Tuesday, May 30, 2006

[step by step]

well,ever wonder how u gt to d place wher u now? i mean,did u plan to be wher u r ryt now? can it be a mistake that that places u ther?

we just have to realize that we hav made a lot of mistakes to get to the top. no one hav ever succeed being right all d way... for me, d mistakes i made i take it as sumthing dat build me up.

"puaslah kita menangis mengapa Allah SWT turunkan hujan dan ribut..rupa-rupanya Allah SWT nak berikan kita pelangi"

i never consider taking biomedical science as a reject for medicine. during d years, i learned a lot, about everything else..i even got to dissect a mouse one sem earlier than those med students..haha...

my 2nd dissection mouse.
i called her micheal j fox.
can u see how neatly i put the small intestine? heheee...

meeting new friends,involving in a great society,learning more about Islam in IIUM than everywher else...hang out every weekend wif spact8..are just d things dat r possible to do if i am a med student from start. Allah SWT has created in such a way, we should never give up our hope, and believe in everything that He has scheduled for us. [a bit tazkirah eyt]

step by step,we should go towards our aim..even tho sumtime it seems dat our goals are unreachable...never ever give up!

dis is...
pre-sciences students society

[how i mish d works n d ppl~like my 2nd family!!]

anyway...i better start learning my poor physics again..or i never be a med student. lol...

ah...forget one thing! afundi diddy *winks*

Monday, May 29, 2006

[d med dream]

wahey!!! since jenn hav so much time to waste this hols, jenn might as well start tis blog-thingy..
jenn might not keep it up to date,but..who knows..jenn might keep it very much updated??

jenn kinda think to devote this blog entirely starting jenn's journey to be an otorhinolaryngologist...it's d future..no one knows about. jenn started to dream to became an ENT specialist(simply called) since jenn hav to undergo a minor operation in form 2. d doctor's name is zaki. and d place is Southern Hospital,Malacca (d hospital's name now has changed..couldn't remember d new name).

well..not entirely devoted to that..of course..maybe a lil sneak peek of my love life..lol.

so right now,it's only one step away from being a medical student. horror. jenn hav to take this selection test,which is 17 days away..yet jenn doesn't study enough yet..waa!!! the selection test covers chemistry,biology,mathematics,physics and something called IPA terpadu..most of which jenn has forgot 90% of it....

if jenn succeed in this test, jenn sadly hav to leave d lovely IIUM wif my lovely fwens,my spact8...currently jenn taking biomedical science there. it was a gr8 course,but somehow jenn still want to try reaching for the sky...or the stars..hehee...

well i cant go just yet without mentioning my musical taste right? haha..right now, i'm listening to all sorts of bands..my favs switchfoot..aar..rooney. heh. and my cuz introduce dis : relient k. quite quality music they made [haha from my point of view].

well dats it for warming up...

p.s~in case u're wondering y am i using my name as d third party..heh..i just saw a movie about trump and trump often refer to himself as d third party..i tot i mite try it out...but i guess it just sounded like tarzan..haha..