Wednesday, December 27, 2006

[walking away]

i seriously dunt noe when is this emotional-rollercoaster phase is going to fade.

sometimes we look for happiness in all the wrong places.

and sometimes, to be perfect (which we can never be), we forget all the humanities values.
to appreciate, to thank and even to love. this nearly-end of the year time gave me the opportunity to think alot. coz seriously, i so cant remember what my 2006 aims are. so teruk kan?

well this coming tahun melawat malaysia year, i will make some aims, and i really do hope i can fulfill them. i dunt wanna lose another year just like that. and this 2007 is really important to me as i really had grown up inside,which so many people failed to see. i do hope i can start to make an impact to the world, as an adult.

what i really think is that, people(including me) often forget that we are all different. we cant really expect other people to understand us (yet i do) or even we cant expect people to act the way we think they should. aite? i do hope i can remember these throughout the year. haha.

i'm gonna walk away from my badhabits, and also walk away from negative stuff. no drugs k babe? haha. totally joking. and i'm walking away from the cheesy guy.

i really miss my fwens. seriously. and i miss someone. hope everything's fine.

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