Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Monday, July 06, 2009

my lips like sugar~

"buat ape nak bersedih atas perbuatan orang kan?"

diri ini memujuk hati yang kononnye terusik.

dari status FB -- i'm dead.

kepada kemas uma :)

*sedikit senyum untuk mencuba menggembirakan hati.

walaupon kemas umah tak semestinya boleh menggembirakan hati.

tapi kalo tengok umah kemas, memang puas hati.

sudahlah episod yang lepas,

hari ini minggu baru, mulakan lembar baru.

berazam untuk membuat lunch untuk adik kesayangan.

not buying from Leha World.

(d akak is back! erk. mals tol nak tengok muke masam die.)

minggu ini ade beberapa aim :

- get those heavy medical books for next sem.

- pay keq's moolah. maaf keq baya lambat sgt.

- ganti puase! :p sikit demi sikit...

tgh humming to david archuleta song..

"try to reach out to touch my hand.."



Sunday, July 05, 2009

diu diu diu!~

truth is i dont know what to do now.

i THINK i want to start over and start a whole new blog.

like that will start your life once again.

right at this moment, im just pissed off.
tired of dis one person who like to judge me now and then.
and X is not even my mother.
and not my father either.
what im doing online DOESNT neccesarily reflect how im feeling now.
and DOESNT mean dat i look happy and carefree that i dont think about people.
i DO care. and it hurts that u can judge me by my FB status.
so what? i dont like to pour my emotions to the FB.
its like yesterday u dont even know how to use it and now ur attacking me?
well, here's to the 1st post in months...!