medan.
waking up.
gossiping with shazzy.
clearing bushes at lawn.
counting 'buah mangga' and balut-ing them.
eating last night's farah's tom yam.
cooking nasi goreng.
eating nasi goreng.
cooking ayam masak merah n clear soup for ielala's nasi tomato.

i am happy i am blessed with these activities.

my happy weekend. :)

what's your typical weekend?

Saturday, May 15, 2010

nonsense part one

i'm amazed by some people who can touch people hearts just by words.

but not those who use words to manipulate the heart.

i'm at radiology department now and there's a wide array of patients that i've encounterd everyday.

neglected trauma, suspected tuberculosis, ovarian cyst, just to name a few.

even the radiology department is supposed to be an easy-to-go-through-dept, i find myself not capable of organizing my own self. (-_-")

too caught up with other people plans.

damn. i miss the old, headstrong me.