Friday, December 14, 2007


Hols? Sonok.
Malangnya tnet cm xelok dirumah.
Which forbids me to update.
N to brfacebook,fwensta,ym juga.
Dis entry?
Adalah dr my new thingy.

C ya wen d line is oke!


Friday, November 30, 2007

+.::.+ sunshine +.::.+

so many feelings,
so many emotions.

but somehow i can't really describe it.

a few keywords will help, i guess.

wani. married. 1st dec.
chop. crp. bhp.

exam. soon over.

Malaysia. family. friends. foods.

enchanted. mcDreamy. princess.

broke. movies. games.

birthdays. acik. faieqah.

blue-themed. lol.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

+.::.+ when u say nothing at all +.::.+

OSCE's done.
alhamdulillah i don't have to repeat any of it.

so now i have to concentrate on these three things.
these required courses of the faculty.

BHP. Basic Humanities Programme.
CRP. Community Research Programme.
CHOP. Community Health Oriented Programme???
Dah lupe die stands for wat. wahahaha.

do you know that every brain begins as a female brain and it only becomes male eight weeks after conception?
that is when the extra testosterone shrinks the communication centre, reduces the hearing cortex and makes the part of the brain that processes sex twice as large.
i found this fact very amusing.

okay. kinda feeling hungry right now.
here's a test i took just now.
since i had so much things nada to do.

The medical specialty for you is.... Cardiology

Cardiology is the best of all specialties. As a cardiologist, you'll be sure to profit from the sharp increase in obesity. You'll open at clinic across the street from a McDonalds and retire a billionaire.

To find out what specialty best fits your unique personality, go to:

What Medical Specialty Is For You?

yeah ryte.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

+.::.+ one step closer +.::.+

before i forgot, birthday wishes!!!!!
happy birthday to my beloved and dearie sista, PIKA!!!!!!!!!
then to my own mento kt USU neh. uhuh. slamat ari jadi ye.
to sari!!!!!! a.k.a ai!!!!!!!!! slamat ultah yaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!

tomorrow is my OSCE. Objective Structured Clinical Examination.
i will be tested on 6 different things.

1. Leopold palpitations.
there are four palpitations to know four different things about the baby inside.

(A) The uterine fundus is palpated to determine which fetal part occupies the fundus.
(B) Each side of the maternal abdomen is palpated to determine which side is fetal spine and which is the extremities.
(C) The area above the symphysis pubis is palpated to locate the fetal presenting part and thus determine how far the fetus has descended and whether the fetus is engaged.
(D) One hand applies pressure on the fundus while the index finger and thumb of the other hand palpate the presenting part to confirm presentation and engagement.

2. Normal birth.
we will be tested from the sighting of subocciput till the baby is born. no need the placenta(a.k.a 3rd stage). thank god! x larat nak hapal. :p the hand positioning of every step is crucial here so that there will be no dislocation of the baby's shoulder or whatsoever.

3. Pap's Smear.
this is a test using the speculum to look inside the vagina, to see whether there is evidence of cervical cancer or not. A little swab from the cervix is taken to be examined.

4. Direct examination of a baby's poop!
this is to test our competency if we work in the peripheral area (a.k.a with no high-tech lab). there are three methods,using Lugol solution, Eosin 2% or the Kato method.

5. Anthropometry
To measure the hieght, weight and the head circumference of a child and to determine the nutritional status of the child. Lower than 2 standard deviation of the normal range, poor nutrition. Higher, over nourish.

We have learn how to do immunization on a child for BCG, Polio, Hepatitis and DPT(Dipthera-Pertussiss-Tetanus). But there are rumours that only DPT is tested. DPT is injected at the anterolateral part of the child's thigh and is a intramuscular injection, which you have to insert the needle at 90 degrees.

to practice for no1. and 2. , we had to use ummi's penyu for it has a mum's-like-abdomen, and my own cuppy-the-cute-little teddy bear as the baby. thanx ummi!!
huuh. wish me luck!
p/s forgive me for any inconsistency in the above stuff. note that I wrote this directly from my head, not refering to any book or site. :) except the Leopold pic, from MERCK site.

Monday, November 19, 2007

+.::.+ yeah ryte +.::.+

well 1 paper down. to be exact, 2 papers down.
and well, what to do, just like szakif , you can't separate the net from people who are kinda addicted to them..
hehs. (dins, i miss hearing u saying this)

before the story get old, before I GET OLDER,
i would like to thank to all my fwens yang sangat2 ingat my birthday
trimas to all of u okay..
to be truthful, for the first time in my life, i wish that 13 november doesn't exist.
so dat i can go on without everyone saying, "hey, u're 21!!!"

i don't hate birthdays. i lurrrve them.
it's my day.
for me, no one could mess up the day for me.
(eventhough in past there had been some)
it's not that i hate being a year older.
but 21 is a big number.
just think for a while, u have lived for 21 years,
but have you stabilize yourself? your amal ibadah?
your study yang makin terumbang-ambing?
what about repaying your parents? the community?

i was reluctant for that day to come.
i had to thank these people.
somehow eventhough i feel like i have waste 21 years of my life,
they made sure i don't feel sad about it. (well kinda!!)

some sang for me (thanx, u n ur fwens r sooo sweet!)
some called from malaysia ( i know it cost a lot, i really,really appreciate it)
some wished thru SMS (gosh! thanx peeps fot the tots!! xoxo!)
and many thru friendster (kinda x reply to all, tp sangat2 thx for d wishes)
others thru the YM!

su made me smile.
shera made me laugh.
along made me happy.

not to forget, peeps at USU.
wishes from classies n campus-ies...
lebih2 lagi my housies + afiq + fahmy.
korang betul2 bwat jenn nak nanges k!!
(actually da nanges dah. hu)
eventho PapaRon's Penne-whatever-its-name-is x sesedap it's Alfredo,
tapi kamu semua ni...hurmm..TERHAWU!!!~
to liza : jgn wat camtu lagi!!
thanx for d pimboOOo yang sangat mengambil space kat my bed. huhu.

thanx uda untuk kate2 kamu..
"21 is just a number.."

thanx sumarsono gals for the card also.

achik n dayah!!!
thanx for the book. kinda inspire me for the next blog entry!!

at the end of the day, i am happy.
but with a new ambition, to be more meaningful in life.
like i said,

it's time to grow up.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

+.::.+ a break +.::.+


so be it.


bace2 la nie okayy..

Saudara dan saudari kaum muslimin dan muslimat
Renungan khususnya untuk para wanita dan diri sendiri.....
Sayidina Ali ra menceritakan suatu ketika melihat Rasulullah menangismanakala ia datang bersama Fatimah.
Lalu keduanya bertanya mengapa Rasul menangis.

Beliau menjawab, "Pada malam aku di-isra'- kan , aku melihatperempuan-perempuan yang sedang disiksa denganberbagai siksaan. Itulah sebabnya mengapa aku menangis.
Karena,menyaksikan mereka yang sangat berat dan mengerikan siksanya.

Putri Rasulullah kemudian menanyakan apa yang dilihat ayahandanya. "Aku lihat ada perempuan digantung rambutnya, otaknya mendidih. Aku lihat perempuan digantung lidahnya, tangannya diikat ke belakang dantimah cair dituangkan ke dalam tengkoraknya. Aku lihat perempuan tergantung kedua kakinya dengan terikat tangannyasampai ke ubun-ubunnya, diulurkan ular dan kalajengking. Dan aku lihat perempuan yang memakan badannya sendiri, di bawahnya dinyalakan api neraka. Serta aku lihat perempuan yang bermuka hitam, memakan tali perutnya sendiri. Aku lihat perempuan yang telinganya pekak dan matanya buta, dimasukkan kedalam peti yang dibuat dari api neraka, otaknya keluar dari lubang hidung, badannya berbau busuk karena penyakit sopak dan kusta. Aku lihat perempuan yang badannya seperti himar, beribu-ribu kesengsaraan dihadapinya. Aku lihat perempuan yang rupanya seperti anjing, sedangkan api masuk melalui mulut dan keluar dari duburnya sementara malikat memukulnya dengan pentung dari api neraka,"kata Nabi.

Fatimah Az-Zahra kemudian menanyakan mengapa mereka disiksa seperti itu?*Rasulullah menjawab, "Wahai putriku, adapun mereka yang tergantung rambutnya hingga otaknya mendidih adalah wanita yang tidak menutup rambutnya sehingga terlihat oleh laki-laki yang bukan muhrimnya.
Perempuan yang digantung susunya adalah istri yang 'mengotori' tempat tidurnya.
Perempuan yang tergantung kedua kakinya ialah perempuan yang tidak taatkepada suaminya, ia keluar rumah tanpa izin suaminya, dan perempuan yang tidak mau mandi suci dari haid dannifas.
Perempuan yang memakan badannya sendiri ialah karena ia berhias untuk lelaki yang bukan muhrimnya dan suka mengumpat orang lain.
Perempuan yang memotong badannya sendiri dengan gunting api neraka karenaia memperkenalkan dirinya kepada orang yang kepada orang lain bersolek danberhias supaya kecantikannya dilihat laki-laki yang bukan muhrimnya.
Perempuan yang diikat kedua kaki dan tangannya ke atas ubun-ubunnyadiulurkan ular dan kalajengking padanya karena ia bisa shalat tapi tidak mengamalkannya dan tidak mau mandi junub.
Perempuan yang kepalanya seperti babi dan badannya seperti himar ialah tukang umpat dan pendusta.
Perempuan yang menyerupai anjing ialah perempuan yang suka memfitnah dan membenci suami."

Mendengar itu, Sayidina Ali dan Fatimah Az-Zahra pun turut menangis. Dan inilah peringatan kepada kaum perempuan.

renung-renungkan..dan selamat beramal :)

wish me luck..
n thx yg wish my bdae!!
nnti i'll do a special entry for it!!~

Friday, November 09, 2007

+.::.+ updates +.::.+

it's raining outside.
which made my plan to go out ronggeng-ing with liza to fail.
oh. the rain has stopped.

oh well. might as well finish this entry.
my final exam for the growth&development block is getting nearer and nearer.
knowing that i did my formative quite badly, i hope that for the sumative/final paper, it will be successful one. because macam baru recently did i understood(eventhough not completely) what are the points to be studied..

i'm wondering how in the world that the doctors knows what to do with a neonate.
it is so complex that i beginning to think "PEDIATRICS? = a NO."

there's the Kangaroo Mother Care for LBW(Low Birth Weight) Infants, than if the neonate is LBW there is a high potential for the baby to develop thousands (okay, exxagerate) of illness that needs to be monitored, Hipothermia, Respiratory Distress Syndrome, Hypoglycemia, Hyper, Bilirubin juga. adeih...

After that, ade pulak follow up until adolescences yang not only about their physical illness, but includes emotional and mental. This one which is hard for me. The psychology part. We had to learn and understand Erik Erikson's 8 stages of whatever-it-is. But now cam dah paham lah.

Tak masuk lagi where we are suppose to know what and when a baby/child could do what they should do. Nak hafal kang maen payah nyaa~

Huhu tetibe dok merapik about the block.

Recently I resigned as the Bulletin Exco of PM USU(Perwakilan Mahasiswa di USU), and I find myself more semangat and more dedicated being the Publication Exco of MET(Medical Emergency Team), which is a sub-division of PM USU. Eventhough I had to work with G*(bukan nama sebenar), I had my ways to send messages to him saying "jangan ko nak elak2 kerja!" and "ko buat kerja ko,aku wat kerja aku". In short, my kerja now adalah lagi senang berbanding dulu,and less critics from the oh-don't-you-know-that-you're-annoying seniors. well,some of them are. most of them are nice. (",)

Other than those news, saya sangat tak sabar nak pulang.
I can't wait to meet my along and angah.
To hug and annoy my aki and aliya.
To help and stress out my ummi and ayah.

To gossip and shop and hangout with the spactess and friends.
To rendezvous with dila all around Seremban.

and I cant wait...
oh I never cant wait.
but somehow I do.
Please, tell me that my waitings are all worth it.
'Nunggu ntah sampai kapan...

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

+.::.+ its not what i like, but.. +.::.+

we live in this world. with everyone else.

that's the solid truth.

the fact.

so anything that we do, anything that we say,
are bound to affect others.

and vice versa.

eventhough sometimes we feel like we want to isolate ourselves from other people,
we can't.
and thus, we have to fake our smiles, forget our sorrows temporarily, live for the moment.

teringat kate-kate cikgu BM kat IIUM Gombak (a.k.a cikgu kuning);

"takkan lah nak pegi jumpe orang ngan buat muke "jangan kaco aku.aku ade masalah""

hehe. yeah.

but there are more than faking smiles and crying alone.

there are people who helped you to get you on track, back to the reality, let you focus on what you should do.

thanx housies!~

bukan senang nak pujuk diri sendiri, but now i'm okay dah.

i hope so.

sorry i took such a long time. sorry for the silence.
believe me, it's better than u facing me emo2.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

+.::.+ and thus, the blondes rules +.::.+

buffday bash : happy bdae to shaz, tipz, afiq, halili.

i may sound stupid saying this.

but blondes, as stupid as the cliched labeled them, have some power that the rest of the world thought thay haven't.

being blunt.

as blunt as the blondes who spend thousands or millions to be beautiful. we are actually becoming more like them. no offence k.

maybe not by spending a lot to scream attention, look at me that kinda thing. but by this very channel, internet. through the-very-Asian f*riendster, through the very pimped-My*space, through the very uh-thrashy?-hi*5, F*acebook, and a whole lot more where we could find meta-friends everywhere.

we let people judge us by our page, by the picture that we-photoshoped, by the cheesy 'about-me', and let those unknown friends(or strangers to be exact) to comment whatever we thought appropriate. (it not, we'll delete them ryte?)

we know more about our meta-friends more than we know about our real friends,the ones that helped us to choose us what we wanna eat for lunch, the friends that noticed the chewing-gum that stuck on your left shoe, the friends that sit next to you in the bus, the friends that, well you get the idea.

sometimes, we know about them, more than we know ourselves.

we had depended too much on the net to get the so-called friendship. even the mobile phones doesn't stand a chance. no IM, no contact. why? coz we are the lazy generation, and even- the stingy generation.

well, what's my point actually?

savour your real friends. a salute to all the people who memang pandai to keep in touch regardless the presence/absence of the net. mish u guys!! :)

Saturday, October 27, 2007

+.::.+ karena aku sensitif +.::.+

look. i cant help it.

but i can feel if someone heard an untruthful news a.k.a a lie about me.

even if u pretend u are still my friend.

or i can know if someone is taking me for granted.

even if u said u are not.

i'm not that concious-freak.

but i KNOW okay.

i JUST know.

not the Matt-Parkman-knows-it or Hermoine's-know-it-all.

but I do know.

huh. how i wish i would know the answers to the earlier paper question.

peeps. don't do to others what u dont want others do to u.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

+.::.+ another goodbye +.::.+

entry kali ni special sangat sangat sangat untuk kawanku yang ku kenal time zaman di USU ni.

seseorang yang sangat best bile diajak berborak.

memang best kalo bagi idea sebab die akan support and bagi feedback.

memang best sebab level komitmen die tinggi dalam wat ape-ape hal.

memang best lagi kalo diajak merapu.

rinie b. ramli.

from his FS:

"There has been some changes happened in my life rite now.. and 1 of it is i wont continue my studies in medicine anymore..Sadly to say due to lots of misfortune goin on in my personal life n my family, i had to give way to this wonderful opportunity i had here in Medan.. 1 of d reason is financial problem..I would like to apologize to:1.Perwakilan Malaysia USU for not being able to continue my role as d vice president2.USU itself for not finishing my studies3.To all my frens n those who know me who i might hurt/offended in anyway4.For not being able to joke,fool around,kacau-ing anymore or giving weird,foolish,unwise advise which is not suppose to give (reminds me y ask advice from me?)5.For not being able to screw ppl's mind during exams (man i love this part!my fav!)6.And to my beloved Ucuk for not being there with uThrough my short years in USU, i've met many frens which i'll always adore n will always b loved whereva u guys are.. and i thank you for ur attention n patience with my weird personality (LOL!)..But never-the-less, we will always b frens ^^Luckily in this unfortunate events, i've been granted another opportunity to pursue in other field which i cant talk much rite now coz we are still finalizing d agreement.. but will definitely let u guys know once its done ^^Its funny how thgs goin around u.. but i know tht this is just another test.. a test for d fittest.. a test in life~Like my mom used to say"Allah SWT cuma menguji orang yang Dia sayang"..being positive is always my priority~And definitely 1 day i'll be a doc.. the fire of passion is still burning in me.."
huh..i'm missing ur celotehans ryte now..
bye rins!~
hope we'll see each other soon!~

Saturday, October 20, 2007

+.::.+ i hate it +.::.+

i hate it.

i did enjoy my hols.

lagi-lagi when pegi Danau Toba.
road trip that took nearly 5 hours (or is it 6?) from Medan to Parapat.

sangat kewlness to the drivers. salutes.

then carik2 hotel. d mandi-mandas. d makan-makans.
d naek bot n bebeks. d shoppings. d his(their)-stories.
d cicaks. d breasts. (wutever batak means.)

okay. sangat fun sampai takleh nak cite.


1. sbb sonok sgt.
2. sbb panjang sgt kalo nk cite.
3. sbb korunk leh tgk gamba je. click sini. kat sini leh gak.
4. sbb ade lagi satu perasaan tak best.
5. sbb ade lagi satu perasaan yang lagi tak best.


i totally hate it when hols are ending.
macammane ni???

tiap-tiap abes hols pun mcmnie.
rase nk muntah je.
rase cam nk ngamuk kt sume org.
rase x puas ati.

ingat mende ni akan berlaku kalo balek mesia.
sbb x puas cuti kt mesia pendek sgt,
n, erm, wutever.
tapi kt sini pun ader gk perasaaan tu.
rase cm nk kuakan perkataan tak elok.
tapi itu bukan saye okay.


tido lagi elok.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

+.::.+ raya@medan! +.::.+

selamat hari raya aidilfitri,u guys.

i just went through 3 very eventful days, eventhough these 3 tiring-but satisfying is uncomparable (or is it incomparable?) with celebrating raya with family, back in Malaysia...

in order for me to keep showing off (haha!) that i DO NOT cry for the sake of not being back in Malaysia, here it goes!!~

Day 1 a.k.a 1 Syawal

we went to the Malaysian Embassy to perform the solat aidilfitri there, and have a little bit makan-makan after that.
eventhough we already had makan-makan at our house (with rendang, nasi impit, macaroni goreng, kuih raya, etc)..jangan tak tau..fud at our house lagi meriah dari what they serve at the embassy!!~ hehee..

after that, we all went to Pak Reza's house, he's my housies' punye kenalan, during our 1st yir (ala-ala harry potter)..
then, as masing-masing punye perut dah pernoh, we head back home, and with intention to visit Mbak Yam, the lady which helps us with cleaning the house. but she was not at home.
so we all balik, TIDO. since the night before raye, we were up until 3 adjusting n siaping baju!~

in the afternoon, we went to Nisa' house. Nisa' is a friend I get to know in my IIUM Gombak times. Now she's fast friends with Dins, Shewa & Pika!! (these 3 i miss them so much!!) We ate delicious lontong and rendang!!! n as usual haf a little dose of gossip~ :)

Next stop is Carrefour, to buy stuff to cook tomorrow. Why tomorrow? wait a,

Straight from Carrefour, we all went to Illya & Hajar's house. They have some makan-makan there, so makan-makan la lagi!!! Spicy kuetiaw tomyam was served there, and we ate full-heartedly! (dengan sepenoh hati! :p)

Is it done???


We made a last stop, at Kampung Keling.
The guys pegi beli mercun and stuff!!! Crazy a they all!! Time puase dah main da sket-sket..tapi macam mellow-mellow je laa mercun...these time diorang beli hard-core nye...ahaxs... then we went back, siapkan masak for tomorrow.

Oh, it is already 4 a.m when we all went to bed.

2nd day a.k.a 2 Syawal.

it's our turn to do makan-makan!!!!

menu : nasi lemak pantai timur, 'mee hoon greng afiq', kek milo :p , and other foodstuffs.

our makan-makan clashed with the YT's. (yayasan terengganu) but it doesn't stop the guests from coming!!~
after 4hours layaning the guests, we all 'tutup kedai' and went to the YT's!!! makan nasi minyak!

malam tu, when the YT's turn to comeover, we all buat fireworks a.k.a mercun display!!!
disponsor oleh the guys + iela!
huhu gegarkan SEI BahOrOk!!~

hehehe...memang besh!! :P

Day 3 a.k.a 3 Syawal

Tido setengah hari.
penat gile dengan x cukup tido.

then, Bowling!!~

i have to admit, i pernah pegang bola bowling tu aderlaa dalam 3 kali before this.
but disebabkan diorang ajak, and i have nothing to do.

mainlaa ceritenye. :)

xdela hebat, but xdela teruk. cz dapat la beberapa spare.
entirely LUCK, i tell you.

that's it. i'll update later coz there's more happenings later this week!!!

ps- i did took lots of pictures, but Blogger cam bengong2...
to view the pics click here :

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

+.::.+ i remembered +.::.+

i hate to bring this up.
i hate to remember how it felt.
i hate to make someone feel uneasy.

so first of all, i'm sorry.

this entry is somehow sucking the happiness out of me.
the same it did to a very important person in my life.
this entry will be as vague as possible eventho i hate to say this,
"adif faidz, mendenye???!!!"

so continue.

betrayal of trust.

in one of the book i read,
trust is like an egg.
u can keep it beautifully, and it will turn to something nice,
be it a chick or fried egg or scrambled wtevs.

but it is also fragile.
once u misplace/misuse it, it will break.
smashed, even.

i remembered how it is hard for me to trust anyone after my MRSM years.
lagi-lagi towards boys.
that maybe explain why i am hard to bertegor-sape with boys, even those i know.
unless u guys tegur me first.
with appropriate reasons.

fast foward to my late teens.
just when i thought everything was going great,
everything will turn out fine,
i sensed something fishy.
something is happening behind my back.
something that is was not supposedly you do behind my back.
something i could have approved of.
but no.

when the cat's out of the bag,
i remembered how i felt.
i just couldn't breathe.
i feel like killing myself so that one of you would regret it.
i could feel my heart was beating irregularly.
terrible headaches was constantly attacking me.
felt like throwing up every second.

lucky for me, i had known that this things,
it would come.
lucky for me, i pick up hints,
amazingly fast.
lucky for me, i am a Muslim.

for I, prayed so that I am strong.
prayed so that my friends could bear my emotional tantrums for that time being.
prayed that all hopes is not lose.
prayed that somehow,
i would not cry.

and I did.

what i hope today is that,
nobody will treat others wrongly.
nobody will misuse the trust given to them.
nobody will intentionally make someone cry of sadness.

to that someone important to me ;

i hope, and i pray,
the right side will win.
no matter what.

i love you.

Friday, October 05, 2007

+.::.+ capek! +.::.+

tak tersangke akibat tak diberi cuti selepas exam,
ramai yang sakit tenat (sampai ponteng kelas lah).

post-exam trauma memang sangat teruk.
lagi-lagi ditambah dengan sindrom gile nak berhari raye.

tibe-tibe plak, muncul satu wabak.
rasenye berpunca dari sumber P.
dikenali ngan nama 'booking tiket xdak'.

sampai yang nak balik pun saket,
yang tak balik tu lagi saket.
sebab last class tu adalah pharmaco.

erk. mati.

been 'buka puase' luar dari rumah these two days,
menyebabkan rase penat teramat.
org indonesia bilang, "capek kali!"

thx to duma n her family yang masak sedap gile,
merase a masakan seorang ibu dikala sahur. huhu.

then the next day, eventhough feeling a bit fever-ish,
still pegi to majlis buka puase with people from the education ministry at tiara hotel.
to be specific with dato dr adham, setiausaha parlimen jabatan pengajian tinggi. kot.
panjang na namer jawatannya.
makanannya sedap,
but since badan dah rase tak sehat bagai,
telan sume jadi...
adeh. xselera.

capek part 2.
heh. tenkiu~ (",)

selamat menghabiskan hari-hari puasa anda,
bagi yang dah berhari raya,
selamat hari raya kuucapkan.
bagi yang belum,
selamat menyambut hari raya dari jennyto~


Tuesday, October 02, 2007

+.::.+ puase,puase jugak,makan must go on!! +.::.+

eventhough it's Ramadhan, but my housies n I had been makan home-cooked meals for buka n sahur. lamer2 jadi muak laa jugak. coz dok teringat-ingat the variety of food kat bazaar Ramadhan back home in Malaysia.

as usual,bile datang time-tima macam nie, we head out to the malls and pegi to restaurants yang nampak mahal sedap.

so weekend lepas a.k.a ronggeng lepas exam we all went to Carrefour @ Medan Fair, and decided to try 'Ayam Penyet'.


Sedap okay!!!!

liza yang hebat giler dalam makan :p

malangnya karna kami begitu rakus time berbuka puase, xdelah picture of the 'ayam penyet'...

sebab datang-datang je makanan, 5 minit liza dah habiskan..*giggles*


ummi had been showing her cooking skills. ini die........

kek batik!!

haha..eventhough ade beberapa kesalahan teknikal, menurut si-tukang-buat..
kami seperti biase...balun je!!!! sedap je ummi!!

Leh wat lagi erk? (without the kesalahan teknikal?) hehee...

Saturday, September 29, 2007

+.::.+ 2909 +.::.+

happy birthday ayah~

i meant to upload some editted pics, and put on some nice words.

but then,
1) the connection start to bengong on me
2) i figure out that he would not read this entry

so, just wait for my card to reach our home sweet home.


on Wednesday we had our last exam, and on Thursday, our new block had commenced.
entitled Growth and Development.

i was so mad at the MEU people for not giving us any break. nak juga dipulun-pulunkan otak kitorang ni sampai giler agaknye.
but being a good student, i came to class as usual, trying to absorb knowledge as much as i can.

little did i know.

my body didn't want to.
the very next day, it had decided to be sick.
i had an uttermost unpleasant headache, which ends me up,

1) not going to class
2) bwat holiday break sendiri
3) tidor sepanjang hari.


till then.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

+.::.+ of sleeping & fasting +.::.+

finished exam already.

balik. terus flat.
macam dah telan sebotol ubat tido.

my sleeping time had been irregular these days,
due to the examination period, nonetheless.

eversince becaming a medical student, I was forced to hate sleeping.
tidur 5-6 jam sudah.
kalo terlajak sket, mulelah rase teruk giler, dah waste kononnye 'precious' time.

but sebenarnye mende ni is soo not good for health okay.
physiologically, our body do need adequate rest to regenerate.


kalo asek tido je?????
(pandai-pandai pikir sendiri laa)

other than that, sedar tak sedar,
dah lima belas hari we are in the month of Ramadhan.
kalo orang yang excited nak raya, akan seronok, sebab,
lagi lima belas hari je nak raya.

nak cerite some stories on fasting here in Medan.
what are things that makes Medan,Medan..and Malaysia, Malaysia.

1) they have wake up calls.
around 3 a.m (subuh here is around 5a.m +/-), we could hear from nearby 'surau's and mosques, the person in-charge will shout,
" Sahur!! SAHUR!!!SAAHuur!! Bangun Sahur!! "
and some more words that I could barely understand, due to my laziness to wake up.
this shouting will usually go on for about an hour.

2) thay usually make the 'terawih' longer.
I don't really know if this only happened in the surau in front of our house, but when we all wana 'chow' after the 8th rakaat, huhu, memang sangat segan laa.. :p

3) tv shows during sahur.
they have like these funny-lawak-bodoh shows during sahur, entitled, Saatnya Kita Sahur. I even wonder if anybody cares to watch them....obviously not me!!!!

hu. till then, I wish all Muslims out there to 'haiya 'ala falaah', lagi-lagi now in the month of Ramadhan, bulan yang penuh dengan keberkatan.. banyakkan bersabar.. :)

"renung-renungkan, dan selamat beribadah...."
(rindu dengar Hot FM punye tazkirah)

Monday, September 24, 2007

+.::.+ of people's favourite +.::.+

albeit i'm having exam now,

my mind do need rest,
and my blog, do need some updates.

except dat, today, i'm not feeling very kuzco-like.

but alhamdulillah, today i went in and out of my exam hall with full PD and insyaAllah everything would turn out fine. Just believe in qada' n qadar..hee :)

since dapat access to the world from my pretty but messy little room, macam-macam happenings i dapat, and tak lupe jugak dapat catch up wif few friends yang i dah lamer gile tak tahu ape cerite, sebaek u guys still alive..hehee.

the brutal news of Nurin Jazlin's murder memang patut be a lesson to all of us. either to parents (without accusing Nurin's parents being careless okay!) , to the childrens, to our community and to the government. Malaysia is not that safe anymore, dah banyak history of children murders.

another news, told to me by a fwen (",), involving a newborn baby at the Tunku Ampuan Rahimah Hospital, and an infected arm.

huh. now back to local news (?) hehe..

dinie, i've done wut u ask me to do.
check out the hottie of the day. hehe. '
cept that he's not my type lah.
he's handsome, memang tampan.
tapi not my type of guy i wud drool over! hehe. he's SOO yours.
so who's the guy?



and besides checking out dins's hottie of the week, i also check out fizul's girl of dream.

ueto aya.

or aya ueto.

whteves. huhu.

her singing is not bad though. ade 2 lagu ni je yang berjaya memikat hati ku, worthwhile dengar untuk 2 weeks. heh. i'm really not a fan of these japan-korean-chinese-wutever, tapi tak laa sampai anti. huhu. her songs entitled "Yume no chikara" and "Zatch belll" okaylaa...

huhu..saye lagi suke dengar lagu-lagu raya!!

that's it love yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~

Saturday, September 22, 2007

+.::.+ of headache and public speaking +.::.+

1st of all,
i would like to congratulate umie, a.k.a si budak depan bilik,
sebab berjaye mendeal dan meyetup internet di rumah we all ney..huhu
(tak lupe juge abang speedy-yg-semoga-kau-lupekanlaa-friendster-aku-tuh)..
terime kasih umie!!! dengan ini, makanya i don't have to susah-susah pegi cc/warnet lagi...

wayar-wayar yang belum dikemaskan

2ndly, saye sangat laa nak meminta pertolongan orang-orang yang diluar sane yang hebat dalam public speaking untuk mengajar saye untuk membina level PD saye...sebab lately ni asek merudum dengan teruknya...nasebbaek time tak ramai orang. hu~

3rdly, saye nak tido lah. later la update. :p

Thursday, September 13, 2007

+.::.+ a long,long update +.::.+


since dah lamer x update, makanya panjanglaa kot cerite entry kali ni, ditambah2 dgn byk mende yg berlaku.

1) ganyang Malaysia????
sangat banyak desas desus suratkhabar Indonesia yang menyatakan ketidakpuasan hati baik pemerintah mahupun rakyat Indonesia terhadap Malaysia, lagi-lagi bila pencetus kemarahan berlaku di Nilai akibat perlawanan karate beberapa minggu yang lepas, yang
kononnya akan menggugat perayaan kemerdekaan ke-50 yang gemilang tu. rata-rata artikel akhbar Indonesia melemparkan cemuhan-cemuhan yang tak berasas terhadap negara kita, tanpa sedikitpun menyedari kesalahan sendiri dan sikap arrogant yang berleluasa kat sini. hurm, apsal ade bunyi2 mcm nk tulis berita ni. hehehee...

2) upacara menaikkan bendera & other stuff...
upaca menaikkan bendera bertempat di konsulat Malaysia di Jl. Diponegoro alhamdulillah berjalan dengan lancar dengan saye dirumah memasak pasta goreng yang sedap sekali dan habis dalam sekelap mata, sate terpakse dilupekan, gara2 taknak jumpe GWC, n dgr cite diorg dpt cari
pengganti utk jadi MC for dat day..baguslahh..boleh pun!

3) majlis makan malam sempena kemerdekaan Malaysia ke-50 dan ulangtahun PKPMI-CM ke-25
this event was postponed, due to security reasons. due to no (1) reason.
eventho my plan to dress rebelliously, i was forced by my housies to wear something 'traditional'. sgt x buleh blah event ni. sgt not-well-planned and organizing comitte sgt hancho.
of the committees who sangatlah macam malas nk kate byk....but all in all puas hati with how things turn up, just tak puas hati with somemembuang boreh je..last2 diorg yang enjoy banyak. huh. please lah people, belajarlaa menghargai mase dan orang lain..huhh..
all in all, ade gak aa orang yang mengatekan perasmian tu kewl.. aa?? ye ke?? sape ajk perasmian tuh?? hohoho...

perasmian crew. thanx y'all!



4) my handphone missing!! (gasp)
huh. sgt giler. tgh busy2, handphone lak hilang. dahlaa orang tu cekau kredit ku! sengalssssssssss!
all mode of communication terputus. huh. mmg malang aa. malas nk comment lagi pasal ni kecuali;
sape2 mcm murah ati nk derma satu handphone siler aaa..... tak memilih ngat, tapi kalo buleh nk sony ericssson yg flip kale pink tuh...
huhu apetah no model die...heee =D

5) PSKPM '07 a.k.a OSPEK M'sia.
giler penat. penat sgt. walaupun just jadi exco dokumentasi. dahlaa hujan dari pagi. tapi best giler aa sbb ade participants dr batch kitorg, (a.k.a budak2 depan rumah & YT girlss) macam klakar je laa..
huhu tgk junior2 ni..mcm2 perangai...x sangke jumpe 2orang ex-mzms plak rajen2 ek adek2...

with rins!


6) puase dulu baru raya!
dah Ramadhan!!!!!!!!!!!!!! pastuh Syawal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! pastuh jennito tak balik!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
emm org kate kalo nak balik las minute mmg la payah, buleh pun nek tongkang je laa...huhu..
bulehke ni jennito? my 1st raye without my family!!!!! huu...semoge tidak lah sedih sgt...bln 12 pun tak lamer je pun lagi...kelip2 mate lepaslah 4 bulan tu...huhu....emm ps-ayah, duit raye still ade kan? bank-in je lah ek..hehee moge dapat hp raye!

7) jangokkah aku?
lasweek 3 orang kate aku jangok.tolong a. sgt tak okay. adakah? rase cam biaser mereka2 ni underdressed, sampai saye yg biaser ni pun trase over? i like to think dat way lah. huhu. kepada dalila, mumtaz dan naila : kamu pun jangok jugak!!!!!!!!!!
tapi these few daes saye sgt selekeh, sgt penat, and under influence of my physiologic changes of hormones. huhu. lari mak mertua if she look at me. hahaha.

8) persalinan normal!!!!
saye dah melahirkan baybeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

heh. silap lak.
saye dah praktikum membantu persalinan normal....huhu..sgt kewl. skills lab yg kewl.
tapi payah aa time exam nnti nak hafal sumer step tuh..huu.....sgt kagum dgn ibu2...

9) sumative exam!
kelip2 mate dah hampir 2bulan saye menjadi 2nd year ni rupenyeh...exam pun da dtg...
aritu formatif punye marks..emm tak bagus pun...tapi orang lain pun lebih kurang je..hahaha...
tapi sgt teruja untuk beljar dengan lebih semangat lagi, untuk mengalahkan si 'dia' yang rupenye huiyoo! dan juga seperti biase, nak mengalahkan
achik, ataupun dapat same2 tinggi ngan achik. huhuu.... jom! dapatkan A! *winks*

stands for annual general meeting PM USU that will be held on this sunday. paling best sekali, takde pun meeting beforehand yang rase cam nk boikot je meeting ni...taulaa dah na letak jawatan...jgn aa sampai takde komitmen..takyah jadi presiden aa gini..huhu jgn terase a Bro Q, gurauan je!! :p saye pun merasekan nk meletak jawatan..bagi aa orang len..
huhu dah cukup popular untuk dibenci untuk tahun ni..hahahaha ayat tak hingat.

okay dats it. jennitopepito, melaporkan dari medan. selamat berpuasa y'all!!!!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

+.::.+ stress level : high +.::.+

totally stressed out ryte now
lagi2 cc ni gelap x hingat, pasangla lampu sengalssss...

neway sgt kne berhati2 ryte now.
recently ade demonstrasi kat konsulat malaysia.
coz of d tumbuk2 thingy.
i was spposedly ulang alik konsulat cz jadi emcee for d big day.
merdeka. in other words, maybe masuk RTM mukakuh.

tapi thankfully sy sgt tak sekepale ngan si partner emcee dat i decided to drop d bomb dat i tarik diri dis morning. d event is 2moro. bkn selfish. kalo i teruskan i'll mess d event. seriously.
i tanak tengok pun muka dat guy. dammit. lagi pun dgn event skills lab arituh xmo a.

so xtaoo a camne upacara aekkan bendera @ konsulat & dinner 2moro nieh. takut ade riot lagi.
melepas nk mkn satay kajang free kt konsulat. sgt takot kay.

huh. pray 4 malaysian's safety here in indonesia.

okay. ade pharmaco lab report to be done.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

+.::.+ alooha +.::.+

finished formatif exam already. sgt scary the questions. n i mengalami few bad things, unfortunate things. A series of unfortunate events. For the whole week. I don't know. Maybe memang minggu tak 'ong' la for me, but i take it positively, with thanks to shera n dins n pika yang sanggup mendengar my bebelan n celotehan weekly. i miss u guys, really. lagi2 wen dgr cite korg hangout n d 'people' u've met. haha. but then this is the path i've chosen, but i've choose not to loose them, my spacteessistas..

this week punye skills lab is doing the 'Leopold' palpations on a pregnant lady, n is the last event of the week, (the exam was in the morning) during which, something bad and embarrassing happened, sangat malu okay. sangat taktau macammane leh terjadi.
kurang PD (percaya diri) dah jennyto agaknye. or maybe she's just damn tired.

rakan-rakan skills lab

other than that next week is the busiest week i'll had, with the dateline of Blaze!, the Merdeka celebration n preparing for Malaysian's OSPEK (woot! sy jadi panitia!) very very tired skang.
dahla keyboard my 1.9kg thingy wat hal, sgt byk susah saye. huu

in memories of kiko,fifi (not in picture) n panda.
i tell u one thing, i think kangaroo(yg kat blakang tu) is the killer!

sangat takde idea ape nk taip lagi, lagi di cc dan memikirkan tons of work kt umah, n nk siapkan preparation untuk AGM PM USU lagi, tolonglah people, move it will ya?

studies had been great, sangat menarek, sangat-sangat. sangat suke the reproductive block kay.

gamba hiasan semate2.

till then, till my feet found their way to the cc again, or till me n my house mate install the modem for our house, till i found free time in my schedule, till my brain find something interesting to write. i miss all people related to me so much, i even miss my ex-bestie in school.
n i found Shia LaBeouf is so irrestible. muaxXx!

huu. *winks*

Sunday, August 19, 2007

+.::.+ update rojak gile +.::.+

And so it died.

Now there are only 3 left.


Last night, a beloved friend of the house dies.
Kiko died.
Now arnab-arnab iela harus berhati-hati dengan jaring di tepi sangkar mereka tuh.

Ohkay! Enuff bout the rabbits kay!
Now, the interesting part, ME!
(serious bunyik macam Kuzco. K-U-z-c-O! Kuzco!~)

Been busy sangat ngan PM USU's activities,
eventho exam on Friday. Dem wei. Jumaat. Banyak gle nak cover!
Huh. Mauk score!!!!!
Tapi memang best ar belajar kat MET arituh. Rase nak jadi dokter baru yang akan dibuli.
Huhu..kene wat iv infusion ke apetah aritu. Didn't concentrate much as time tuh ade agenda lain
with Ummi, Aimi and Rins (a.k.a Pierre Andre look-alike~jgn mare ye Rins) !
And guess what, tah makhluk manetah yang bijak laa sangat put my name down untuk AJK Publication
for MET. Dah nafikan 3 kali dah dat I was elected, but then ade je name tu balik kat senarai AJK.
Konspirasi ni wei..jangan aa camni..saye budak baik...

Ospek USU is going on. Sangat teruk lah the juniors dibuli. Ingat nak do a little saving, tapi masa tak mengizinkan.
adek2ku...bertahanlah..memang rase nak teruk gile, tapi percayalah, there are a lot to be learnt from that stupid OSPEK.

Merdeka is coming, the celebration is in the hands of Syed, hopefully you buat yang best la. This is, furthermore, our 50th anniversary.
And my Blaze pun kne siap before that day, so dat i can sell it during the dinner :)

Few of ACMS students were admitted to the hospital, kene demam denggi.
Kawan-kawanku..berhati-hatilah. Slalu-slalulaa banteras nyamuk~

Till then, saye nak pegi belajar pasal PPH ni. (Post-Partum Haemorrhage)

Monday, August 13, 2007

+.::.+ still thinking +.::.+

some pics i thot u wud enjoy. the first one is the usual view that ppl will experience if they took a 'becak' to go aroung medan. the latter is one of the ad displayed in Sun Plaza. Hope ur not hungry kay. Till then~

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

+.::.+ and so it happens +.::.+

give it up and try again
dont let go
i know the times are hard for you in your life
(gotta keep movin on)
even if you fall and then dont let go
coz if you believe in your love and your dreams
just keep on moving on (moving on)

just take your time decide yourself what you have in mind
and no one else could ever break if you keep your head up high
you got to love yourself before you love somebody else
this would apply to you
i'll make your dreams come true

i've been thru so many things back in my life
most of times i wish that i can go and turn back time
what can i do to go right on with my life
this would apply to you
let's make your dream come true


open up your eyes and dont hold back
start to move on
just take your first step, never move back
look into the future gotta be on track
gotta be strong (gotta be strong)
gotta move on (gotta move on)
gotta face everything and anything
keep on planning..planning high...

just take your first step you can go far
believe in your self
coz there's nothing too hard
gotta be strong
gotta be higher,higher...

repeat~c/o dengan macho and kewlness-nya~

I’m not stating anything here, not trying to make any point here, and nonetheless trying to hint out to people. I’m just here because that is what I think I should do, to have a break from the real world. I’m here simply because I’m here.

And also I’m not saying this to anyone but myself, never ever take people for granted. And no matter how you wake up in the morning, feeling on top of the world or feeling like you never want to wake up, wake up. Just face the music~

And to break away from my suddenly emo-entry is that an announcement my class rep made just now,

“ Yang cowok-cowoknya untuk lab PK (pronounced PEAR-KA) sila bawa sperma masing-masing ya~”

Yes you read it right, guys, please bring your own sperms for the clinical pathology lab. Huhu not the kind of announcement that you would hear in shopping malls! :p

Till then, I’m cutting off myself from this virtual world for some moment, and this blog will be, as cliché as it sounds, on hiatus.

Ya Allah, aku berlindung pada-Mu dari rasa sedih dan gelisah, dan aku berlindung pada-Mu dari kelemahan dan kemalasan; dan aku berlindung pada-Mu dari sikap pengecut dan bakhil. Ya Allah perkenankanlah permintaan ini.

Monday, August 06, 2007

+.::.+ I wanna have your babies +.::.+

I felt like vomiting this few days. Well for the past two days.

Urm not for the title also~ wahey!! So not okay! The tajuk is lagu Natasha bedingfield yang sgt catchy that makes me end up singing that exact sentences everytime tengok pictures of babies, since banyak gile gambar they all in this block~ well, my vomiting.

If I’m under stress, I will get sick. N if I’m sick n unable to do my stuff, I’ll be stressed out.
Sickening isn’t it?

Well the reproductive system block has been well scheduled, too well in fact. It took all my evenings and afternoons. Next week, my mornings will be taken away from me too, by the labs and the tutorials.

Tutorials. Huh. They (the MEU (medical education unit) people) has scattered the old list name and published a new one. Huh. I’m so missing my old A-11 group. Fighting wif Duma and Sumitha, laughing at Zainul and Imran’s jokes, gossiping wif Farihah and Muhaniah, discussing (or more like stealing ideas,) from Achik, observing Alia, Vivi and Erni giggling…not forgetting Komathi, Florencius and Rumiris.. huu…

Been sick for the past two days, saket tengkuk and selseme! Macam urat2ku tegang. Org kate sebab stress. Well today is Monday, and i’ve skipped two class. Huh. Can’t wait till Saturday. Sangat penat and pening.

The MET is finally launched. MET is actually Tim Medis PM USU (Perwakilan Mahasiswa Malaysia USU) but me n few others sangatlah tak suke namer tu. Why do we have to copy the already established Tim Bantuan Medis USU? Sangatlah confusing okay. So since the power of advertising is in my hand, and the power to influence the Mr. President still rest in my hand, I thought why not. MET stands for Medical Emergency Team and is strictly for Malaysian students under the PM USU. I hope MET will be successful, and for the recently elected board members, good luck in being the pioneers!!

Class had been okay. Terrific pun yer. Since dr. Letta finished the 9-month development thingy in the uterus in 1 hour. And without the mic. Imagine what we have to study on our own.

Sis Rus is in town this week. I mean here in Medan. She had come back to settle some things with USU and on the 10th (kot!) she will be registering at CUCMS, the land of keQz and abbOy! Hope everything will turn out fine for her, and have a better life there. Kan awak...kite akan wrindu awak tau...biar diri tu happy dulu..orang len happy pk kemudian...btul tak wak?? Semoge chayo’2 yer kt sane...jadi top student tau!! Xoxo~

With that, I end my entry here, coz I got millions to study, n somehow kan dins, Achik rupenye selame ni have a messy-chinese-looking-guy for her aikido partner!! Patot aa semangat gi tiap2 kali!! Heheeee...jom belasah achik jom!! :p oh yer, I miss u guys badly. Enjoy Adam Brody!!!

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

+.::.+ oh well 2nd hello +.::.+

aargh sgt senget k. kt cc ni die takde kt blogger ni takde aa leh letak gamba..
laa payah2 je smangat tangkap gamba!!! xmo aa ltak kt fs..ape barang..hee..x buleh nk bold kan la edit2 x bisa...huuu =( so here's my simple-no-feature-new-entry~

2nd year!!!!! huu dah stat da..but before that updates!!!

Thank you to my new multipurpose-do-it-yourself rack, my outer skin of one of my finger had peeled off. Luckily I had brought along Azkeey’s little gift to me. Two cute plasters. Actually it was hers, then I felt that a box of plasters is too much for one little eczema, and two, the plasters are totally cute.

My new house update! The owner just added the refrigerator, washing machine, and television but...we still can’t get rid of the previous tenant.(guess who?? or what??) I am happy with my room, Alhamdulillah and hope that somehow my privacy *sheesh* will naekkan my marks!!! I bought myself a very bee-you-tee-fool carpet (^_^) pheewitt!!! (and it’s pink!)

The new block, namely reproductive system block, had commence on Monday. It has so many, I would say, interesting, practical labs and for the skills labs, I guess, it will cause our coyness towards some things to be annihilated, for the time being. But then isn’t it cool to know what it’s like to be in Dr. Addison Montgomery’s shoes? *wide grin all over* the awesome doctor, who maintains a great personality but still a little air-headed on life. Freaking cool, isn’t it?! So far the lecturers from obgyn dept has been so damn better than all the lecturers before. And to add to my excitement, my previously skills lab coach and tutorial (pbl) tutor that i like, will be teaching me. soon. Dr Letta, who has lots of rockin high heels and Dr. M. Rusda who has been so understanding during a skills lab session, will be entering the usually 2nd best lectures class, A2. It is always like that, A1 always get the best lecturers. From Pat. Anat to Biochem..huu not that i care much~

Well..they say..Nobody’s perfect~

Coz i've been busy lately, lagi2 with my classes no longer are in the morning..tha A classes da jadi 'kelas petang' while the B classes da jadi pagi. kinda fair las yer they all da petang..but then..lupekan pasal itu..actually i nearly miss, and already missed some of the things that are important. my lil gedik zulfa aliya who had called me all the way from malaysia to ask for a necklace. huu yeah ryte darlink sista. i'm so not buying u that. apart from that my angah's so-called debut kat ntv7. i thought i wana called him dat nyte. tapi terlupa cz of dok busy2 settlekan pasal umah.

neway forgive if ade yg salah eja ke ape, faham2 je laa..nk balik cepat ni..dah kelas ptg, da sgt petang pun ni..angkut yg lalu my new house tu pun tak bape byk..

well dins, i've bought a tshirt, n it reads;

If you love someone, set them free, if they come back, set them on FIRE!!! =p

hee.. :)

Monday, July 23, 2007

+.::.+ hello y'all +.::.+

okayh. satu sukses bahwa saya berada di cc.
satu lagi sukses setelah beberapa kali mencoba makanya dapat buat posting baru di blogger ini.
satu lagi sukses saya karna tlah berjaya register kuliah dalam periode 2 hari.
suksesnya saya lagi karna tlah menonton harry potter dan transformers, biarpun ianya last show gi medan ini. saya harus pergi ke grand palladium untuk menontonnya.
betapa suksesnya lagi saya karna tlah membeli buku harry potter yang baru dan tlah membaca 4/6 daripadanya.

seems lika i'm happy aite?

well here's the math.
i figure out that since i'm soOooo mental that i nearly dried up all my lacrimal glands before coming here, let's psyched myself into being happy.
eventho feeling a bit remorse when it's so hard to being in contact with the ones i love, i try and i pray..

in few days that i've been here, i've been able to shed a few cm of adipose tissue.
sampaikan my recently bought elle watch pun da longar~
and i felt ringan sket da..berbanding time hols yang rade berat semacam je...

ingatkan nak letak some of the pics that i've taken. pics of the usual medan atmosphere.
cz seems like ramai sgt yang tanye;
kat medan ade ape??
ape yang best kat medan??

but then since my room kat my new house tak settle lagi..i've ditched my 1.9kg thingy for the time being. so no pics uploading, no pics editting and so on.

updates of me is...
i can't believe i had been bitten by some pest. sangat saket kay. berdenyut2 macam hape in the middle of the night. nasebbaek tak jadi cicak-lady ke lipas-lady ke. ewe.
n i dok2 mengalami mimpi yang samer..dreaming of figuring where the heck is my 1st harry potter book. kinda like harry potter dreams yang mengarahkan him towards the ministry of magic tuh...crazy am i?
other than that okay kot. no diare, no crazy thots of doing something crazy yet.

oh okay. i miss u guys. nk pegi USU nak gi amek mende amendetah...

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

+.::.+ pergilah rinduku +.::.+

cant actually imagine. at this time of day, 2moro,
i'm not here anymore.
i will be back at my beloved Medan.

cant imagine not hearing the Fly FM big bang breakfast show 2moro.
not knowing the now rm3 500 answer to the 'wake up your brain' question,
"what does 22% of people bring when they travels?"
and thanx for such playing such a great order of songs this morning.
* elliot yamin - wait for you
* yellowcard - only one
* fergie - big girls dont cry
sebbaek laaaaaaa x sambung ngan lagu Katherine McPhee - Over It. heih. kalo tak ade rase nak saman Fly Fm ni..huhu for no reason.

today is the last day kat Mesia ni, well dunt know when i will be back again.
people are targetting to balek on Eid. but me rase cam takkkkk je....
ole2 utk orang medan tak beli lagi ni.
n lupe plak nk beli berus gigi baru.
dah maser da nk tuka baru ni.huhu.

waargh.rase cam nak muntah2.

semalam agaknya dins ade bagi her impulsiveness,
and maybe pika gave her loving n caring attitude,
and shera probably lend me her pleasing people side.

cz smlm ngan beraninya...
well lets just say,
buat kerje gile? check!

kenape laa asek rase nk nanges niiiiii........
nak balik belajar laa....
kenape niiiiiiiii......
huu. u r so not gud at keeping what u think.
but u are not that gud in expressing ur feelings too.
it sucks to be a jennyto.

*tgh low self-esteem gle ni.*


Tuesday, July 17, 2007

+.::.+ have u ever +.::.+


pika. i did it again.

please jennyto ...................................

y u haf 2 b like dis?

it sucks 2 b a cry baby.
well i'm not admitting i am.

Monday, July 16, 2007

+.::.+ of the experiences +.::.+

1. driving

one can say women are emotional drivers 10% of the time.
the 90% of it they are rational. indeed. guys? dont be big-headed kay. or sum1 will end up calling u MCP behind ur back. or maybe at ur side, or infront, depends on the position of ur car,dat is.

motorist. they no longer know that they are small and shud be at the side of the road. not the middle of it.

signal before manoeuvre. a community service message in the tv, radio n everywhere else. u passed the driving test ryte, shows tat u r not blind, deaf or had brain haemorrhage (well if you do, sum1 else shud drive u to the nearest hospital).

be patient. not everyone has the high neuron speed like u do. after all, it's their car, their safety. reserve your honking for emergency.

2. shopping

customer service is important.

beware of these shops:

* pizza hut (seremban parade)
* goggles (jusco s2)
* [i-cant-bother-to-know-what-is-the-name-of-the-shop] watch shop (sogo)

thank you for making my day:

* 7-e (paroi jaya)
* nose (midv)
* shopaholic (times square)
* tropicana life (cineleisure)

3. travelling.

pedestrian please use the pedestrian crossing. it was, after all, named after you.

air asia new system where u can pay a lil extra so that u can enter a lil early. but what about mother n child?? aren't we supposed to be courteous?

KTM komuter. *applause* for the trying-to-upgrade the halt. what about the tracks? and the trains? this is a very fast moving world right now. the only thing that is slowing down is the blue-train thingy. uhh.

" nothing u confess..would make me love you less " -the pretenders

Saturday, July 14, 2007

+.::.+ all good things must come to an end +.::.+


it's really coming.

my hols.

it's really coming to an end.

my nearly 2months-long hols.

it's seriously coming to an end.

n maser2 ni laa...raser cam an emotional rollercoaster coming.

" to love sum1 deeply gives u strength, being loved by sum1 deeply gives u courage. "

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

+.::.+ one swallow doesn't make a summer +.::.+

well the proverb is right.
one swallow really doesn't make a summer.

the opposite of the proverb's meaning is also right.
if one bad thing happened to you,it doesn't neccasarily mean that your whole day is gonna be bad.

visiting k.i yang da jadi o.k.u.s (orang kurang upaya sementara) due to accident. semoge cepat elok keq~

well i used to be that way. lagi2 when i wake up later than i planned. raser cam bad mood je the whole day. now i'm no longer that idiot girl. eventho in some matters, i still am. haha. macam this cuti gak..i started off boring. eventho pegi sabah, tapi ade rase keboringan yang amat. but then, everything turns out fine. erm, insyaAllah.
other than that, i've been keeping my feelings all to myself lately, since ... ehem. i guess i never told that story also to my bloggie. it's just not me. seriously i felt it was hard to keep all these thoughts to myself. but during that time, there was no one. no one to talk to. well there is. but i was ragu2, don't want to burden anyone. but i still am, kan?

bersama ummi dan mummy (bukan shera tau.) saye pereka nya~

now, i dont feel it is too hard to contain my feelings anymore. macam dah biase. cume kadang tu..i felt like i shud tell sum1, but then..tapayahlaa.. i dunt know is this a good thing for me or not. coz by keeping all these tots n feelings to myself, mestilaa people dunt know what i want, n therefore i can't get what i want!!!

well, itu laa yang i had to sacrifice. i had to learn yang bukan semua yang kite nak tu boleh dpat..tapi kalo kite pendamkan...does that counts as tak berusaha??? hurm...

ngan along jalan2 di klcc! yeay! alfredo? check!

to let it be??


to fight for it??

my hols are ending. and u know how i hate it.
well i dunt hate it very much. cz dis hol i had a blast seeing my fwens n a good time shuppink n also holiday trips wif my pham...
kalolaa i dapat end it wif watching harry potter(n the order of phoenix) wif my fwens..huhu

kat pee dee's ancasa. tiap2 ari burn kan kulit kat swimming pool~

9 days left. to my flight date.
ironi nya, jerawat ke-9 saye muncul.
nk ditambah lagi?? sy di negeri 9. haha dat doesn't count. i know.

dearies~ (including shewa..ciann die xley masok gamba ni sbb pakai kale biroo) mish ya! nk jumpe las tyme??? please..before jennyto balik....

Monday, July 09, 2007

+.::.+ a never ending story +.::.+

it's been exactly one week since my last entry.

and lots of things had happened.

let's just put it that way.

and yet lots of things that should be done by today,
had failed to be carried out.

huh. i'm so lazy ryte now~

hepi start kuliah to most of my fwens : spactees, miya, azkeey, keq, muiz.

hwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~buhsanlaa saye :p
humph. saye update besok je la.
xde mood betoi.

pade kanak-kanak di luar sane : tolong cari duit dengan care yang halal.
elakkan membuli dan memeras ugut. besar sok nak jadi ape haa? tsk3.

Monday, July 02, 2007

+.::.+ oh mr. D +.::.+


happy monday to everyone.

i had a very-very-full of activities weekend.
nak upload pics tapi tah nape blogger cam hape je..
hwa...dah laa nak kne berpisah ngan my 1.9kg thingy jap gi nie...
i'll mish u!!!!! waaaaa~

sampai tak sedar pun, tibe2 dah monday balik, and this week is the settle-everything week.
huuh. dah JULY!!!!!! dah tak lamer dah nak balik medan...
MY HOLS are comin to an end!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
tamao tamao tamao tamao~

neway. this week da bajet akan jadi another week yang rase mase tak cukup je..
tapi taperla, dah prepared mentally kan. (aih. jennito sgt mental, tau x)
taaaapiiiii...sunday nite jaa...aih...
saket perut!!!!!!!
huu~ diare saye!!! (slanga indon)

kalo omputih kate : diarrhea.
meaning: a condition in which the sufferer has frequent watery, loose bowel movements.
huuu my worse recorded condition ever. tulaa dulu dok gelakkan d guys from next door(kt medan) sbb perut derang sensitive na..almost everyday akan ade sumone yang kne. but mereka sangat kompak, adella je orang2 yang akan meng fill in kan attendance..huhu. skang sayer yg kne..waaargh.

camneh ni?????!!!!!
org kate elok minum teh pekat.
masalahnyer : saye tak suke!!!! takde care laen ke.. waaaa tatet!!!!!!

huu..c u guys wen i c dis 1.9kg thingy bak (tah biler tu)

"I think that's what a relationship is...not figuring someone out, putting them in a box and calling that a friendship. But it's a dance really, where you're continually trying to figure somebody out and they're continuing to learn who you are." - Jon Foreman

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

+.::.+ just a tot +.::.+

a friend in need, is a friend indeed.

ape maksudnye sebenarnye ek?
a. kalo kawan tu memerlukan sesuatu, barulah die kawan yang sebenarnye
b. memang lumrah kawan memerlukan sesuatu, memang itu kawan sebenarnye
c. kawan-kawan perlukan kawan-kawan
d. kalo die dah dapat bantuan kite, pastuh die jadi kawan yang sebetulnya
e. kalo kawan..kawan je la..dah itulaa die.

huh. saye pilih e. nak bwat camne...pahit manisnye..itulaa kawan2 kite..
kalo kite betul2 kawan, sayangi je laa mereka tu. takde orang yang perfect.
for me, kawan-kawan memang penting.

and i had a memory dulu time SPM untuk mengingatkan saye how friendship can help make our life a little bit easier. bile that things sucks, ugh. ur whole life sucks.

hurm...len orang memang len personaliti..memang x buley nak terime kadang tuh..
coz we're not in their shoes to know how they feel and their reasonings kan.

ingat lagi tak kawan2 kite time skola rendah dulu?? well saye rindu mereka. da lost contact amatlah lamer. zaifeedah, shuhaidah, wani, farah...dulu kecik2 berkeliaran kat SKPA,PD sep2 tiang..fitri juge..yang slalu temankan saye tunggu mak saye..tah mane2 mereka ni. pastuh firdhaus juge (yang ni jumpe, thx to farhana) dulu suke ngat gaduh ngan die.

fast foward to kawan2 hebat saye skang ni...kawan2 yang jumpe kat uia.. sangat byk laa memori..matriks tu dulu memang best aa..dengan kawan2 ape2 pun rase leh hadapi...

as time flies, people change...tu kite kene ingat..maybe die takdelaa berubah pun tapi...die da len sket...banyak komitmen sejak dua-menjak jadi orang dewase nie kan..huhu...responsibilities makin berat...tapi tanggungjawab utama kite semua..jangan dilupekan..kan?? hee~

well. point saye di sini?? xder ape pun... ehee..

nak share something wif kamu-kamu semua....

** Brain Transplant**

In the hospital, a patient's relatives gathered in the waiting room, where their family member lay gravely ill. Finally, the doctor came in looking tired and somber.

"I'm afraid I am the bearer of bad news," he said as he surveyed the worried faces.
"The only hope left for your loved one at this time is a brain transplant. It's an experimental procedure, semi-risky, and you will have to pay for the brain yourselves."

The family members sat silent as they absorbed the news.
At last, someone asked, "Well, how much does a brain cost?"

The doctor quickly responded, "$200 for a female brain, and $500 for a male brain."

The moment turned awkward. Men in the room tried not to smile, avoiding eye contact with the women, but some actually smirked.

A girl, unable to control her curiosity, blurted out the question everyone wanted to ask, "Why is the male brain so much more?"

The doctor smiled at her childish innocence and then said, "It's a standard pricing procedure. We have to mark the female brains down, because they're used!!!!!!!"

till then....heppi tuesday to u guys!!! hepi monday to meeeee ( i so felt like today is monday. hu~ )

Sunday, June 24, 2007

+.::.+ miya!! +.::.+

last weekend punye outing : klcc with miss miaa.

lamer giler tak jumpe miaa ni. miaa was my friend back in mciium (now known as cfsiium). she was actively involved with the pre-sciences student society (our loving PRESSS) and a great netball player. hehee.. not that saye involve in netball jugak, tapi sayer laa cheerleader PRESSS kan..ahaxs. kan miaa??

so dating ngan miaa lah sabtu lepas...
takde tujuan sangat pun, but eloklah kalo kite kill 2 birds with one stone kan.
selain jumpe die, berazam lah untuk mendapatkan kasut. yes, what else. before balik medan kan.

jalan2 punye jalan laa kat klcc tuh..tibe2 tersangkut laa kat gallery die..huhu kami2 yang bute seni ni gi laa tgk the scribblings and the paintings....sampai kat 'daerah samad' tu jumpe plak personaliti nona (kot! i never watch this show) tgh wat shooting...hehee..tapi tak kesah gak. baek lari. karang ditanye bukan2..dahlaa bute seni..hehehe...

terus punye terus..tgk ade orang gather...tah nape..
rupenye2..the man himself, a. samad said was there. woot!
bukan tahu sangat pun. tapi nak bajet best, kami pun tangkap gambar dengan beliau.
but unfortunately that cameraman which we hired FOC, tak berape terer aa..skali mintak sign~

so dah jalan2 pusing2 kua masuk klcc...ini lah hasil buah tangan....takde kasut yang seswai..saiz takdelah..the corak i x berkenan lah...but this one...perfecto! tp it is still not a kasut lah. heh.

at the same day jugak , my lil bro ade taekwondo tournament! sangat hebat lah die coz menang sekali. okaylaaa tuh kan....pastu my family pegi jusco, jumpe plak artis2 af..yang mereka suke (i still cant understand the af-hype.)...maybe along akan hapdate on this..lalala~
more birthday shoutouts :
22hb : erniyanti!!!! penyiar VISI fm neh..cayalah temen guwe! nanti ku bawa oleh2 nya ya...
23hb : alan!!! heh.epi besday!! sory tau dulu2 kat skola suke nyakat..ahaxs..

Thursday, June 21, 2007

+.::.+ of creampuff n cheesecakes +.::.+


n.i.m (not in mood).

so much for my crazy cheesecake plan. huhu.

been trying to keep my mood up.
~dress up [dins gave me this cute little green shirt-dress]
~listening to v.e [next best thing to azan&amer&zain&sein voices]
~shopping [alas, failed, cz this superhero need a sidekick to kill the vicious retailers]
~mummy-consoling [in a way dearie~ (",)]
~eating creampuff. [n other stuff oso]


tulis blog? eventho semalam da tulis?
aik. giler moody. lol.

oh yer~
selamat hari jadi!!!!
to the one n only keQ~
hepi beshdae keQku!!!
nnti kamu kne belanje nie hehehee..
announcement: sape2 yang da 21 tahun sebelum 13 november,
wajib belanje jennyto!!! paham??? rule yg diluluskan oleh menteri perdagangan!

n oso much kangen sis Rusha!!!!
caryunk kamu~
nnti kite contact ek.
ari nie mood x elok. haha.

guess what.
nak try lagik shopping petang ni.
sick. cycle. carousel.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

+.::.+ floating tots +.::.+

just came back from lcct. yup~ purchasing flying tix or iternary, wtevs.
with the purchase of the thingy, on this day, 20th of June, maka dengan rasminya...

i had exactly one month left of my stay in my much beloved Malaysia!!!!!

felt like the hols are freaking short. there's so much to do, n there's so much to be done. haha.
well..this all contribute to my very messed-up mind. yes, very~

" laa...camne nieh?? x konfem2! "
" aih...jgnla bwat x tau plak..bgtaula balik bler..heih. "
" nk beli yang maner? buku lali plak! huh "
" aper nak bagi ni...nak ke tak nak? "
" keje gile tuh...xtau leh jalan ke tak "
" nk ikut kedegilan ke kate hati? "
" i've supported u long enuff k, tlg aa jage my feelings gak "
" boleh berpisah ke ngan mende ni "
" lighten me up. sgt blur. "
" i do let my pride get in the way, tlg pecahkan? "
" makcek, address kamu!! huu lupe aa tuh "
" semoge lancar aa perjalanan dr mandiri ke BNI tuh "
" kate nak abeskan?? start pun belum!! "
" agak2 bile sbenarnye abg K tu nak? "
" lupe laa..tema ape next yer... "
" hurm..knape x reti berkate2 dah... "

see. saye sgt pening. freaking crazy~

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

+.::.+ n so they r +.::.+

tangguh-tangguh nk hapdate ni..
banyak naa things to be settled~

so dikeheningan malam ni...bertemankan dinie yg tgh mood romantik+geram n lagu2 jiwang sayer...marilaah hapdate~

so last saturday wani gt engaged. kumpul2 bersame shera, abboy, dan pika yg alredy at dins house, wif sue meeting us at wani hse~ kinda like the spactees reU huh. usual... MESTI adenyer yg cicir...aritu abboy~ skang achik~ huu...

neway wani sangat kelihatan berseri-seri...with a little hint of make-up, she really look nice in her cream, two-layer jubah~ sangat ahchunnya!!!!

the ring

the tuka2 thingy

the girl

the first among us!

then on the sunday celebrate father's day~ makan2 kat secret recipe senawang~ huu....
sgt besh....wud like to cite more..
*luve u ayah~

tapi daa sgt ngantok...tgk je laa along punye baby blog ek~
but her words are not mine!! *mind u~

heee :D outta here!!!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

+.::.+ heppi buffdae shera +.::.+

huhu before the day ends, nak cerite bout the suprise that we've planned for the birthday girl yesterday. that girl tak len tak bukan~ shahirah bt mohd shariff, my mummy cum my bestie.

the plan was to suprise her in the morning, before she go out wif The Bf. with a blue panda cake, and many-many stuff, from Medan, Dubai, Sabah and even Jusco =p. sure she will scream delightfully at the sight of us in front of her house.


the plan kinda failed. yeah. failed. haha. why???
here's why.
we missed her. she went out 5 mins before we reached her house. we blame it on the cake. sbb tertinggal, so kne patah balik to dins house to get it, which made us not reaching on time. hehee.
y do we not contact or make arrangement with The Bf? coz we dunt have his number.

5 mins je lambat.. :(


called her for so many times..tapi unanswered...try2 lagik..finally dapat. ingatkan wana ask her mama to tarik her balik rumah cz something happened at home, tapi xdpat...
it was my phone call yang she answered, lucky for me i didn't wish her yet. so macam pura2 nak wish laa...tapi all question yang kua from my mouth macam pelik giler.
(conversation ni xde laa the exact one, giler ke ape. lol)
me : shewa!! jenn nak wih epi besdae nii
shewa : ohho~ time kaseh dottie!!!
me : shewa kat ner ni?? (wishing she'll tell the exact location)
shewa : kat dalam kete..ngan *tuut* (di edit untuk kerahsiaan umum)
me : oww...nak pegi maner???
shewa : tatau agi..mebe nak gi the curve atau OU kot..nk tgk shrek..
me : dah ade tiket ke?? kul bape tiket tu?? (giler pelik soklan nieh)
shewa : haha..naper jenn nak ikut ke?? hehee..
me : mauuuu....huhu kul bape nk tgk wayang tu??
pika n dins at the background, whispering : hurm...gitau je laaaaaa.....(pasrah ni)
shewa : jenn...jenn kat neh nie?? kt kl gak ek...
me : jap ek shewa...

then we all three jerit : SHERA!!!!!!!!!!!!!
me : kitorg kat umah shewa ni....shewa kat neh?? da masok highway ke???
shewa : haaaaaaaAAa??? buat ape kat situ?? ngan dinie ngan pika???

well the rest is history la.
she came back, the Bf probably pissed off with us coz ruining his plans. sowie beb, she's our fwen too :p makan chocolate cake, which she actually cant (sowie dearie, but that's d only cake wif panda and the colour you loike~)

here are the pixXx~

the cake~(ruined by the owner of the cake shop tau!)
shera 'menyembelih' seekor panda...
never tot i live to see this dae. haha.

mama, jangan mama jahat, jangan mama calit-calit!!!

meh comotkan dier~ yes pika u did it!!!

us~ hepi buffae ciwo!!!!!!!

heppi 21st buffdae my beloved fwen (beloved, x curang tau neh..haha) . another year older, another year wiser.. :p i lurve u mummy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^_^

heee~today punye story plak~

x panjang maner laa..but trime kaseh untuk Diel, for hanging out wif me...haha gosip2 terkini harus diketahui ek..abes aa pasneh org2 yg tak dikenali tu pelik tah awek cun mane view diorang. haha. and trime kaseh gak teman kan bawak my lil bro pegi klinik, salah makan beb! pastuh boleh lagik bawak dier gi McD..haha kakak dier lapo x sudah...
oh yer~ hepi buffdae to the following ppl as well :
13/06 - apiz, d only one yg panggil me alien
14/06 - feeza havoc~ huhu gadis paling havoc di neon tapi sgt memahami
16/06 - piee, haa dah 21 ni..kne blanjer ni...ahaxs.

sok is a FLYYYYYday...huhu..hepi weekend everyone~