Tuesday, June 19, 2012

can't thank you enough.

WARNING! This is gonna be a long and boring list of thank you's.

This entry is long due, but I MUST write this one.
I've my convocation day, or the Indonesian word is wisuda on the 28th of May 2012.
At first I thought it will be just another boring ceremony but it turns out differently.
I was overwhelmed with emotions!
Surreal, thankful, proud, sad, everything.

But the dominant one is thankful.
Syukran walhamdulillah, praise to Allah swt, for without His guidance, I am nothing.

My parents, my ummi and my ayah, who has been there to everything, every cry, every hardship, every success. Thank you for the sleepless nights you guys has prayed for me, thank you for the never ending pocket money, thank you for being the ears when I cry.

:') overwhelmed.

Along. Angah. Abang. Adik. Thanks for always praying for my safety and success. 

Along and angah.


My coass-group mates. Iela. Farah. Iha. Due. Syaff. Thanks for helping me through the accident, helping me through coassistant life. Thanks for everything. Thanks for being my family. Even this family has a little dysfunctional habit. Thanks for coping thru my ups and downs. Thanks for bearing with my temper (hehehe). Thanks for covering my duty when I'm lazy. (that's not always.)

their oath ceremony. :')

Halfway done : obstet & gynae.

The MARA circle. Thanks for being a BIGGER family there, letting me and achik in the circle. Thanks for the birthday parties, the raya celebrations, the hangouts, the karok sessions, the sight seeing everywhere...!!!

Starting coass.


Winning futsal & Fara's bday celeb.

My spact8culous sisters. Dinie. Afiqah. Shahirah. Izzati.Izzati. (there's two of em!). Suhaili. Wani. Even if we have our own ways now, but I still remember how u guys are always a phone call away when I need a friend. Let's do a reunion annually! heheh.

Shiro's wedding day : Dins, shiro, Pika, Abboy.

My adik-adik. Shima. Zulaikha. Hani. Diba. Aliaa. Amira. and my paeds group mates : Ika, Dewi, Mitha, Otneil, Iwan, Donny. Korang memang terbaik. Thanks for accepting me in your group hehehehe.

Diba, Cma, Iela, Ika, Seha, Mira and me. 

Ika and Dewi

Patients admitted to RSUP HAM and their families. Thank you for cooperating, giving us the chance to learn. No one can repay what your diseases thought us, and for that, you are the greatest teacher.

Specialists, residents, fellow batchmates.

Everyone. Thanks for touching me with your hearts.

I'm moving to my next chapter of life : housemen.