Tuesday, August 08, 2006

[one seremban town]

:: countdown to chariot : 2 *gasp* daes ::

sheesh. t.w.o?

i felt like i wana do everything today. wana watch the movies. wana go shopping. wana go eating-out. enjoying myself la kununnye.

it felt like today is my last day for me to have fun in Malaysia. duh.

last day.

what if today is my last day on earth? will i enjoy myself?

*pandai2la pk jawapan nye.*

huu..so i re-think my plan. and i took the usual stuff. u noe, keep preparing myself.

its kinda sad the btech spactees n acik's dear cannot come to sends us off...hope we havent see d las of u guys. ok..

anyway,dis past busy daes..i often get myself confused. sometimes we forget that our bestfriend is not our boyfriend and vice versa. and seriously, i hate when i'm thinking too much of this petty little things. i want to think more about, u noe, serious stuff.

bf vs bf?

i've settled mysef to not having one until i am ready. ready for what?
u noe, d adult stuff. commitment n such.

i kept repeating to myself dat a boyf is just like a handphone.
we can live without them once upon a time.
suddenly they come out of nowhere.
and some people have it.
makes u wana it also.
then, u had one.
after that, u cant live without it.

so,d question is, can i live without a handphone?
sure do.
there's still email and ym. heehee!!!

~confusingly amusing bitter and tinted. (only one-lifehouse)

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