Thursday, March 27, 2008

+.::.+ no. sea. oh. sea. +.::.+

salam to all.

rase cam dah lamer tak ngadap internet ni.

bagus jugak.

tapi kadang-kadang rase bosan.

rase susah bile nak cari info.

rase sunyi pun ade gak.

rase rindu. pade along.

hehe. kasik lho terharu!!!!!!!~

anyway as usual, rase cam banyak nak berkate-kate.
tapi..we'll see.

1st of all, i've just had my mid-sem exam.
it's not that hard, coz it didn't include any of the core subject (read : MEDIC-thick books-related).
it's just three papers:
- community health oriented programme (CHOP)
- community research programme (CRP)
- bioethics and humaniora programme (BHP)

2ndly, i've just moved to a new house!!!
smaller, tapi ah-chunnnya!!~

internet still not configured out completely. actually, cable x pasang lagi. the new house is A-okay. tapi my room kinda big. scary.

anyway, got to go. a simple update.

eh tbe teringat along ade tag. hu. len kali ah.

bye for now!~

Monday, March 17, 2008

+.::.+ someday +.::.+

wif syairah, AMY, n emma!

last weekend saw me filling up my saturday with classes and labs,
and washing the new house.

sangat tak sabar nak pindah, but at the same time, i really haven't got time to pack, or to move out.
especially when i dont have a transport of my own, i seem to waste lots of time(and monay) waiting for them.
and develop a special kind of headache everytime i need to use them.
oh god, please. let me have my own mode of transportation.

but of course, He knows better.

and on Sunday, haf to wake up early in the morning,

as there was the RJPO & T seminar.

RJPO & T? Resusitasi Jantung Paru Otak & Traumatologi.

it was organized by the TBMers, *Tim Bantuan Medis* of FK USU,
which includes learning to give CPR for both adult & infant,

how to perform intubation, and learning to do various types of bandages, and also splinting,

which is included in the Basic Life Support thingy.

copek2..idup la ekau..

For the bandaging and splinting, it is like a revision for us, as the syllabus was in the Dermatomusculoskeletal Block, which made me depressed after answering the written paper. aha.

wif fello TBMer, aiii!~

For the CPR and intubation thingy, is a kewl thing to know, and it is even more kewl that there is a country that made it compulsory for each of it citizen to know the Basic Life Support. i actually forget which country it is. hehe.

certificate! duh!

ps- i wanted to post more pixx, but s usual...huuh....

Saturday, March 15, 2008

+.::.+ dancing shoes +.::.+

hope everyone is having a lovely time, regardless how busy u are,
and dont forget to be thankful for everything that we are blessed with.
random pictures.
limited time. rings!~

for ur golden moments!~

zero. my recent addict. *ade x kt mesia neh??*

ingat! masa itu emas!

owh. lupe. being tagged by dafrosty. 6 unimportant things about me.

1. i totally heart the rings. they're next to terribly-missed white choc macademia cakes from Secret Recipe.

2. i miss the so-called-bestfriend.

3. my body is totally susceptible to caffeine effects, so please, dont let me near those caffeinated drinks.

4. i have a 3-hour class and a pharmaco lab tomorrow, and a seminar on sunday, and the next week, i'm going to move out to a new house, insyaAllah. and the next week is exam week. huh.

5. i totally need a mode of transportation. *hmmm*

6. i can't survive on RM3.oo for two days. lol.


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oh well. i choose to break the rules.

Monday, March 10, 2008

+.::.+ bdae bash! +.::.+

uda dengan luna maya (",)

salam. i'm back being busy. with lots to learn. n still dont know how to.

not-so-recently is farahanim's bdae, one of my hsemates, n their old (read : ex-KTT) fwens celebrated her buffdae wif lots of fuds!!!~

here are d piccas, since i'm in hurry, slamat melihat2.

mimi, apip, fahmi

nisah (@ d back), iele, me, lize, amir n farah (buffdae gurl)
playing d guitar : syaf

us. atas bumbung bilik uda.

me n d celebrated one.

ummi showing off her dissecting (:p) skills, iele showing off her nose-thingy. lol.
achik showing off her beee-uu-tifull smile!!

achik . lize. me. (post-cake-bashing)

banyak lagi gamba. if korang2 nak, sile mintak pade saye k. ehm. selamat hari jadi farah!!!
pade kawan2 yg kat malaysia yang truly busy tu...never ever give up!!

" Andai kau memohon tetapi lambat ditunaikan,usahlah kecewa..
kabul drNya adalah pasti,cuma dengan cara yang Dia pilih,bukan dengan cara yang kau pilih,dan pada masa yang Dia kehendaki bukan pada masa yang kau kehendaki.."

Saturday, March 08, 2008

+.::.+ sleeping +.::.+

abaikan the previous lenghty emo, dedicated to some persons entry.


do you guys love sleeping???

pasti right??!!!!

and especially students, tido tu amatlah berharge.

a totally precious time right!!!

here are some facts about sleeping!!

Sleep has been defined as a state of unconsciousness, with the eyes closed for rest.

Many medical personal recommend sleeping for at least eight hours a day. The number of sleeping hours we acquire for the purpose of resting depends upon age, employment and the individual´s state or condition. This is because the number of hours a child takes is a lot in comparison to an adult.

As for those who work using their brains, they will require far more sleep in comparison to those who perform physical work.
*tell that to USU, we need more sleep, not more tutorial cases. lol.*

Sleeping on one´s back is considered unhealthy.
This is because such an approach will place pressure on the spine, and can also lead to a weak bladder. Thos who curl up will not be able to breathe effectively. Sleeping on the left is also unhealthy as it will place pressure on the heart, preventing smooth blood circulation to the brain, which can lead to sad or frightful dreams. The best position of sleep is to lie on one´s right side.

Excessive sleep does not make us more active, but in fact does make us weak. Those who sleep a lot will weaken their hearts, increase their weight, waste their time, and acquire the attribute of laziness and carelessness. According to ´hukum´ excessive sleep is also considered something disliked (makruh) by Allah.

Allah´s Messenger (s.a.w.) has provided us with the best example of supplication before sleeping, namely:
a) Do not delay sleeping after the Isha´ Prayer, unless there is something important, such as the acquisition of knowledge, entertaining one´s guest etc. Narrated Abu Barzah (r.a.) that the Prophet (s.a.w.) disliked sleeping before Isha´.
b) To possess ablution prior to sleep. The Prophet (s.a.w.) is reported to have said, “If you are visited by sleep, perform ablution the way you perform it for prayer.”
c) Begin sleeping on your right side, for the Prophet (s.a.w.) has said to al-Barra< “Begin your sleep on your right side.”
d) Do not sleep on your back or on your tummy, because the Prophet (s.a.w.) has said, “Verily, sleeping on your tummy is similar to those who sleep in Hell.”
e) Make it a practice to recite supplications (doa) prior to sleeping and on waking up from sleep, as has been taught by the Prophet (s.a.w.).

a little reminder from me to me n everyone :)

[this article was taken from Islamic Da'wah Foundation Malaysia (YADIM)]

Friday, March 07, 2008

+.::.+ friendship +.::.+

who doesn't believe in friendship never ends?

i do.

u do.

but i don't necessarily take my friends for granted.

i know, i know, this maybe the zillionth entry on my idea of a near-perfect friend.

but well this is my blog, and like suria said, my territory.

for that, i heart my friends so much, coz they had enough will to bear all my rantings and be happy with me.

for that, i thank them for have enough patience to be with this gal.

for that, i value u guys so much and i know i dont really show my care and loving that much, but i do.

i lost a great friend of mine when i begun studying in Indonesia.
The distance just became a factor, and after all my tries to save the special friendship,
the other person just doesnt really bother to do the same.
or maybe the other person is busy.
it's so hard for me to accept the fact that the other person just cant really care about me like old times.
it's so hard to accept that the fact that the great friend isn't yours anymore.
it's so hard to accept the fact that the other person is happy enough wherever that person is, even without you.
and it's even harder to accept the fact that the other person doesnt NEED you to be a friend, but u are insufferably in need.

once, i nearly lose a friend due to my temper,i've blogged about it before, very vaguely, and now i had totally lost that person, no thanx to my emo-triggered-temper. and with the fact that other person thinks thyself is tired of being a friend and having to keep up with my tantrums. with that i said sorry, and if you feel better off without me, i have to make do without u, just the same of how i have to make do without person numero uno.

with each friends, the relationship is different.
some friends we love them because they are totally darling to hang out with.
some, because they just can give totally good advice to the very shallow-minded me.
some, because they are protective and with that we have the urge to protect them as well.
some friends are full with kindness and patience, that makes us inspired to change the terok side of ourself.

there are lots of reason why a friendship can go on.

but there are one reason why it can't.

because the other person doesn't need it.

i choose my close friends.
i am selective of my close friends.
for that i dont have many people to hang out with.
because i have lots of factors that i need to be comfortable with a person.
when i do, i depend on them like hell. *refer last post*

and to date. i heart the one remains.

and to say the fact 'boys and girls cant be just friends' is totally true.
oh maybe except u rinie. s along said, ur d 1st!

i heart u along for making me laugh today for the comments.
i love how u make me feel protected from the guys.
eventho itu sepatutnye tugas angah.
thank god, u're my along.

i heart u dinie for everytime i call u,
u'll hear the same problem that never been solved,
but every single time, u listen to it patiently,
and give totally kewl advice,
and made me laugh as well.

i heart u shewa and pika,
for making me want to sorok2 my nose and flabs,
for making me feel valuable and even without you guys knowing it,
lift my keazaman to do everything.

i heart u dila,
for menjadikan saye teman yang sgt special kamu.
for making my hols enjoyable.
for making my school years worth it.

i heart u d rest of spact8.

(i cant publish all d piccas i wanted, no thanx to the internet connection)

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

+.::.+ i know that u did +.::.+

utk tatapan rinie-dinner PM USU

arini cuace sgt sejuk. lantai rase cam ais. kelas rase cam peti sejuk. otak rase....BEKU!'s d update. Lupekanlah hal yang lalu. Senyum2lah. Tapi...kalo ade tengah rase tak bersemangat and pening kepale, jangan la memaksa diri anda untuk senyum..orait?!

1) dinner PM USU

the 3rd Grand Annual Dinner by PM USU was held the night right after my exam. Tgh rase sangat xmo pegi and macam x kesah my 80k rupiah ticket. My body totally need some rest after what happened.

Lagipun, xtau nk pakai baju ape ^^,

The only thing that made me went there is Liza, haha. because aritu da pujuk2 die pegi, and suddenly die pegi..takkan laa jennyto nak mengade2 x pegi kan???!!!! Sebbaek achik menenangkan perasaan gue, kalo x ade yg nanges time dinner. ops wait, sum1 did cry. sape?? not me tapi. tu rahsie!! sape gi dinner je taooo...

Performance-wise, sangat kewl. i wish i could YouTube for u guys d performances, tapi

satu) YouTube xleh access dari laptop saye,
nnti kua hantu gelak2 *siyesly*

dua) saye amek vid hanya 2 performance je, sbb
malas and penat.

so, saye describe je la ek.

opening act *hehs*: The Hatz

last dinner they dance to asmaradana wif totally kewl moves. kali ni mereka ini *senior atasku* danced to 'Umbrella'!! gilek ah. huhu. chun.

band pertama :
belt out 'I will survive' *memori tul lagu neh* and 'More than Words' *aaah*... dahla siap dedicated to all the girls in the hall :)

they sung it well, hebat gak dak2 umah depan ni men..

band kedua :

PAGI YANG GELAP!!! hehe.. wif another song from The Strokes, I think. da x ingat sangat. Sangat chumil!! Even tho ade lari sore sket, but okaylaa...bagus2...sgt sukaaaaaaaaa

band ketiga :

gile sore sebijik, sebijohn!!!
dgn screams2 gle ar kamu!!! rase cam gi concert lak. another da x ingat da ape diorang nyanyi...still terpaku dengan sore vokalis #1 punye kemampuan untuk meniru sore band asli yang menyanyikan lagu Laguku Untukmu. Totally kewlness. MY highlight of the night.

future Meet Uncle Hassan hehe...

band & performances sterusnya :

band senior2, band yg mix tu, kewl2. rupenye bakal2 dokter ni hebat2 menyanyi rupenye...

tapi yang duet tu...eventho korang nyanyi lagu 'sembunyi', saye terpakse tidak sembunyi mengatakan kurang syok a. byk yg lari tempo...ngapain???

Here's the name list of the above bands, saye da lupe which is which..
(they ought to be mention somewhere kan..dah wat band sumer, haruslah ade recognition!!)

  • Bruno The Fisherman
  • My Name Is Yani
  • VIP
  • The Secret

Food-wise, oookayla..tapi since we all penat, and ade sorang not feeling well *not me*, byk la yg berlebih...hehe..

makanan yg x abes :p

2) been tagged by beloved.

8 random facts about me.

i) i havent get enuff sleep for one whole week.

ii) i love to eat, but i dont eat much nowadays. ye keeeeee....

iii) its hard for me to trust people, but when i do, i tend to depend on them a lot.

iv) i often wondered the 'whatifs' of the past, i wish i could change so many things in the past!

v) my iTunes is playing Nitrus-Kamu right now, as I wrote this down.

vi) i nearly missed my lab tadi..*gasp*

vii) i used to have a huge crush on Nicky Byrne, a member of Westlife. I think i still am. hurm??

viii) i love mee hailam a lot!

Saye menge-tag : amy. dins. suria.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

+.::.+ if i told you +.::.+

"dinner KKCM-CNY"

so here's the update, abdullah.

its been a week. a week since i last blog.

and boy, there's so much i want to spill.

but let me put you in the right situation first.

i am writing here, 12.13 AM, waktu indonesia timur. ke barat. sheesh, i dont even know.

well, i am writing here, in the middle of the night, when my last sleep is only 4 hours, and had not sleep since 3 AM this morning. my mind is throbbing like hell and my emotion is truly out of control. and this 4hours a day sleeping has been go on for 3 days.
yes, i've been studying.
and dont call it as a last minute study, cause i have started study since the chinese new year holidays is over.
but i should have enjoyed myself. i should have jage kesehatan, sleep well and answer the question peacefully.
but i dont know what happened. seriously this isn't any pre-menstrual-syndrome.

i know, i must good grades.
but somehow i have forced myself to get good grades.
i studied hard. harder than anything i could imagine.
cause somehow i feel the need to prove myself,
i need to get totally good results this time.
i dont know why.
2 days before the exam i'm still burning the midnight oil cause there are totally lots to learn.

but the exam is just downright menyedihkan.
its not like suddenly my brain froze or what.
i couldnt apply anything at all.
i couldnt diagnose most of the musculoskeletal cases.

i could feel my lacrimal gland secreting liquids in response to the nerves.
whatever the nerve name is.
dgn bahase laennya : aku nanges.

to add salt to the wound, *ouch*, i've mistakenly put my answers in a wrong answer sheet!!
rub. rub. erase. erase.
*huh..comot gle kertas.*
sempatkah. alhamdulillah.
i feel like i could faint at that moment.
then only i realized that i hadn't eaten anything since bangun.
i dont know why i cried.
maybe i'm tired.
maybe i'm frustrated.
maybe i'm losing it.

i dont like to tell about others in my blog actually.
i dont like to go and express my feelings out loud.
i just dont.

my feelings = complicated.
my feelings towards my friends = much much more complicated.

really, i just want to know.
if i could do a survey on "What Type of Friend are you?", how many of us are "good".
I know Tickle or probably CLEO had these questionarries.
or maybe one of the facebook apps.
but i just want to know.
cause i've been busy telling myself that my friends DO actually care for me,
but they had their times.
BUT..what if it seems like they never had time for you ANYMORE?
what if SUDDENLY they think wrong about you?
i know i'm not totally the always-there type of friend.
i had my flaws.
but i dont totally unappreciate my friends.
*no thanx to gossip girl for my bad vocab*

i dont ignore her cause i am too busy studying.
i would state, "i'll catch up later...ade exam ni..." or "knape tadi? i was busy preparing for..."
whatever it is. tell.
you cant be busy for the whole month ryte.

i dont give promises i wouldn't like to keep.
if i did, i would tell her, "babe, i'm sorry, things has changed."
any relationship depends on communication, friendship not excluded.
and when u had stated it clearly, i may get your point,
and not having this stupid emotional rollercoster because u ignored me for *dah berape lame??* long enough.
u keep saying u want me as a friend, but u dont act as one to me.

i dont keep on hinting her wrong after she gets the point,
well a least not on her bad day.
i probably always looking for you in times of troubles,
but dont get me wrong, i thought friends are for laugh and cries.
i know u didnt remember, but i had made u smile before, in times of your crisis,
i've laughed with you. u'm not probably a good listener, but i thought u are.

i would open my arms if she needs my hug, or my ears just to listen,
anytime. i dont respond to problems greatfully but, i do think about it and can worry about it together. and you just should tell me right to my face that u are tired hearing my problems.

and i would totally appreciate how she can manage be a friend towards me, after all the years i'm busy with studying and extracurricular activities.

i would reply her sms.

i would call her one in a while, just to check on her. cause she's a friend.

i'm tired & i'm totally sensitive.
the above comment is for TWO different person.