Saturday, October 27, 2007

+.::.+ karena aku sensitif +.::.+

look. i cant help it.

but i can feel if someone heard an untruthful news a.k.a a lie about me.

even if u pretend u are still my friend.

or i can know if someone is taking me for granted.

even if u said u are not.

i'm not that concious-freak.

but i KNOW okay.

i JUST know.

not the Matt-Parkman-knows-it or Hermoine's-know-it-all.

but I do know.

huh. how i wish i would know the answers to the earlier paper question.

peeps. don't do to others what u dont want others do to u.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

+.::.+ another goodbye +.::.+

entry kali ni special sangat sangat sangat untuk kawanku yang ku kenal time zaman di USU ni.

seseorang yang sangat best bile diajak berborak.

memang best kalo bagi idea sebab die akan support and bagi feedback.

memang best sebab level komitmen die tinggi dalam wat ape-ape hal.

memang best lagi kalo diajak merapu.

rinie b. ramli.

from his FS:

"There has been some changes happened in my life rite now.. and 1 of it is i wont continue my studies in medicine anymore..Sadly to say due to lots of misfortune goin on in my personal life n my family, i had to give way to this wonderful opportunity i had here in Medan.. 1 of d reason is financial problem..I would like to apologize to:1.Perwakilan Malaysia USU for not being able to continue my role as d vice president2.USU itself for not finishing my studies3.To all my frens n those who know me who i might hurt/offended in anyway4.For not being able to joke,fool around,kacau-ing anymore or giving weird,foolish,unwise advise which is not suppose to give (reminds me y ask advice from me?)5.For not being able to screw ppl's mind during exams (man i love this part!my fav!)6.And to my beloved Ucuk for not being there with uThrough my short years in USU, i've met many frens which i'll always adore n will always b loved whereva u guys are.. and i thank you for ur attention n patience with my weird personality (LOL!)..But never-the-less, we will always b frens ^^Luckily in this unfortunate events, i've been granted another opportunity to pursue in other field which i cant talk much rite now coz we are still finalizing d agreement.. but will definitely let u guys know once its done ^^Its funny how thgs goin around u.. but i know tht this is just another test.. a test for d fittest.. a test in life~Like my mom used to say"Allah SWT cuma menguji orang yang Dia sayang"..being positive is always my priority~And definitely 1 day i'll be a doc.. the fire of passion is still burning in me.."
huh..i'm missing ur celotehans ryte now..
bye rins!~
hope we'll see each other soon!~

Saturday, October 20, 2007

+.::.+ i hate it +.::.+

i hate it.

i did enjoy my hols.

lagi-lagi when pegi Danau Toba.
road trip that took nearly 5 hours (or is it 6?) from Medan to Parapat.

sangat kewlness to the drivers. salutes.

then carik2 hotel. d mandi-mandas. d makan-makans.
d naek bot n bebeks. d shoppings. d his(their)-stories.
d cicaks. d breasts. (wutever batak means.)

okay. sangat fun sampai takleh nak cite.


1. sbb sonok sgt.
2. sbb panjang sgt kalo nk cite.
3. sbb korunk leh tgk gamba je. click sini. kat sini leh gak.
4. sbb ade lagi satu perasaan tak best.
5. sbb ade lagi satu perasaan yang lagi tak best.


i totally hate it when hols are ending.
macammane ni???

tiap-tiap abes hols pun mcmnie.
rase nk muntah je.
rase cam nk ngamuk kt sume org.
rase x puas ati.

ingat mende ni akan berlaku kalo balek mesia.
sbb x puas cuti kt mesia pendek sgt,
n, erm, wutever.
tapi kt sini pun ader gk perasaaan tu.
rase cm nk kuakan perkataan tak elok.
tapi itu bukan saye okay.


tido lagi elok.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

+.::.+ raya@medan! +.::.+

selamat hari raya aidilfitri,u guys.

i just went through 3 very eventful days, eventhough these 3 tiring-but satisfying is uncomparable (or is it incomparable?) with celebrating raya with family, back in Malaysia...

in order for me to keep showing off (haha!) that i DO NOT cry for the sake of not being back in Malaysia, here it goes!!~

Day 1 a.k.a 1 Syawal

we went to the Malaysian Embassy to perform the solat aidilfitri there, and have a little bit makan-makan after that.
eventhough we already had makan-makan at our house (with rendang, nasi impit, macaroni goreng, kuih raya, etc)..jangan tak tau..fud at our house lagi meriah dari what they serve at the embassy!!~ hehee..

after that, we all went to Pak Reza's house, he's my housies' punye kenalan, during our 1st yir (ala-ala harry potter)..
then, as masing-masing punye perut dah pernoh, we head back home, and with intention to visit Mbak Yam, the lady which helps us with cleaning the house. but she was not at home.
so we all balik, TIDO. since the night before raye, we were up until 3 adjusting n siaping baju!~

in the afternoon, we went to Nisa' house. Nisa' is a friend I get to know in my IIUM Gombak times. Now she's fast friends with Dins, Shewa & Pika!! (these 3 i miss them so much!!) We ate delicious lontong and rendang!!! n as usual haf a little dose of gossip~ :)

Next stop is Carrefour, to buy stuff to cook tomorrow. Why tomorrow? wait a,

Straight from Carrefour, we all went to Illya & Hajar's house. They have some makan-makan there, so makan-makan la lagi!!! Spicy kuetiaw tomyam was served there, and we ate full-heartedly! (dengan sepenoh hati! :p)

Is it done???


We made a last stop, at Kampung Keling.
The guys pegi beli mercun and stuff!!! Crazy a they all!! Time puase dah main da sket-sket..tapi macam mellow-mellow je laa mercun...these time diorang beli hard-core nye...ahaxs... then we went back, siapkan masak for tomorrow.

Oh, it is already 4 a.m when we all went to bed.

2nd day a.k.a 2 Syawal.

it's our turn to do makan-makan!!!!

menu : nasi lemak pantai timur, 'mee hoon greng afiq', kek milo :p , and other foodstuffs.

our makan-makan clashed with the YT's. (yayasan terengganu) but it doesn't stop the guests from coming!!~
after 4hours layaning the guests, we all 'tutup kedai' and went to the YT's!!! makan nasi minyak!

malam tu, when the YT's turn to comeover, we all buat fireworks a.k.a mercun display!!!
disponsor oleh the guys + iela!
huhu gegarkan SEI BahOrOk!!~

hehehe...memang besh!! :P

Day 3 a.k.a 3 Syawal

Tido setengah hari.
penat gile dengan x cukup tido.

then, Bowling!!~

i have to admit, i pernah pegang bola bowling tu aderlaa dalam 3 kali before this.
but disebabkan diorang ajak, and i have nothing to do.

mainlaa ceritenye. :)

xdela hebat, but xdela teruk. cz dapat la beberapa spare.
entirely LUCK, i tell you.

that's it. i'll update later coz there's more happenings later this week!!!

ps- i did took lots of pictures, but Blogger cam bengong2...
to view the pics click here :

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

+.::.+ i remembered +.::.+

i hate to bring this up.
i hate to remember how it felt.
i hate to make someone feel uneasy.

so first of all, i'm sorry.

this entry is somehow sucking the happiness out of me.
the same it did to a very important person in my life.
this entry will be as vague as possible eventho i hate to say this,
"adif faidz, mendenye???!!!"

so continue.

betrayal of trust.

in one of the book i read,
trust is like an egg.
u can keep it beautifully, and it will turn to something nice,
be it a chick or fried egg or scrambled wtevs.

but it is also fragile.
once u misplace/misuse it, it will break.
smashed, even.

i remembered how it is hard for me to trust anyone after my MRSM years.
lagi-lagi towards boys.
that maybe explain why i am hard to bertegor-sape with boys, even those i know.
unless u guys tegur me first.
with appropriate reasons.

fast foward to my late teens.
just when i thought everything was going great,
everything will turn out fine,
i sensed something fishy.
something is happening behind my back.
something that is was not supposedly you do behind my back.
something i could have approved of.
but no.

when the cat's out of the bag,
i remembered how i felt.
i just couldn't breathe.
i feel like killing myself so that one of you would regret it.
i could feel my heart was beating irregularly.
terrible headaches was constantly attacking me.
felt like throwing up every second.

lucky for me, i had known that this things,
it would come.
lucky for me, i pick up hints,
amazingly fast.
lucky for me, i am a Muslim.

for I, prayed so that I am strong.
prayed so that my friends could bear my emotional tantrums for that time being.
prayed that all hopes is not lose.
prayed that somehow,
i would not cry.

and I did.

what i hope today is that,
nobody will treat others wrongly.
nobody will misuse the trust given to them.
nobody will intentionally make someone cry of sadness.

to that someone important to me ;

i hope, and i pray,
the right side will win.
no matter what.

i love you.

Friday, October 05, 2007

+.::.+ capek! +.::.+

tak tersangke akibat tak diberi cuti selepas exam,
ramai yang sakit tenat (sampai ponteng kelas lah).

post-exam trauma memang sangat teruk.
lagi-lagi ditambah dengan sindrom gile nak berhari raye.

tibe-tibe plak, muncul satu wabak.
rasenye berpunca dari sumber P.
dikenali ngan nama 'booking tiket xdak'.

sampai yang nak balik pun saket,
yang tak balik tu lagi saket.
sebab last class tu adalah pharmaco.

erk. mati.

been 'buka puase' luar dari rumah these two days,
menyebabkan rase penat teramat.
org indonesia bilang, "capek kali!"

thx to duma n her family yang masak sedap gile,
merase a masakan seorang ibu dikala sahur. huhu.

then the next day, eventhough feeling a bit fever-ish,
still pegi to majlis buka puase with people from the education ministry at tiara hotel.
to be specific with dato dr adham, setiausaha parlimen jabatan pengajian tinggi. kot.
panjang na namer jawatannya.
makanannya sedap,
but since badan dah rase tak sehat bagai,
telan sume jadi...
adeh. xselera.

capek part 2.
heh. tenkiu~ (",)

selamat menghabiskan hari-hari puasa anda,
bagi yang dah berhari raya,
selamat hari raya kuucapkan.
bagi yang belum,
selamat menyambut hari raya dari jennyto~


Tuesday, October 02, 2007

+.::.+ puase,puase jugak,makan must go on!! +.::.+

eventhough it's Ramadhan, but my housies n I had been makan home-cooked meals for buka n sahur. lamer2 jadi muak laa jugak. coz dok teringat-ingat the variety of food kat bazaar Ramadhan back home in Malaysia.

as usual,bile datang time-tima macam nie, we head out to the malls and pegi to restaurants yang nampak mahal sedap.

so weekend lepas a.k.a ronggeng lepas exam we all went to Carrefour @ Medan Fair, and decided to try 'Ayam Penyet'.


Sedap okay!!!!

liza yang hebat giler dalam makan :p

malangnya karna kami begitu rakus time berbuka puase, xdelah picture of the 'ayam penyet'...

sebab datang-datang je makanan, 5 minit liza dah habiskan..*giggles*


ummi had been showing her cooking skills. ini die........

kek batik!!

haha..eventhough ade beberapa kesalahan teknikal, menurut si-tukang-buat..
kami seperti biase...balun je!!!! sedap je ummi!!

Leh wat lagi erk? (without the kesalahan teknikal?) hehee...