Friday, November 24, 2006

[more about november]

i'm terribly annoyed.wif this one person yg i da lame gile sabar.
seems like die x reti2 bahase.
not that i hate die.
but i just x ske the way die approach me.
just like that.
ingat jenn ni sape.

die lansung x knal sape jenn sbenarnye.
n x pasal2 nk judge me this n that.
nk jeles la.
nk kate jenn sombong la.

jenn tekankan kat sini.
i dont hate die.
i am just annoyed.
neway die gave such nice cards.
but annoying words.

i'm not special or all that.
die shud cari org lain.
i got org lain.

haha. i wish.
cheesy guy.
remember him?
more like chipsmore guy.
chipsmore cheesy.haha.

eyh. rindu nk mkn butter crunch chipsmore.
sum1 tlg mknkan 4 me.n masak lemak cili api too.

gosh. patience jennito.december is around d corner.i'll be home soon.
and spactees will berpusat @ qtan.sad. sad. mish them like crazy.
the delicious toppings of my life.

my phone da many things to pay ryt now.
aduhai..nk makan pun pk 2-3 kali.
eish. apsal sini xde butter crunch chipsmore haa??!!

neway my baby blaze dah kuar.any USU students nak beli contact me aa..


dins said...

kamu.bagus.kamu sudah punya other half?bagus.saye x de langsung lg.huhu.rindu kamu.

alongariff said...!!