Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Monday, July 06, 2009

my lips like sugar~

"buat ape nak bersedih atas perbuatan orang kan?"

diri ini memujuk hati yang kononnye terusik.

dari status FB -- i'm dead.

kepada kemas uma :)

*sedikit senyum untuk mencuba menggembirakan hati.

walaupon kemas umah tak semestinya boleh menggembirakan hati.

tapi kalo tengok umah kemas, memang puas hati.

sudahlah episod yang lepas,

hari ini minggu baru, mulakan lembar baru.

berazam untuk membuat lunch untuk adik kesayangan.

not buying from Leha World.

(d akak is back! erk. mals tol nak tengok muke masam die.)

minggu ini ade beberapa aim :

- get those heavy medical books for next sem.

- pay keq's moolah. maaf keq baya lambat sgt.

- ganti puase! :p sikit demi sikit...

tgh humming to david archuleta song..

"try to reach out to touch my hand.."



Sunday, July 05, 2009

diu diu diu!~

truth is i dont know what to do now.

i THINK i want to start over and start a whole new blog.

like that will start your life once again.

right at this moment, im just pissed off.
tired of dis one person who like to judge me now and then.
and X is not even my mother.
and not my father either.
what im doing online DOESNT neccesarily reflect how im feeling now.
and DOESNT mean dat i look happy and carefree that i dont think about people.
i DO care. and it hurts that u can judge me by my FB status.
so what? i dont like to pour my emotions to the FB.
its like yesterday u dont even know how to use it and now ur attacking me?
well, here's to the 1st post in months...!

Monday, June 15, 2009




dah lamer tak jenguk...
tibe-tibe terase nak jenguk...

kalo saye rajen...

saye akan sambung blog ini dengan jayenye!!
*saye tgh ultimate malas ni!*


saye di mesia skang ni, jom meet up!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

not a comeback,just chattering

yes i know i havent blog much and i dont think people do read my blog anymore.

"its ok, nevermind," my lecturer would said.

it's the end of emergency medicine block, and we're struggling to finish 10 weeks of notes in 2 days.

after the exam would be another series of exams, and then i'll be home.

back to home, after 8 months living like a true Medan girl.

i miss my home so much, miss my parents, siblings, friends, foods, and so on.
(see how the food came after the people?)


i cant wait to replenish my energy with seeing the spactees.
hanging out with along.
listening to adik and abang stories.
meeting up friends.

c u soon!

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

confused state. (will i always be like this?)

so i understand.

that u are afraid to love.afraid to let it all out.

coz u've learnt it all.

so why on earth do u do it?


Tuesday, March 31, 2009

my love, d

happy belated bdae darling~
mish uuu much.

random 2

quoting from arifah's blog - anonymously dedicated.

When you hold true to the believe that there is a Higher Power that holds your heart,
you will be at peace knowing that for every wave of emotions you experience,
there is an explanation as to why you are feeling that way.

Sometimes when it hurts too much,
you will realize that that is when you find strength.

Sometimes when the yearning is too intense,
you will appreciate it all the more.

all the time,
you just have to be thankful that you are able to feel...


random 1

what does it mean to write from the heart?

maybe you will feel that you can pour your heart out and all the feelings will be gone, if not lessen, and then you will feel better?

apetah jennyto merapu.

i cant say im perfect.

i cant say im good.

and i cant even say that i tried to be good and near perfect.

i love being around people.
i just do.
sometimes in some crazy way, i'll do anything for people.

even when they shove their asses rite at my face.


where did that come from. macam org tak berilmu okey.

but wuteffs.

i just want to be happy.

is that hard?

can some1 made me happy?

unhappy, jennyto.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

+.::.+ something to ponder +.::.+

adalah bongkahan batu bara yang menjadi bagus di bawah tekanan.

i'm in the middle of thesis-proposal writing. (a.k.a Kerja Tulis Ilmiah)

i'm back, but not as active as before.

i'm hoping someday i'll be the diamond.

Monday, January 19, 2009

+.::.+ jennytokah? +.::.+

setelah 262 posts......


tapi saye kasi seminggu ni untuk pk.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

+.::.+ adakah ini jennyto +.::.+

salam guys.

sangat lama telah ku tinggalkan duniaku yang satu ini.
bukan mahuku.
bukan inginku.
tapi oleh kerana speedy sangat ****** sehingga memotong servis selama 1 minggu lebih hanya kerana 3 ribu.

3 ribu rupiah beb.

Selamat Tahun Baru.

agak terlambatkah?
tapi tak kesahlah.
ape azam korang sumer untuk tahun ni?
jennyto takde azam.
die pk untuk lepas yang tengah dihadapi sekarang je.

n theres nothing else on her mind.

n we medic students are supposed to be all-rounded.
yea,dream on jenn, if u keep this kind of attitude.

ape ni.
tak ceria lansung.

cuti ni sebenarnye seronok.
seronok sangat.

tapi saye bukan jenis yang bercerite kepada semua seperti saye ni pop star untuk anda bace tentang kisah saye.

cube bace kisah Palestine sekarang.
lagi bagus.

tapi saye juge orang yang suke senarai mende yang dibuat waktu cuti.


mungkin next entry.

---> isnin ni dah start sem baru...emo cuti abes kot.