Monday, October 02, 2006

[ramadhan and kewlness]

dis is my 1st entry since stat puase here in indonesia.

since dis is d month of ramadhan..i better mind my language..and oso be patient with the situation here. ngeh2...

so 1st of all..what a nice day today..haha..suddenly i had to go a 3 hour parasitology lab. ugh. cancel trus ingt nk introduce achik to ice-skating. but dunno yet. tgk a camne..

for the ramadhan ordeal..we had cooked lotsa things with only a rice cooker. kewl.
spaghetti bolo, nasi gorng cili api (acik complained the bawang is too much) and even simple things like scramble egg. imagine, with only a rice cooker. haha. 2dae we are thinking 2 hav a break n makan at papa ron's piza. (yeah i ate piza now) but tgk lah camne...

2ndly, dis 2nd part of basic cell biology block, we learn sooooooo many things about bacteria,virus, parasit..makes me wana be somewhat like MOnk. can a? hehe..up sket my personal hygiene..lagi2 here on indonesia..banyak gile disease!!!!!

my news of coming back to msia will be this : im coming back on d 22/10. 7.45am flight to penang. from penang, ther will be MY bus,waiting for me and send me to Terminal 1.
on d 29/10, my flight will depart 2.15 pm from PENANG. how am i gona be ther in penang, i dunt know. =( . but i still glad i will be home 4 raya!!(eventho 4 a short time)

next is a cheesy guy dat makes my day very cheesy. gosh. i had a cheesy day, with a cheesy fwen(dats acik of coz!), and went to a cheesy place(rahsie neh) and suddenly got a cheesy hye from a cheezy guy. then i had a cheezy microb lab, and make a cheezy mistake coz thinking too much of the cheezy encounter. haha. there. kewl. cheesy. (tgh sengih gile neh)
(xde autoclave guy cam dins pun xpe aa..cheesy enuff 4 me)

adding ppl dat i say i'm gona do : haha..not yet. malas ah....

to mE : dhaus is my fwen. cute or what . duh. i'm cuter. haha. every1 say i got this babyface look. ahaxs. =p.

till then. rayer. haha.


mE said...

dhaus chomel.
my ayep laaaagi super hunk comel oke?

kamu babyface? ok la kot.

ayep is off to Japan tomorrow!!
kesepian la guwe menjelang birthday & raya.

jennz said...

yela2 chumil aa....super hunk?

jadi cewek kesepian laa kamu yek...